The Zoo At Night


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Scene Title The Zoo At Night
Synopsis Brian takes Kaylee out for a date, to the zoo at night. Of course, they have to be all sneaky and break in.
Date August 10, 2009

Central Park - Zoo

The five acres of the Central Park Zoo are divided into three major exhibit themes: the Polar Circle, the Rain Forest, and the Temperate Territory. It features everything from leaf-cutter ants to the ever-popular polar bears; California sea lions to colobus monkeys; the two-toed sloth to the Japanese macaque. The exhibits are always a major draw for tourists, but the zoo offers a variety of classes and programs intended to educate the public in wildlife and wildlife conservation. The associated Tisch Children's Zoo includes a petting zoo and the Wildlife Theater, as well as a variety of exhibits targeted to the younger audience.

You've never seen a zoo unless you've seen it at night.

Or at least, that's what Brian told Kaylee to convince her to coming. Breaking into a zoo simply to see the animals at night is a thrilling experience. He guesses, he's technically never done this exact crime before, but he's sure it's bound to be a hell of a time. First he called Kaylee up, said that he had something incredibly urgent he had to discuss with her.

Then after a cheap dinner and the realization that there was no incredibly urgent matter, the two found themselves downing energy drinks and heading with mixed attitudes towards the zoo.

Black boots land softly on the cement as Brian overcomes the fence. A quick look is sent this way then that way before he gives a little gesture with his hand. "Come on." He whispers harshly, moving over the fence to reach out and catch her when she makes it over. He's dressed in all black, like any criminal would. And even has a black beanie on. Maybe he's taking this crime thing a little too seriously.

Urgent business he says, wear black he says…. He sure knew how to push Kaylee's buttons. He left her too curious not to go. So leaving her cohort passed out on the couch, Kaylee dressed in black jeans and a black turtle neck, pulled her hair back into a braid and a black Harley ball cap on her head and left to meet with Brian.

Now she was facing him with a fence, a big old grin plastered on Kaylee face. "You sure know how to show a girl a good time." She teases in a loud whisper, before rubbing her hands together. Her face falls into one of concentration as she prepare to give it a go.

Takes her a moment to find a hand and foot hold, then with a bounce she climbs up and slides over the other side, landing quietly. She bounces upright with a smug grin. "Alright.. what now, 'O partner in crime."

Even though she doesn't really need his help down, he gives it anyway. His hands clasping on the sides of her waist for a moment before he releases. Crouching down he glances around. "I saw a flashlight a little bit ago. And they have these dim lights all over the place. So be careful." He whispers quietly, leaning over to practically murmur it into her ear.

At her question he jerks back, looking affronted at the question. "Now what??" He asks in a bemused manner. "Now we go look at the animals, of course." Taking a long swooping step forward he glances back over his shoulder and offers his hand to her. "I love penguins." He says with a little smile. "let's see what they're doing."

"Oh well… You put it that way." Kaylee whispers, sounding rather amused, she moves to follow him, her hand reaching out to take his. Out of habit, her mine reaches out to look of anything beyond them, survival instinct really. "Penguins? At this time of night. Probably passed out. But lead the way sir, this was your idea." Her hand firm in his, gives it a squeeze. "You know.. your idea of dating is rather.. odd." She comments softly, her voice tinged with suppressed laughter.

"If you don't like it, you can leave." Brian says flatly over his shoulder. "I'm going to see the penguins with or without you." He makes it sound like a legitimate threat. He really likes Happy Feet. A lot. "We can go see what animal you want to see after. What animals do you like?" He asks, though his gait is a peculiar one. An over exaggerated crouch stalk, low to the ground his hand linked to hers behind him.

The squeeze is returned gently.

"Didn't say I didn't like the penguins. Happy feet was a really cute movie. I like the little homeboy penguins best. Though Robin Williams is pretty cool anyhow.. you know, like in Aladdin." Yes, she caught that.. Kaylee winces, "Sorry.. Sorry. I didn't mean too. I'm trying to listen for guards." Well.. at least the view isn't bad as she's drug along. "I like big cats.. Cheetahs more thought. Always loved them as a child.. Them and otters. Oh.. and well… they wouldn't have them here of course.. but humpback whales. Love those."

Bringing them to a corner of one of the boring exhibits, the birds. Ew. Who cares. Brian pulls her up alongside him as he leans out to glance around and look for any signs of flashlights or maintenance people or guards or whoever is at a zoo at night. About to continue on their journey, he pauses and throws his head back at her.

His features melt and it looks like he might start cracking out loud. "You loved humpback whales as a kid." He darts his hand up to his lips to try and keep the loud laughter from leaking out. "Oh God." He hisses, looking as if he is about to lose it.

