Their Weaknesses


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Scene Title Their Weaknesses
Synopsis Ethan promises to continue looking after Odessa.
Date November 25, 2008

Dorchester Towers - Ethan's Apartment

Dorchester Towers is home to many upper class, or more wealthier inhabitants. This apartment seems to be no exception. First impressions of this place, give a homey, and well furnished feel. Lamps are put in the right place, decorations here and there. The living room consists of a large green sofa facing the wall of windows, which has a large flat screen TV in front of it. Speakers are installed all around for the Surround Sound feel. Next to the TV is a cabinet full of DVDs. Most of these movies include a gun of some sort in each of them. A small coffee table sits in front of the couch, a few magazines spread out on it.

The kitchen is well stocked, with a microwave, coffeemaker, and of course a toaster. There is an overhead pan rack hanging over the stove which has many pots, pans, and other utensils hanging from it for easy access. Three doors lead away from the kitchen and living room. Two are large, comfortable bedrooms, complete with posters on the walls, and one is a room that is furnished with a stand up punching bag, dumb bells, a treadmill, and other types of work out equipment.

For the -extremely- well trained eye, or for someone who knows what they're looking for it would be apparent that there are little things off about this apartment. Reinstalled panels, etc, that would suggest whoever lives here has done some renovation work. (Note:Ethan has 'toys' hidden throughout his apartment, in case of 'emergencies'.) Overall though, this spacious living area has been well taken care of, and kept very tidy.

Early evening, with a light rain drizzling down on the windows outside. Only one light is on in the flat, leaving the rest of it relatively dimly lit. Ethan is at the kitchen table, a few books on the table in front of him. The man is dressed in a dark blue shirt, with the sleeves rolled back to the elbow and black pants. Though one thing out of the ordinary, is the fedora that is tugged low on his head, as well as the white bandages wrapped tightly around his right hand.

"Well, don't we look dapper?" Odessa muses as she pads out from the bedroom, dressed in a pale blue nightgown with a matching robe wrapped tightly around her slight frame. She winces as she moves to take a seat across from the man of the house, but smiles all the same. "Some grand scheme you're working on, as usual?"

The man looks up quietly at Odessa, a small smile tugging at his lips as she goes to sit. He offers a bit of a nod. Though, his hat is only being used for covering up the wound on his head, making it a nice looking hat doesn't hurt. "Something like that." He replies as he closes the book he was reading and places it on the pile, so his attention is now fully focused upon Odessa. "You 'ungry? Can I get you something?"

"I don't want to impose…" She already does, and she's well aware. "Anything quick and easy is fine by me. I could eat a little, I suppose." Odessa tips her head to one side, blonde hair spilling over her shoulder. "I could use some painkillers. Anything will do."

"Still 'urtin' from that 'fall'?" Ethan asks casually as he goes to stand up. Making his way to the cabinets he goes to get ingredients from different parts of the kitchen. Though with a loaf of bread in one hand, he pauses to take out a bottle of pills that he tosses to Odessa. "IB Profin. Not much but it'll 'elp a bit." He informs her. "Tea?"

"Coffee," Odessa requests. These people and their tea. Honestly. "If what fell me fell you, you'd be hurting, too." Although the doctor reckons he'd be dead. "I'm not… I'm very good at keeping secrets," she murmurs.

"You don't think very much of me, do you Odessa?" Ethan asks with a little smile as he lays the bread out on the plate. "One thing, I've noticed about many of your kind is that you seem to think you are superior. That your only equals are those of your kind." After a few moments the sandwich is finally prepared and brought to the table. He sets it down before going back to get her a cup of coffee. "You can 'ave that belief." The man says with a small smile. "But I'll just warn you that it might bite you in the ass one day." Or put a bullet in your head. Either or. Bringing the white mug over, he slides it next to Odessa's plate.

"I what?" Odessa flashes Ethan a look. "I think you're smarter than a lot of the people I've worked with in my life. Whether you're one of us or one of them." She frowns just faintly and drums her fingers on the table absently rather than impatiently. "You're extremely competent. More than that. But you can't deny sometimes those of us with abilities have an advantage." She slides the plate closer to her before picking up the sandwich made for her. "Was that a threat?" she asks with a quirked brow and amused tone.

"Of course those with abilities have an advantage. Put me in an empty room with no doors and no weapons with an Electrokinetic, I'm going to die. No question about it." That has happened to him. "But with time and a plan. Any challenge could be brought down. Whatever fell you Odessa, is not infallible. You just have to approach it correctly." He says with a smile. "I 'ope you like turkey. And of course not, Odessa, I could never threaten you." He says rather dryly.

"You say you'd never threaten me, but I am almost afraid to believe it." The woman's gaze is lowered as she sets to eating her dinner. She's quiet for the space of a few moments. Bite. Chew. Swallow. "I'm… not sure where I stand with you, Ethan. I'm not sure where I stand with anyone, really."

"I've told you Odessa. You are always welcome here, and of course, you are under my protection." Ethan says in return as he watches her eat. Obviously he is not hungry. "Of course you have told me your loyalties only lie with Sylar." The man offers in return, as he raises his hands onto the table and clasps his hands together. Then a small smile. "At least you know where you stand with Kazimir. I believe 'e made that much clear." A joke?

