Theory: It Is Happening Again

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called
String Theory

Hello, Theorists. Hudson here again, because - if you’re anything like me - you’re right back in Theory Hell. The following is a list of our new mysteries. I’ll update this as new shit comes along. Any questions? You can hit me up on the MUX on Hudson, or any of my PCs (Nicole, Odessa, Rue or Niki).

Let’s get back to business, shall we?

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Corona (changed previous page to Corona Whispers)

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Cardinal says, "Delia: chalk is a hard thing to explain. At its base it means 'being really into figuring out theories and conspiracies and what is going on'. The chalkier you get, the closer you are to wearing a tinfoil hat and declaring that there is no Pepe Silvia."

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  • Joy has appeared in the following scenes:
  • Seems to have an ability that allows her to absorb abilities of other Evolved upon their death (Psychopomp)
    • Sorry about you life, Peter.
    • The fall of the Commonwealth Arkology must've been an all-you-can-eat buffet (Arkfall, Part V)
    • They with Eyes of Sun and Moon seems to have an awful lot of abilities associated with them - coincidence?
  • Fuck me, y'all. She's got the conduits. Both of them. That's the whole reason why her first log is titled what it is. Death and Life. Black Conduit, White Conduit. Her first appearance is two days after we believed the conduits to be destroyed, and she was in Mexico. Ojas Amargos keeps coming up. Holy. Fucking. Shit! (The Fear of Death/The Fear of Life, The End)
    • The Fear of Death/The Fear of Life was set literally two days after the Conduits 'destroyed' themselves, and that log has fragments of Conduit memories from various other logs at its beginning. I think we can assume this is a home run theory here. Although I wonder if LeRoux has the White Conduit - it's notoriously slippery, LeRoux may be blood related to Francois, and 'Life Sense'…
  • Joy is Freya…. Possibly part of the Vangard at somepoint… My reasoning is found here: Freya
    • To quote: "As leader of the Valkyries, she had considerable power. She had the right to claim half the souls of the bravest warriors who died in battle. Actually going onto the battlefield, she would gather them up and take them back with her to spend the after-life in her home in perpetual rest and recreation."
    • Joy gathers the abilities of Evo's when they die and carries them with her.
    • If Joy is collecting a piece of them… What if it is not just the abilities, but some of their memories, too.
      • 02/12/2018 - New thought with this in mind. What if everything we have been seeing is simply the voices of the dead. How many have died that have witnessed multiple futures???? Hell Brian does all the time. This might explain why we are seeing so many different timelines. Repeats of logs. With that way open… with people traveling here from flood future… It makes so much sense!
  • Now that we know that Joy is Yaeko, I have one question: Is Adam elongating her life with his blood or what?
    • I'd assume 'what': the odds are high that she'll have encountered someone with another life-prolonging ability (if nothing else, with 'full regeneration from horrific dismemberment' possible, a less dramatic 'I don't age significantly' power certainly should be within the range of Evolved options). From what I've seen, she seems more like an independent actor than someone perennially dependent upon another for her continued existence.
      • That was mostly tongue-in-cheek, but I agree with you. Her position as Corona's favorite 'vessel' (or whatever. Connection) might draw her life out. She might have gotten exposed to a regenator's death. It might be a side effect of her own ability, some kind of fallout from her body having to adapt to every power she's come into contact with.