Kaylee sidles up beside him, leaning across him a bit to hazard a look as well. Though when he looks back at her, she pulls back a bit. "Hey.. hey.." She gives him a warning look, her chin tilts up a touch in defiance. "Do not dis the humpback whales. You ever really watched them? Or watched the m breach. Or listen to their sounds?" A blond brow arches at him, and jabs a finger at his rib, "They might not be the prettiest things in the ocean, but then some of the best things aren't always so pretty."

He breathes sharply trying to control his laughter. Finally gaining his composure he lets out a little breathy chuckle. "It's just funny. You love humpback whales. It's just an obscure animal. Like it was me saying that my favorite animal as a kid was the duckbilled platypus." He laughs a little. "No, I've never watched them. Or listened to them. you'll have to take me some time." Then he rounds the corner though pauses. "That was very deep, Kaylee. Good job." And with that he's stalking across the pathway towards the arctic exhibit.

"Now that there.. Is a rather neat little animal too." Kaylee comments with a small smile and a brief wrinkle of her nose at his laughter. "See if I answer your silly little questions again." There is an arch of a brow. "What? Whale watching? I've never done that. Only seen it on TV." She almost runs into him when he pauses. "But I bet they are even better in person." She gives him a rather sad little smirk. "Doubt it really, that I'll ever get to see them. Who knows. One day maybe?"

"Why do you say that?" He asks, giving her a dubious look over his shoulder. "Let's go whale watching. Tomorrow." And with that he's darting down a pathway. Pausing once again he traces the words on a sign with a finger. "Penguins, this way." He murmurs before tugging her down the correct path. "Silly little questions. My questions are neither silly nor little. Use better adjectives." He mumbles, his hand still linked in hers. His fingers slowly moving to interlace with hers. "Oh I know where you saw the whales. Finding Nemo. Huh? That's why you think they're great."

"Well fine..I won't mock your question… just don't mock my whales." Kaylee says rather tartly, even with a smirk on her lips. "And no.. National Geographic episodes and stuff." She squints at the sign as he traces it, "Though Finding Nemo was cute.. Seagulls were the best part there." She continues to blindly follow, though her mind is opening waiting to lock onto a mind. "Australia is one of those places I'd love to go, really."

"Okay. Austrailia. Next week." He says, rounding another corner he stops short. A warm smile climbing up on his features. And there they are behind a little glass case. Penguins. Asleep. Taking another step forward he places his hand on the glass, his other hand relinquishes its grip on Kaylle and also comes to rest against the glass. "Think we can make them dance?" He asks, glancing over his shoulder at her.

Her freehand has to come up to cover her mouth as Kaylee threatens to chuckle. "I can't do that. Just drop everything and take a trip like that." She watches his change as his hand slides from her own. Observing him for a moment, a soft smile touches her lips and she moves to stand beside him. "They look so peaceful there. " She says softly, eyes wandering over everything. "I often wonder if its like in the movie. Do they have the sense to be depressed in a small room like that. Can't help but feel a bit sorry for them."

Glancing over at her he shakes his head. "I think they're happy." He gives an affirmative nod, making it more true. Reaching up his arm crawls around her shoulders, tugging her to his side. "And I'm sure they dance when no one is looking. They're probably just taking a five minute breather before they do their next routine." His eyes peel themselves away from the glass to slope down to her face.

"I hope so." Kaylee murmurs softly, sounding a touch distracted as she watches the sleeping forms. "Animals tend to be that one thing we take for granted you know?" She doesn't flinch away from the arm around her shoulder, she leans against him, an arm slipping behind his back. Her head turns a bit so that she can give him a sideways look. "Your probably right. They are probably contractually obligated to take a break. They will start dancing when we go away. Even the animal kingdom needs its secrets."

"Yeah. Like the toys in toy story. They always know when the kids are coming." He explains giving a little smile to the sleeping penguins. Then his lazy gaze slides over to her head peering up at him. That warm, lazy smile on his lips he starts to lean in. Cue the classic interloper!

A flash of light dances across his features as his lips nears hers, his eyes going wide. A person with a flashlight spotted them. "I think it's time to go now."

"Exactly," Kaylee quips rather proud of that little observation, "'Nother good movie by the way." A smile mirrors his own as she starts to lean towards him as well. The flash of light, make her gasp started out of her own little world. Her eyes widen as well, and then a smile plays over her lips. "Busted." She whispers, her eyes bright with excitement, "Let's go."

