The Young and the Rideless


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Scene Title The Young and the Rideless
Synopsis Three Ferry operatives discuss their mission and other Ferry news on the walk to their next stop.
Date July 26, 2010

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

Assured that it was only a twenty minute walk away, the bed and breakfast that belonged to the Coyote's sister, the trio had set out with themselves into the damp maritime night. They'd get some few hours sleep at least, tide them over till the plane ride. Some might sleep on it, some might not, depending on the plane and tolerance for air travel.

The family safe and sound, off to restart their life somewhere in canada where they have more freedom to be who they are not need to fear being taken by unknown entities. Sometimes, there was temptation to take up the same deal by Abigail. At other times, she couldn't fathom leaving the country and everything behind.

"I guess I should explain what he meant back there, that I know what we're being asked. The Thompson Commune got hit. Believed to be the institute, Eighty people roughly estimated to have been taken. Obviously lower since folks are coming out of the woodwork. But the council doesn't want to stick their head in the sands and pretend it never happened and that one of the Ferry's best kept secrets got out. They want us to go see who all actually got taken, if it's possible, see if we can't find the operator, Barbara Sims, and if possible, figure out it got found out"

Hands dug deep into her pockets, the blonde is checking her iphone, thumbs scouring over the surface to check things out.

Heavy boots crunch as the telepath walks beside the other two, head tipped forward, eyes on the ground in front of her. Hands are pushed been in her pockets against the chill. "Great. These guys are just everywhere." Kaylee sighs heavily, kicking a small rock with her toe sending it clattering softly down the road. "That… should be too hard to do, beyond the fact that they never kept any sort of records.

"So this Thompson Commune is a pretty big thing? I mean if they took that many people." Her brows furrow bit, "How do you keep something that big a secret?"

The smallest and youngest trudges along, hands wrapped around her waist to keep herself warm. It's been so warm in New York, she thought just a hoodie would be enough of a jacket, but the moist air rolling off the ocean permeates clothes too quickly, making its way to her skin and pressing in a clammy sort of coolness. Still, after the long, long winter, it's nothing to complain about.

"Did they know they were our people, US citizens up there, or are they just stealing people from other countries now, too, if they suit whatever devious needs they have in mind with their mad scientist experiments and shit?" Tasha mutters, dark eyes angry at the thought.

"The place is off the grid, more so than the Brick House is off the grid. No phones, computers, internet, you name it. It's a waypoint and a choke point. No one knows how they knew about the run there or anything really that's associated with it. That's why we're going there. They're taking advantage of us already being over here, instead of sending in other members. Mister Bennet likely feels that if there is a leak somewhere, that they wouldn't catch wind of us going there, that's the only thing I can think why he's sending us"

They keep going, feet on pavement and gravel, using her phone and directions scribbled on a notepad in it, to get to the place. "They don't think the institute will hang around Thompson or linger, that they've likely got what they came for. Cat thinks that a man named Tyler Case was there. Possibly a few other high value targets that the institute would want to get their hands on. We'll see when we get there, if we can even find Barbara. I don't even know how we're going to do that" A shrug of her shoulders.

"We'll figure something out. I'll get a hold of my teleporter friend, to get us out if we need it. I can give him enough warning to get to Thompson and have exit routes planned"

There is a slow nod of Kaylee's head, the small rock clattering out in front of them again. "I guess we'll see, I mean…" Her shoulders lifts in a slow shrug, brows furrowing. "I can't see a reason for them to stick around. Not like the Ferry will use it again, not compromised as it is."

Finally her gaze moves from the ground to glance at Tasha out of the corner of her eye. "I'm pretty sure they knew they were ours. Had too. I mean… why else would there be high concentrations of evolved in one place." She doesn't look completely certain about that. "I mean… they are getting their information somewhere. They knew who I was, what I could do and who my father was with just one look." A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. "Now… it could have been the fact they have Edward Ray… but he's supposedly comatose.

"I don't know… but yeah… sure seems more and more likely there is a leak within the system and a pretty high up leak." Kaylee frowns a bit in thought. "Someone deep in things…" He gaze cuts to Abby, giving her a small smile. "Anyhow… hopefully we'll find the answers."

Tasha's brows furrow together and she nods. "True. It could have just been a commune of Canadians, people who wanted to be together because of what they had in common, but not if it's specific people that they're after, if what Cat said is right. If it's a leak, it has to be a really high up one. I didn't know anything about Thompson, but then, you know. I'm a newbie." She wrinkles her nose a little at the title. "Mr. B, by the way, came to see me Sunday. I get to go do my civic freaking duty and register non-evo, since I have to anyway, but at least it'll do some good. I'll be able to make cards for the rest of you who need them."

"The council is working hard to ascertain if there is indeed a leak or whether it's just the use of evolved means to discern and disseminate information that they get. We won't know until we dig and find out. For now, they're playing things close to the chest" Abigail reaches up, scratching at her temple, offering forth a yawn of near epic proportions.

"That came up at council too. The reasoning for you doing it first. They're getting a bunch of people to do it, I was goign to suggest various places too, in case there's a difference from place to place. It'll be good, for those who will need them though. Listen.."

No halting in walking, there's still a bit to go. "On the topic of things kept close to chest. If at some point, I get really hot, like, wow abby you sure could double as a fireplace, you'll want to back away from me, and start looking for a spare change of clothes for me, or maybe, a fire extinguisher"
ORDER: Kaylee Tasha Abby

"Or… you know… there is this one girl out there." Kaylee starts thoughtfully, turning her attention back to kicking the rock." One hand is extracted from her pocket to tuck hair behind her ears. "I only met her a few times, but she can see through people eyes… Institute might have one of those in their grubby little hands. Not much you can do about that then…" She trails off glancing at Tasha now.