Mateo Javier Ruiz

  • Ruiz has appeared in the following scenes:
  • So far he has recognized Lynette and Odessa, referring to them rather familiarly as 'Nette and 'Dess
    • He also recognizes Veronica Sawyer, referring to her by surname
    • He did not recognize Tamara
    • He recognized Bella, noted that she's "always a therapist," and used her surname without it having been offered
    • Lynette died in his timeline (in his presence, it sounds like) and it was not a fun experience for him. Ruiz Bookend
  • Possible flood future refugee? Many references to water and boats, etc. (Be the Overflow, The Razor)
    • Ruiz states he doesn't "think anyone's ever been further" from home than he is, suggesting he may not be from this timeline (Interesting People)
    • He also implies that wherever he came from, he didn't mean to leave (Dess)
    • Wherever he was from, Ruiz and Odessa were lovers (Dess)
      • When she finds him in the Ark, newly restored, he initially mistakes her for his Dess, suggesting his timeline is either divergent from after this point, or in some possible parallel where Odessa's bloody confrontation with Eileen never happened
      • His Dess may be dead, he says he didn't mean to leave her behind, but maybe he had to leave her somewhere to die (Oscar Isaacs sang a song once and it had pretty lyrics and I haven't slept in 36 hours)
      • It's possible that Dess doesn't have Odessa's ability, because he seemed to recognize he wasn't looking at Dess anymore when he realized she had stopped time on him (Dess)
  • He apparently knows and hates Veronica Sawyer (The Razor)
  • Ruiz has a collection of books in his suite (The Razor)
    • By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart
    • The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
    • The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick
    • The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
    • Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges
      • This is now in the possession of Odessa
    • But has he read Mean Heat though?
  • According to his dossier, Ruiz has the ability to create connected portals (Known by Odessa, known by Veronica Sawyer and confirmed in The Razor)
    • According to what Odessa has read, tests of his ability by the Institute have Not Gone Well
    • Should we be calling him Chell or…
  • What is the garden?
    • In the delirium, Ruiz speaks to Odessa in Spanish, which she barely understands, save for one word: Jardín (Dess)
    • Could be referring to The Garden of Forking Paths, a short story contained within Ficciones
      • In the story, the each path in the garden represents different choices made, each path running parallel, suggesting that all possibilities happen simultaneously in different space, rather than time
  • So, Liz found a really great article about black holes and I theorize that this is how Ruiz managed to travel from his timeline into ours
  • In the drabble "607", Ruiz laments that he was unable to save someone 607 days ago
    • This could be referring to Lynette, who he definitely saved in the Ark
    • It could also be referring to Dess, as he did die knowing she escaped the Ark
      • Incidentally, 607 days before November 8, 2011, Odessa Knutson was being "recruited" to return to the Company as an agent (What)
        • This is almost certainly a coincidence that I'm not reading too much into; after all, we have no idea if Ruiz stepped properly sideways (i.e. May 3 in Flood Timeline to May 3 in our canon timeline)

Nathalie LeRoux

Richard (Cardinal) Ray

  • Who the hell even are you, Cardiray?

David Cardinal (Father):

Michelle Ray (Mother):

  • According to the Project Icarus site, Michelle LeRoux died on June 18, 1982 - the day Richard Cardinal was born.
    • Tragic coincidence, Rianna Price died the day her daughter was born. Theoretically. Who the hell knows anymore? I sure don't. Michelle's middle name is Rianna, which may just be a red herring, rather than a connection.

Odessa (Knutson) Price

  • Believes she has been in possession of her ability of Temporal Manipulation since she was roughly fifteen years old. (Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Part I)
  • In the Bright timeline, Odessa was born in 2009 and given the name Kara by her mother, Kara Price. According to her mother, baby Kara was stolen away by Hiro Nakamura and hidden in the past. (Starlight, Midnight, Goodnight)
    • We have since been told by Hiro that this was a lie; Hiro never kidnapped Kara or Odessa, who were born on the same day, their memories altered by Arthur for some unknown reason— he claims it's 'too dire' to reveal. (For The Things I've Done)
  • In the Prime timeline, Odessa is believed to have been born on April 8, 1984 to Rianna Price, who died in the hospital shortly after Odessa was born. Kara and Rianna are identical, but Rianna was several years older than Kara. (Starlight, Midnight, Goodnight)
  • Appears to have been initially - or at one time - raised as the younger sister of Mateo Ruiz. The two were separated because apparently Something Happens when they're together. (Eyes of Sun and Moon II)
    • The sibling relationship has been confirmed in the Virus timeline as well as the Flood.
    • Their abilities seem to interact in an… interesting manner. Time and Space? One can theorize the keys to all creation (or to the prison of Sun and Moon?) - perhaps the reason they were separated?
  • Rianna Price's brother was Eric Mas - Eve's father. Her maternal grandmother's maiden name was Beaumont, as was Jean-Martin Luis's wife, making Luis the grand-uncle of Odessa. (A Tree In The Woods)