His arm slides off of her as he backpedals quickly, his hand shooting out to grab hers. Turning deftly, Brian makes a beeline away from the penguin exhibit and towards the way they came. The flashlight pursuer also goes into a run,

"Hey! Stop!" Or something else cliche like that, that would never actually make someone stop.

Dashing by her side, Brian flashes her a little grin as they sprint. "Try to keep up."

"Oh please…" She manages to gasp out as they run, Kaylee's hand clinging to his. "I use to play on Staten for fun, this is nothing." Her smile is bright and she winks at him. It's easy for her to keep up. She's not out of shape or anything. "Hope you had an escape route planned."

Glancing back briefly, Kaylee checks to see who is following them, but all she can see is the bobbing of a flashlight. She'll just have to hope they lose him.

"Jumping over the fence with an incredible amount of agility was my plan." Brian admits, glancing down at their hands. "I never realized how hard it was to run while holding hands. It's like that one song."

Rounding the corner of the bird exhibit, "Runnin' just as fast as we can~" His pace quickens as they now have an open shot at the low part of the large fence they slinked in on. Still a tremendous height. "//Holdin' on to one another's hand~" They near the fence. "I'll jump first." He mutters, "And pull you over."

Kaylee can only continue to hold on as they run through the Zoo, "Your right it's quite the feat." Glancing over her shoulder again to see the light getting a bit bigger. "Kinda slows us down a bit." She faces forward again and glances at the fences as it looms ahead. "Just give me room.. I can get over that thing, just as well as you can." She gives him a smirk.

"You don't have to prove yourself all the time." He mumbles, smirking back. Breaking the hold on her hand he runs straight for the wall slash fence. "I know you're awesome." And with that, he's catapulting himself at the wall. His feet slap against the side of it, his hands gripping tightly to the edge. And in one athletic maneuver he kicks against the side and pulls up hard. Launching him up to sit atop it. His hand shoots out, for her. Even though she said she didn't need it. It's the right thing to do.

Once their hands part, Kaylee slows a bit letting him get to the top. He only has a moment before Kaylee is scaling the wall, grasping the outstretched hand when her foot slips a bit. Using it fore leverage she ends up straddling the top of the fence. Brian gets a quick peck on the cheek before she slides down the other side, landing with a soft oof and crouching low to wait for him to join her on the ground.

Grinning, Brian bounds off the top off the fence, his feet hit the ground but then his arms are out and flailing. Though he sort of makes it look like he is having a hard time with balance, he purposefully jumped and landed with aims of tackling Kaylee. Swinging his arms out he goes to use his momentum and body weight to bring her to the ground. He can't help but grin.

When he hits the ground, Kaylee turns around to look at him. Thought the smile on her face, melts into a look of surprise as she seems to be trying for a brief second to hold up his weight… of course she can't and she goes down with him. Of course, once she lands she can only blink up at him. "Your not particularly graceful are you?" Her voice is laced with laughter.

"I'm very graceful when I want to be." Brian retorts, narrowing his brows a bit, pinning her. A pair of fingers come up to brush a strand of hair off her forehead gently. He presses his fingers to his lips then, in a 'shush' fashion. Motioning on the other side of the fence where flashlight man was chasing them. And then he lays there, listening.

She can't help but be very aware that she's pinned under a cute guy, how can you not. Kaylee's mouth opens to make a retort, but ends up with fingers pressed against her lips. So reluctantly, she shuts her mouth and opens her mind feeling for the man on the other side of the fence. Oh… So then tripping was on purpose then? she accuses in Brian's head, arching a brown at him when her eyes travel back to him.

After a moment, it seems like the man has given up on staring at the wall and has gone to alert the proper authorities. Giving Kaylee and Brian a few key minutes to make their escape and out of Central Park. But Brian remains parked where he is for a bit, when the thought passes over his mind he gives a guilty grin. His head hangs in, leaning his face in. Though the lips barely miss and instead of kissing go to whisper. "Maybe."

And with that he's pushing himself to his feet. Reaching down to help her up, "We should get out of here." He whispers.

"Gee, Kaylee whispers as he finally moves off of her. Why am I not surprised? Her easy going grin is back again. She takes his hand and lets him help her off the ground. Once she is standing she takes a few moments to brush herself off. I think getting out of here is a very good idea. she murmurs, her eyes bright with the excitement of it all, Last thing I want is to explain to Adam why I am in jail.

"Gee," Kaylee whispers as he finally moves off of her. "Why am I not surprised?" Her easy going grin is back again. She takes his hand and lets him help her off the ground. Once she is standing she takes a few moments to brush herself off. "I think getting out of here is a very good idea." she murmurs, her eyes bright with the excitement of it all, "Last thing I want is to explain to Adam why I am in jail."

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