"Yeah… Abby…. I guess." Kaylee trails off, furrowing her brows. "I just…. I thought… you were normal?" Brows lift a bit with curiosity.

Kaylee studies both of the younger women as if in a new light. "And Tasha I never knew… I mean… your so young and all." It takes her a moment and then she laughs. "Oh hell, who am I to judge… Abby doesn't seem the type to sit on a council, either. Never judge a book, right. It's a good idea tho… if you need evolved registration cards, I've got one… for whatever reason. Tho' I lied about what I do, so I could go to college."

"If you get … hot?" Tasha murmurs, that thumbnail coming back to her mouth. She must have been a thumbsucker as a little kid. The mention of heat makes her think of Dane, of that alley, of those homeless people he accidentally killed when he was simply trying to get the mugger-rapists away from them. "Things I probably don't need told: if someone's doubling as a fireplace, get away from them," she quips, but she nods to show she understands.

Her dark eyes flicker to Kaylee. "Yeah, I'm not. Evolved that is. I just want to help. I guess they figured no one has the Not-Evolved cards, so might as well find out what those look like. I've made some fake Reg cards in the past, so I know what those look like," she adds. "And yeah, New York Ferry is super young. Boston, I don't think I knew anyone under 25. It's why I was the one to pose as Pauly's sister and rustle him on over to the Lighthouse."

"Nope Kaylee, I don't think I've ever been normal. My eye's go a bit orange before I blow, so, just make sure to not be near me before I turn into fire" The only warning they'll get, and the last she'll speak on the subject. "We're looking into finding police who might be willing to look the other way when it comes to the evo test and write down blue, instead of red. So that there's not everyone running around with fake cards but valid ones that will pass"

Up ahead, the B&B starts to come into sight. "Yeah, but, the council is made up of a lot more of the older ones. There's more than you think, just the newer members tend to be younger. But diversity is good"

"Don't see many of the older ones around." Kaylee says with amusement, though it's ruined by a yawn. "But yeah… okay… eyes glow orange we skedaddle." Since Abby seem to not want to go further on the subject, the telepath doesn't push it. The Bed and breakfast spotted, she seems to pick up her pace some, anxious to get that and fall face first on a pillow. "I am going to sleep so hard… a telepath with a tired mind is not useful.

"Since we don't know what we're looking at, best be on top of our game." She reaches back to touch the handgun nestled at her back under the sweater, almost to reassure herself it is there. She can't always rely on her ability, especially since the Institute has so many ways to strip them away.

Hand sliding into her pocket, Kaylee chuckles at a thought. "You know… I always though my first time to a B and B would be with a guy." Her head shakes slowly, with a smirk. "Aw well… at least the company is good."

At the point about the police willing to look the other way, Tasha simply nods. She isn't going to say that Noah approached Colette about it — Abby probably knows that was the plan and she isn't sure how secret of a plan it is. The less who know, probably the better, in case any of them ever get nabbed by the Institute and probed for information. Or, in Kaylee's case, again.

She too carries a gun, and she feels a little better about using it, thanks to her session with Raith. Shooting with him was fun, though, and shooting on a mission will be most decidedly not, because it will mean her life or those of her comrades are in danger.

"Finally. My toes are numb. I get dibs on the shower," Tasha says, the thought of hot water warming her clammy skin very welcoming.

The only one without a gun. Without a taser either thanks to the other day. Somewhere, there's an englishman grinding his teeth about his girlfriend unarmed and on an operation. "I call dibs second" Picking up speed too. "Somehow, I bet by the end of this, I'll rather have been in the ambulance with the vegan and Peter"

Chuckling Kaylee, makes a waving motions to the building. "Be my guest, I'll grab mine in the morning." Fingers reach back and draw the long length of braid forward over her shoulder. "If I sleep with wet hair, it does some really funky things and I end up look like a wild woman."

The mention of Peter, gets a smaller less genuine smile, but she doesn't really say anything. Flicking the braid back over he shoulder she says, "I think by time we're done we'll be wishing we were doing anything but. You it's that, me something like dealing with Magnes and making sure Eric doesn't kill his idiot ass." Her nose wrinkles at the thought of going through that again.

"Oh speaking of that, we get to go through some sort of common sense training on account of that nonsense. Us 'younger Ferry sorts.' Do you get to be exempted from that, Abby, being a Council member, even if you're younger than Magnes?" Tasha says with a roll of her eyes. "I mean, I hope I have common sense. I try, anyway. Just because I wear Invader Zim t-shirts doesn't mean I don't have a brain, right?" she says with a smirk, though it's clear she's worried the two other women think she's an airhead on account of her young age. She peers at the building, closer yet. Almost there, and she can be warm. Funny, just months ago, she would have found this weather balmy in comparison to the polar temperatures they endured.

"I don't know. I think I've already gone through common sense training since I've been affiliated with and then part of the ferry for near… two years now. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt from a few apocalypses's. Lets get in, see if there's something to eat, shower and sleep. We got a long trip ahead of us tomorrow" The medic opines.

"Oh… god." Kaylee says with an exasperated look. "I would hope after almost a year and a couple of opts… that they wouldn't think that of me." She gives a little shudder and shakes her head. "That's like telling us all we're no better then Magnes." After a moment Kaylee can't help but add, "When I get back I'm telling Eric if I ever act like Magnes, he has full permission to make me slap myself….


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