  • Corona has appeared in the following scenes:
  • I think Corona gives non-Evolved people Evolved abilities. A catalyst?? But from the log, I'm going to say more like the original Evolved. Or something… more than that. (Bookends: ????, Eyes of Sun and Moon)
  • So, what if Corona is "they" not wholly to denote a gender neutrality, but because Corona shares a consciousness with whichever body's inhabited? Like less erasure/merging of identities and more… blending/harmony? IDK, that just kind of hit me and I thought I'd note it.
  • Corona may currently be Kimiko Nakamura. (Hunch)
    • Theory co-signed.
  • Hudson's alternative theory: Corona is currently Kam Nisatta. (Hunch, To Best Serve)
    • Reasoning: She has ALL THE KENSEI SHIT. Just look at the Fellowship. LOOK AT IT.
  • I still theorize that this is a dual entity; the 'moon' and the 'sun', feminine and masculine.

Chess Lang + Sestras = Chestras

  • We have entered Orphan Black territory and I am here for it, it is also one of my favorite shows ever (Helena fo lyfeeee so!) Let's get down to business.
  • In To Best Serve, Kam is giving Kay info on three parallel generations of genetic identicals from some eugenics program now being ran by Praxis which is an Yamagato competitor. If Chess is of a different generation then Vi and Alix then we have one more face that hasn't been revealed yet. So Chess! Has some identicals running around out there, in theory.
  • In the same scene, the sisters abilities are listed and together these sound like all the abilities you need to basically take over the world. Clairvoyance, Kinetic Absorption, Teleportation, Clairaudience, Molecular Deconstruction, Friction Manipulation, Flight, Telekinesis, and Pyrokinesis. There are nine abilities listed (this is of only ONE of the Pods) and three parallel generations. There is also a Ivy icon already in place for the third sister to Alix, Vi Pod. The third Pod might consist of male siblings but I'm of the thought that it's all sisters. CUZ THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.
  • I believe that Vi is obviously the Kinetic Absorper (Human Drama). Alix in my opinion is either the Clairvoyant or Clairaudience one seeing as in that scene she didn't seem to have an offensive ability to protect herself. I have no idea what Ivy would have ability wise, not yet anyway. I originally was going to say that sisters of the same Pod would have complimentary abilities but that isn't the case since Chess and Vi are clearly of different Pods and have similar abilities.
  • Three different mothers? Or original egg donors then? With Chess' father as the main sperm donor?
  • Are they property? Do they have rights if they are a genetic experiment?
    • It appears that they are property and that they kinda do not (Sisters Of Sorts). Or at least the Jīn Jièzhǐ corporation doesn't think they do.

Rianna Price (Prime)

  • Okay, y'all. Hear me out. What if Kara Price Prime is the one that was time displaced in our timeline, instead of Odessa? She gets sent back to the 80s and, needing a cover identity, did what Bright Kara did and took the possibility of someone else's existence. In this case, Rianna Price (née Cardinal?), rather than Sera Lang. It's possible Sera is having some connection to her other selves as well (34 Candles), explaining her tears while we saw flashbacks of Rianna. Additionally, Des doesn't seem to be as prone to be caught in the effects of Kara's ability, which may explain why Rianna Price's picture doesn't look like Kara to her. DISCUSS.
    • I sort of wonder if any of the Seras and Karas are truly from anywhere. Or there was one, but her ability has edited her into other realities? IDK. We know some abilities can sort of have a mind of their own and/or exist separate from their original bearer, and if hers is to sort of 'edit' reality, well. WHAT ARE THE RULES EVEN??? She could be from some far lung future putting herself into the past just to see what it was like! (I am in tinfoil territory, forgive me)
    • According to Hiro, Kara is not Rianna Price, and is not Odessa's mother, and they were born on the same day - but the two of them have had their memories altered by Arthur Petrelli, for some reason… that was too dire to speak of. For The Things I'll Do