"I should think so." Odessa brushes a thumb across her throat gingerly, a troubled expression flickering for only a few moments. "I want to trust you," she admits. "I'm… afraid to trust anyone but myself." Sylar may have her loyalty, but he doesn't have her complete trust. "Why do I cry for the people killed in Midtown, but see the people at that club as deserving? Just because I don't agree with their lifestyle, does that mean they deserve to die?" She close her eyes heavily, setting her food back on the plate in favour of wrapping her fingers tightly around the mug of coffee. "Help me understand. What we're supposed to be doing - the Work - it's supposed to be for the greater good. But tell me, Ethan…" Doctor Knutson draws in a deep breath before forcing her gaze to settle on the man across the table again, "Am I a hero or a villain?"

The bandages wrapped around his hand and head indicate that this isn't the best time for confirming convictions. Ethan stares across the table at her blankly as she speaks. His eyes flick to his bandaged hand then back to Odessa. He watches quietly until she finishes her question. He takes a long moment of silence to study her. "Maybe it's best you don't trust me." Ethan says quietly, his eyes moving to rest on hers. "I don't know." The Wolf answers simply.

Odessa nods slowly and then rises from her seat, coffee and sandwich abandoned. She approaches Ethan's side and wraps her arms around his shoulders in a hug. He looks like he needs one. For him, she'll make this exception.

Remaining silent the man allows the woman to hug him. He looks straight ahead without returning the gesture. Every time he's attempted to touch her she's flipped her shit. So he will simply remain there. "Per'aps we can find out together." Comes his soft words. Finding out will consist of continuing on the path until it kills him. It's too late to turn back now. For bad or for worse, the man has chosen his poison and he will drink it to his grave.

Odessa disengages herself from the man slowly with a small chuckle and an attempt at humour, "That wasn't so bad." She rests one hand on Ethan's shoulder, reluctant to return to her seat just yet. "Together? I… think I might like that."

His body shakes at an inaudible laugh that passes through him. Raising his unbandaged hand slowly he places it on top of hers for just a moment before returning it to the table."Then I'll do my best not to betray your trust."

For once, Odessa doesn't flinch when the man touches her. She squeezes his shoulder gently before slipping away to reclaim her seat. "Would you…" She pauses, trying to decide on the right words. "Would you take me out sometime? There's just so much that I want to see that I… It would probably be more fun with someone else there. If only to instruct me on how to properly behave in those situations."

"That is most commonly referred to as a date." Ethan says bluntly. "Are you saying you would like me to take you on a date?" The Brit asks, glancing up at her. A smirk plays at his lips for a moment. Though he lets the question hang there for a moment before answering. "Of course. Getting our minds off things could only be described as 'ealthy."

"I- I hadn't thought of it like-" Odessa's face flushes an appropriately flustered shade of crimson. "Two adults can go out and do things as friends, can't they? It-" She brings her hands up to rub her temples. Ohhhh, boy. "I didn't mean to- Oh, gosh."

That smirk evolves into a full fledged grin as she watches her flustered reaction. Ethan allows her to struggle for a moment before confirming her suspicions. "Yes they can. Just friends." He says, his tone just a hint playful. "Certainly. We will."

The young woman pauses before she manages to meet Ethan's gaze again. She can only manage to ask the one question he's left on her mind now. "Did you… want it to be a date?"

His humor all but evaporates as she asks her question. A moment of pause, before Ethan looks to Odessa. "I 'aven't been on a date since my wife." The man says stoically. "I'm not sure I'd be much good at one." The man says, his hands outstretched as if apologizing.

Odessa shrugs one shoulder. "More experience than I've got. I've never-" She catches herself and then laughs. "That much is obvious, I suppose." She rolls her eyes and starts to lean forward with the intention of letting her head thunk! down on to the table, but the stabbing pain in her ribs discourages the movement and elicits a hiss of pain. "Oh, it hurts."

"Per'aps if you tell me everything you can about 'im, we can make 'im pay. I have every confidence I could kill any Evolved being, if only I know enough about them." Ethan says cleanly, as he eyes her. "Every one 'as their weaknesses, Odessa. You just 'ave to know 'ow to capitalize." He then shakes his head dismissively. "We can talk about that later. You should eat." With that he goes to stand. "What night would you like to go out?"

At least he saved her from having to answer those questions now. She isn't quite willing to admit to her knowledge of Peter Petrelli. Sylar wouldn't be too pleased. "My schedule's pretty clear," Odessa quips with a smirk. "Whenever you're able to make the time."

Pushing in his chair the man nods. "Just put the dishes in the sink when you're done." He says with a motion to the plate and mug. Gathering up his books. "Tomorrow night then, I'll be sure to look dapper still." Ethan murmurs. "I'm going to take a bit of a rest on my bed, when you're ready for bed, I will go 'ead and shove off." With that he makes his way down the hall.

Odessa doesn't open her mouth to say anything to stop him. She simply watches him go, eyes lingering on his retreating form. What has she gotten herself into?

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