Then BOOM! I'm A Lightbulb!


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Scene Title Then BOOM! I'm A Lightbulb!
Synopsis Aric visits the NYPD to report a break and entering, assault and a drive by Evo'ing.
Date January 8, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

New York Police Department. It is suppose to bring feelings of safety and security yet that is now how one man feels today as he walks through the front doors. Aric is dressed in a plain t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He does not want to wear anything that could define him to the cops. His hair is pulled back into a tight point tail and he is clean shaven. As he walks up to the desk he waits silently for the security to call him up and he says softly, "I wish to speak to someone. I….I was attacked by someone and…I just need to speak to someone right away." He sighs deeply.

Castalides seems to be the petite black woman with her frizzy hair pulled tight into a regulation bun and getting up from the desk that she was working at. No beat for her today, she's working the desk. Which frankly, given the cold outside, she's more than happy to put up with taking reports from walk-in's. "Officer Castalides will help you" Which means, that the little swinging gate that seperates the cops from the rest of the people who wait their turn is swung open for Aric to walk on by. "Desk or room?" Aude offers, aka, privacy or public.

Aric looks down at the floor and says softly, "I might suggest room ma'am."

"Wait here then" She's gathering the necessary items to report what she assumes will likely be a random mugging in the street. Probably a tourist with lots of cash or a passport. These days, no matter how many cops or martial law may be in effect, no one seems safe. When she's gathered the pages necessary, pens and the like, a glance head to toe of Eric, she gestures and leads him down to an interview room. Number four, opened for him, table and chairs, the mirror glass that everyone knows is one way. "Are you in need of any medical assistance mister…" Fishing for a name.

Aric sighs as he sits down, "Gibbs. Aric Gibbs. I am not sure…I might." Aric runs a hand through his hair as he looks down at his hands, "I was attacked officer…and well." Aric takes out his wallet and remnoves his license and Register Non-Evolved card. "I have been turned into an evolved." His eyes crackle with electricity as he takes a soothing breath. "I was not before and this man attacked me and now…well I am a fucking light bulb."

"Sir" The crackling of his eyes with electricity have the petite officer taking a step back from the table. "I will have to ask you to please remain calm and to control your… new found ability as much as possible" Aude's heading for the door, not to leave but to stick her head out and grab a passing cop. Request an evolved kit and witness to the kit.

When she turns back to Aric, she's watching his eyes, movements, calmly and carefully taking the ID's from him so that she can look over them, make copies of them as well. "Did you get a look at who attacked you Mr. Gibbs? When did this attack take place and where?"

As he nods slowly as he sighs deeply, "I understand your concern. It was a 2 days ago…I was scared to leave my shop until I could get myself under control. I am not gonna lie Officer. I have taken a number of pills to feel well…relaxed. Right now the slightest hiccup and I turn into sparky." Aric closes his eyes as a surge of electricity shimmers down his arm into his lap.

As he opens his eyes Aric says, "I was outside my home and business…the Blue Moon. I was taking out the garbage when a man appeared in a flash of red light. He shot a red beam out of his hands. It was like red lightning or something. It hit me square in the chest." Aric eyes begin to gloss over as he tells the tale. "It slammed me against the wall and then my body began to tingle…then it burned…and then before I knew it…I was a light bright and electricity was flowing out of me." Aric sighs and said, "All I remember are his eyes. They were so cold and…evil." Aric says softly, "I can tell you exactly what the man looked like too."

Adue doesn't pass back the cards, they're put to the side, and notes starting to be taken regardless that all of this is being recorded somewhere and somehow. "Was it just one man or were there others with him. Was there anyone else present with you or in your place of employment at the time of the assault Mr. Gibbs?"

Just what they need, people who switch abilities again.

"I'll get a sketch artist in here and you can work with him to get us a picture of the man who apparently has made you evolved. Would you like to be taken to the hospital so that you can be looked over sir and made sure that you are medically fine?" Since he apparently got banged around a few days ago, he looks fine, but you never know.

Aric takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes and says softly, "No…I am fine. I have been meditating for the past 24 hours. I am a wellness and occult book store owner. It was late at night…my employees had gone home. I live upstair above my cafe and bookstore." As he opens his eyes slowly, "Yes I can describe him to whom ever you wish. I saw his face…it is burned into my mind." He sighs softly, "And it was just one man that I saw. He appeared out of no where and boom…zip…and it was over. He just looked at me and said coldly, "This is to save the future."" Aric opens his eyes and they crackle again with electricity, "I just want to know what am I suppose to do now? Why would someone attack me? I was just living a normal life and now…" He opens his hand and his finger nails crackle and the air begins to smell like electricity.

This isn't going to work. Not when he's a living sparkplug across from her and she's only half paying attention to what he's saying and more focused on whether he's going to electrocute her. "I think sir, Mr. Gibbs, that the interview is going to be paused for the moment. I'm going to contact the Suresh Center, and see if we can continue the interview over there. They'll be able to help you get yourself under control and then we can continue the interview and statements without any worry of physical harm to anyone" Aude tries to offer him a comforting smile.

Aric nods slowly as he looks down at his hands, "Do you think that is needed Officer? I feel really relaxed and calm at this time. I would feel more relaxed in my home yet I needed to come down. I knew I did with everything that has happened. I could not just give you this man's details and return home. I am sure I will need a temporary registration card or something…this can't be permanent." He closes his eyes as he places a hand on his chest as he whispers, "God it can't be permanent."

"I'm afraid it is sir. It's routine when we have evolved individuals - not that you are sir - who are having issues with their control, and the safety of them and the officers around them are in question. The nature of the attack as well Mr. Gibbs, makes it prudent that we carry on this report in surroundings that will be more comfortable and safe for all. The rooms there will be far more soothing that the interview rooms here"

Aude offers a smile. "And more comfortable chairs. If you give me ten minutes sir, I can arrange for a ride and anything else that needs to be done to see to your comfort and safety."

Aric sighs deeply. "May I call my mother and let her know everything is ok then and that she can reach me there?" Aric takes out his cell phone and opens it open. It is a simple cell phone…looks cheap and easily replaceable.

"If you like Mr. Gibbs. Nothing stopping you. If you'll excuse me" Aude murmurs, heading for the door so that she can start making phonecalls, requisition a squad car and get the ball rolling. Contact the DoEA as well. They'll likely want to stick their noses into this.

Aric nods slowly as he begins to dial the phone. He makes sure to keep it slightly away from his ear and making sure not to touch his ear to the phone. Aric begins to tap his foot impatiently.

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