Eileen Ruskin

  • According to the woman herself, she's an approximation of Eileen, like she's a copy, and an imperfect one. (A Funny Thing)
  • Her memories are spotty. She doesn't remember Barbara, or that Odessa attacked her, but she recalls the beginning of Pollepel.
  • This Eileen has blue eyes. Eileen Prime had green eyes.
  • When asked what name she knows Odessa by, Eileen was evasive. (A Funny Thing)

Mrs Who

Francis Allen

  • Thought to be Francois Allegre, he was in Ojas Amargos, Mexico, but we have no date for that information. Whatever 'was found' there led Adrienne Allen to believe that he was dead. What was he doing there? When was here there?
    • I found an review of a study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology — review is published in 2017, HOWEVER the research WITHIN the studies that were being reviewed were from 1995 until 2014. The studies in question all looked at the in vitro antibacterial activities of medicinal plants used in traditional Mexican medicine. Francois's medical knowledge and herbal medicine knowledge I knew in both of my alts (Meg and Liz). Is it possible he came across a plant here for doing something ELSE in vitro? Or maybe tried to destroy whatever they were working on for drugs there (because the email indicates that there was destruction enough that Francis was believed dead). Article link: here
    • The Institute has been conducting in vitro experiments in the past: Anger To Conviction

Juliette Luis

  • First mentioned, although unnamed at the time, in A Very Difficult To Unwrap Present, in Bright-Future Edward's photographs as a pregnant woman clearly involved with Ray.
      • Next mentioned in A Tangled Web and here identified as Juliette Luis, Jean Martin Luis's daughter. She died of the Shanti Virus in the prime timeline, which means she had to be Evolved.
      • Hypothesis: Since Carolina wasn't in the photo album, Warren was never born in Bright.
      • Someone else was. Who? Where are they? Where is Juliette?
  • Juliette Luis was one of Rianna's hosts (This Must Be The Place).
      • My current theory is that in Flood, Rianna remained in Juliette, and had a child with Edward Ray — Des. This explains the differences between Des and all other Odessa alternates.

They With Eyes of Sun or Moon



Other Notes

  • Perhaps the people with "sun" or "moon" eyes are just desendants of people who were changed and altered by the Entity's gift to change and reshape DNA. It could be a generic marker of sorts. Richard also has a note on this theory.
  • Lucille's whisper: We're not so different, you and I. Feels like a clue but it could obviously point to the fact that Lucille is SLC-Expressive.
    • Corona's ability is Genetic Manipulation… what does Lucille do again? What perhaps is her full potential?
    • She can manipulate the body/biology and it's functions, her full potential… well that would be pretty scary but it's under that blanket I suppose yes. …If Logan can negate abilities and the both of them can manipulate adrenaline which is said to be apart of our abilities right? ..scary thoughts that don't make sense I am having.
    • Since genetic expression/material(DNA) is not a biological 'function' of the body, I don't know if it is exactly the same.


Ojas Amargos, Mexico

Mystery Lake, Manitoba, Canada

  • 9674Q4FQ+2C (from a Manhattan Comtitle)

Dachau, Germany

  • 8FWH7FF8+GQ (from a Manhattan Comtitle)
  • Perhaps one of the broadcasts on the radio took place here?

Eureka, Nevada

  • 85G53F6X+8P (from a Manhattan Comtitle)

The Commwealth Institute

  • San Francisco, California



Channel Broadcasts

NBD, just some torture. I mean, some hints. No, I mean torture.








Law Enforcement

Spoilers (1/20/2019)

References to Chase Down

Eve's Visions


The Inheritors of Hope

  • A landscape-oriented painting of a raven with its wings outspread and the silhouette of a castle rising off of its back, and inverted coming down from the bottom of the raven as well. Except the inverted castle silhouette looks like streaks of blood
  • A painting depicting nothing but darkness
    • Stomped butterflies
  • One from the Brill collection of a restored Midtown full of trees and life
  • Three unfamiliar women. One of them is sitting at a desk, and the others are flanking the desk's sides. The white-haired woman at the desk has spectacles, and holds a snowglobe in her hand with a miniature of the city of Manhattan in it, surrounded by a concrete barricade. The woman on her right, possibly in her fifties, has dyed blonde hair and has a traditional black witches hat and is holding a broom. The third woman, somewhere in age between the others has wavy hair that is blonde gone gray. She has a cigarette in one hand and is dressed in layers of jackets and scarves.
    • Each woman has on a fish hook-style necklace, identical to that worn by Walter Trafford
    • Eve painted this before she left the Ark for the last time
    • Three Witches, Three Mothers… I'm coming back for you Theory below co-signed
    • It seems likely these are the heads of the Deveraux Group - Alice Shaw, Claudia Zimmerman, and Sabra Dalton
    • The 'fish hook' is the symbol of the Deveraux Group
  • Per Simon Broome: "These were the future, but these events have all come to pass already. They were a part of our roadmap, the twists in the river along the way. But, unfortunately, we didn't know what we didn't know."


Eyes of Sun and Moon

  • Hudson's Note: This is a rough translation of the kanji and romaji going on in this one. The first two bullets and the last bullet are almost absolutely solid. 99% sure. My kanji is good. All hell breaks loose in the romaji, though. Once I translated most of the hiragana back into the proper kanji… (kanji matters so much) things got a little clearer. Except for the part that can translate into two different kanji that mean two completely different things and both work grammatically and possibly contextually and fuck. /sigh So, I'm a lot shakier on that bit. Going with best guesses on bullets three and four, because, while grammar is my strong suit, the grammar here is… tricky.
    • "Takama-ga-hara (The High Plane of Heaven)" The name shakes darkness into light. A scream, a roar, and a sudden inhalation of breath.
    • Overhead, the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
    • A ring of fire around a circle of black is an open eye. Gold ringing a black iris, gold glowing. One tanned hand reaches out and grasps his throat. Torches burn in the cave. "Y- you! You're- alive!" He chokes out the words, the hand chokes him. A face leans in, hidden by dark hair. A smile; desiring, toying. His, pained.
    • "Why…" That smile grows, the hand around his neck tightens. "Do you think…" One dark brow raises. "I can die/you can kill me?" He is lifted up by that single, slender arm. Gold nails press into his skin, draw blood. Droplets float up, not down.
      • Word of God: "Do you think I can die?"
    • "I made you." They With Eyes of Sun and Moon proclaims, piercing gold nails into pale skin. "You… are mine." He can't breathe, can't scream. The thin, tan arm glistens with sweat. They With Eyes of Sun and Moon leans in, dark hair by fair hair. Lips nearly touching.
  • So! I think we're beginning with Adam's origin here - his first resurrection during the eclipse - followed by some epic showdown where he is getting his ass handed to him
      • Seconded. I assumed it was a story about how he became SLC Expressive or the first time it manifested sommat.
    • Sorry about your life, Barbara
    • Okay I've spent two and a half hours look at this scene and translating shit and being kind of unsettled by what even the hell is going on here? I'm done. The rest of you can pile in here and have a damn party
  • Luther's Disclaimer: I'm by no means an expert (nor fluent speaker) of Japanese language, only studied it in university. I intend here to lend some fun insights, extra translation, and possible subtext that I gleaned from the dream's use of Japanese.
    • Some background: Japanese culture is highly influenced with the idea of relationships, social circles and power plays. The language itself reflects this, allowing the speaker and listener to establish who they are status wise in relation to each other and what action is going on between them immediately through the use of certain words in the language.
      • Use of anata by Kensei and the Unknown Party indicates the two share a *close* bond.
        • Anata is a second person pronoun rarely used for parties outside of one's inner circle. It denotes familiarity, closeness, rather than other second-person pronouns kimi (neutral or equal 'you') or omae (masculine usage or informal, see when Hiro's father Kaito speaks to Hiro, or when Ando speaks to Hiro): Landslide
        • In contrast, Anata is a pronoun oft reserved for two people in a close (possibly romantic) relationship; think 'dear' or even 'darling'. For example, Hiro refers to Yaeko using anta (a contraction of anata) when speaking to her in relation between her and Kensei ("He knows you are waiting for him"), and when Kensei (Adam) shows up and Yaeko speaks to him using anata ("I will never doubt you again"): Kindred
        • It can also denote a superior to subordinate (though it may sound strange due to said connotation of closeness and familiarity); only a superior power talking down to a subordinate would use anata, not vice versa. It also has instances of use for a parent talking to a child (such as a mother speaking to a son, and unlikely for a father to speak to a son in this same manner, again because use of anata is most often portrayed as a pronoun used by women only).
      • Watashi wa anata o tsukutta, Anata wa watashi no mono desu translated to "I made you" and "You are mine (lit: you are a thing of me)" could be any number of nuanced power plays implied here. That both speakers use anata comments about their relationship to each other. Things to consider and ponder:
        • Are they romantically involved?
        • Are they superior and subordinate?
        • Are they creator and creation?
        • Or as a parent and child?
        • Or as Frankenstein and Monster?
    • Use of watashi by the ??? speaker reads as a gender neutral and status neutral pronoun. However, watashi may be a standard 'I' or 'me', but is markedly different than other first person pronouns that could be used such as boku (a childlike, slightly boyish connotation, as seen when Hiro refers to himself), or ore (masculine, reference Ando when he speaks about himself or includes himself in the group, he uses ore-tachi), or atashi (a more soft, feminine version of watashi). In this way, it's still mysterious who the speaker may be.
      • That being said, a face hidden by dark hair (implied longer length), slender arm and golden nails hints at a stereotypically feminine body shape.
    • More on Japanese pronouns!
  • NGL, I feel like Joy's appearance is related to this, somehow - maybe a reincarnation thing, given all her powers? (Hunch)
  • Hey. Hey guys. Guys:
    • If you put
    • black pupils
    • over gold irises
    • it kind of looks like the corona of an eclipse
      • I'll let you guess how the man responded when I paged him that
  • Izanami, is that you??
    • For elaboration, as pointed out to me by Elaine, in Japanese myth, Izanagi, creator of heaven and all of Japan, gave birth to the sun from his left eye and the moon from his right. Furthermore, much of the context of this scene potentially echoes the part of the creation myth where Izanagi delves into Yomi in search of Izanami. We may be seeing the people this myth is based on - the actual Izanagi and Izanami.
      • And if the above is true WHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN HAPPENING ANYMORE?!

The Ordinary World/Monochrome Delirious

  • I told you guys Monochrome Delirious wasn't just bullshit!!!
    • This one appears to be the Flood timeline, but Cardinal pointed out that at the time Odessa went through this experience, the Flood had not yet been averted in our canon timeline
        • Which raises the question: If it wasn't a sideways look, was it a look to the future?
  • The Ordinary World features a brunette Odessa who's received a gunshot wound to the shoulder; in her opium haze technicolor nightmare, Odessa is shot in the shoulder by Mitchell
  • Ordinary World appears to be the theme song for the Virus future, if we are to believe recent mash-ups in Manny's radio broadcasts. Wasn't Odessa rather intimately involved in triggering this timeline?
    • Odessa is kind of the foster mother of the ultimate form of the Advent Virus in that timeline, yes
    • This being the Virus timeline is further supported by the depiction of Odessa shooting up with Adynomine, presumably to keep her ability at bay and keep her from contracting the virus herself
  • My current pet theory is that Odessa's ability being scrambled means she is somehow able to see/sync up with her alternate selves. In Monochrome Delirious, Odessa had been on a frightening combination of morphine, Amphodynamine, a recursive feedback loop of augmentation from both Peter and Gillian, followed up by opium. For The Ordinary World, Odessa was recovering from the effects of the excess radiation that caused Darren Stevens' ability to go haywire, thus restoring hers and causing her to take his as well. In short, her ability is currently jacked, and I suspect this may be causing her consciousness to slip sideways when she's sleeping or in some kind of drug induced haze
    • I fully expect this theory to be debunked in short order, as I suspect we'll see other people have glimpses of their alternate selves, but until that time, I don't think this is the worst notion

Breathe in the Air

  • This one clearly takes place in the Virus timeline, and seems to pick up very shortly after The Ordinary World
  • The scene is set to Breathe (In the Air), which is a track from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
  • Edward sent Odessa off to die - for what reason? We aren't 100% certain
    • Per Manhattan, Edward would use his ability to calculate the probability of him being infected, and Odessa wasn't dosing with her Adynomine regularly. If she was a contagion risk, that might have been enough reason to have her eliminated
  • Who is in the photo that Odessa recognizes as her family?
    • In our timeline, Odessa has nothing that would even remotely be construed as a family. She wouldn't even consider her deceased parents to be her family, as she never knew them

Eyes of Sun and Moon, II

  • So. That happened. Let's start with some translations, shall we?
  • No. Ella está aquí conmigo.
    • No. She is here with me.
  • Ha… Ha sucedido de nuevo. No… No podemos mantenerlos juntos.
    • It… It has happened again. No… We cannot keep them together.
  • Arthur, no podemos.
    • Arthur, we cannot.
  • Ellos necesitan estar separados.
    • They need to be separated.
  • Dejame quedarme con ella!
    • Let me stay with her!
  • It seems the girl at the table doesn't understand what's being said by her "mother," and only truly clues in to what's happening when her "brother" starts to panic
  • Clearcut, the main said - trying to get to the phone. Some kind of trigger word or alarm?
  • This one is also set to Pink Floyd, this one Eclipse, which we've seen in Broadcasts: Radio, and it also seemed to be tied to a… clearly sinister presence, which I think this counts as
    • Calling this one "Corona's" theme
  • The shelves were thrown over, metal frames knocked into each other making a slanted "A" shape.
    • Manhattan's current comtitle as of this writing is Aftermath> and we don't think it's a coincidence
  • Also the synopsis for this one is "It's happening again" and I can't decide if that's referencing me (the title of this theory page) referencing Twin Peaks or skipping the middleman and just referencing Twin Peaks - ijs
  • We know that this new volume is going to involve some things brought in from Heroes: Reborn — Kravid, for one. These twins seem to be somehow involved with Arthur Petrelli, and have to be 'separated' for some power-related reason. Could these be our version of Malina and Tommy?
  • This scene connects with the opening of puᴉW ǝɥʇ ɟo sǝssǝɔǝɹ ʞɹɐp ǝɥʇ uI

It's Going to Get Weird

  • No shit Okay, so this is probably Varlane, and also our timeline, given LeMay's conversation with Erica referencing the recently announced relocation efforts and such
  • It appears like Pete straight up reconstituted the dead Magnes… clone? Via a piece of his brain, it seems like. I posit it's the amygdala, or the hippocampus, as those are parts of the limbic system that are responsible for memory
    • Alternatively, I can make a great case for the pituitary gland, given its function
  • LeMay says they need to "make sure the research wasn't lost," which leads me to believe there is something in Magnes'/Varlane's head that's important to the Institute, but I could be misreading the correlation here


  • H'okay, so in this log Bright Future Pinehearst is "5 years" (give or take) from completing the Looking Glass as of 2012. Sooo what happens if their Looking Glass and Prime's Looking Glass are active at the same time? Do we all explode? Does Des explode? Or will we link the two realities? Or MANY realities?
  • Also, Goodman, you are kinda up yourself.

Kensei And The Princess

  • SO IN THIS LOG. Yaeko is Joy. Joy is prime candidate for Corona. In A Celebration of History - Gallery Kam said the Stella whisper that Monica got when all those were going down. SO if Joy is Corona and Kam is Stella…
    • What does this mean for Yamagato and whateverrrr Adam is doing. We know Joy is with Adam (in some capacity), and Kimiko has Kam. Are Corona and Stella rivals? Do they just happen to be working at cross purposes? Are they working at cross purposes at all??
    • Do we believe that it's chance that Kam's vision was of Yaeko? (Answer: WE DO NOT) (WE MAY JUST BE ME) Perhaps these two are connected in some fashion. We shall have to watch Kam's power usage caaarefully in the future.

Gold Dust Woman

  • Eve appears to have found herself in the middle of a battlefield. Judging from the uniforms and the flags, this is war. One of these flags depicts a red bird.
    • Cardinal? Too obvious?
    • The log states 'If she didn't know better, she'd say it was a cardinal.' This can either directly point to Richard, suggest that it's an alternate-Cardinal, or someone inspired by him? Seems awfully on the nose for a red herring.
  • There's a vortex overhead that eventually creates enough force to lift corpses from the ground.
    • Mateo's ability? Magnes? Lifted from one of these two by a mimic? Something else entirely?
  • Four horsemen leading their own cavalry, dressed in as yet unseen FRONTLINE armor, carrying a banner of a wolf and raven.
    • The armor in question has been confirmed to be that of the Four Horsemen.
  • Eve sees a child with orange hair amid the chaos.
    • Who is she?
    • Maybe Odette Lang?
    • Where and when is this?
  • I'm not even sure what the giant bird and the metal skull are metaphors for, y'all.
  • Who is the old friend crying mournfully?
  • The voice, accompanied by the gold eyes, suggests Corona. We then see the symbol for Gemini.
    • This symbol appears in the waking world. (The Apple)
  • SO MANY BODIES!! ohai adam
    • This world doesn't belong to them, it belongs to us.
    • "The Resurrection is upon us." Corona?

What Am I Looking At?

That Wasn't A B-Movie

  • Theory: The Company was using children as a sort of holding cell for Corona. First with Kam, then with a new blonde baby as seen here. Through channel chatter we think the baby could have been Niki and the fallout from this ritual event thing was that her personality split and Jessica got the Mark/Tattoo symbol as a result.
    • I think what we're seeing is an attempt to transfer Corona from one vessel to another and everything going so wrong.
    • This might also by why Kam seems to be our Stella voice and displays weird powers herself.
  • Who is this redheaded teen with rainbow amplification powers???
  • Nana what are you DOING??? WHAT IN THE WORLD??? WHY???
  • Manhattan said, upon inquiry, that the Company people had fashion/hair from the late-70s/early 80s. This leads me to believe that it is maybe 1980 at the latest, since there is NO WAY a bunch of rich peeps would be in last decade's fashion any later than that.


January 16

April 8

  • Born on this date:
    • Odessa Price (1984? 2009?)
    • Kara Price (1984)
    • Rianna Cardinal (1984)
    • Charles Sharrow (1929)
    • Stephen Verse (1976)
    • General Sebastian Autumn (1962)
    • Billy Timm
    • Kwasi Abrafo
    • Gael Cruz
    • Vincent Murdoch
  • There is something about characters being born on this date. What it means? I don't know. But it's a real blue rose to me.

June 16

  • Born on this date:
  • Significant events on this date:
    • The 'overlay incident' when the Looking Glass was activated. - 1982

November 8

  • Significant events on this date:


These wizards are killing us softly with their song and comtitles with hints of What Is To Come. Or possibly What Has Been. Or maybe… waugh, I'm getting a headache.

Manhattan Is Full of Shit

Queens Is Now In On the Action

Ellis Has Joined In On This Shit

Now They're Just Messing With Us

Project Icarus

  • Manhattan send a load of binary that translated into a website of dubious origins. (As mentioned in Places above, the San Francisco branch of The Commonwealth Institute is busy busy busy.)
    • What Is Project Icarus? - A password protected website. Several different passwords appear to be needed to access the whole site. How many? Who knows! What are they? We may die before we find out all of them!
    • Three passwords (if you don't have them and want them, contact Odessa/Niki or ask around. Plenty have them, but not posting in case people wanna work it out themselves still). First one on main page, one for Bulletins, one for Project Eclipse. There is also an email archive that has a link hidden in plain sight on one of the pages. (Again, ask around, not posting in case others want the fun of searching).

Safe Zone

  • Possibly a reference to the Manhattan Exclusion Zone? (Fly Blind)
  • Related Comtitles:
    • The Safe Zone Co-Op Has Opened
    • Scheduled brownouts are essential for power conservation in the Safe Zone.

Chesterfield Act

  • Can't be worse than the Linderman Act, right? (Hunch)
    • You sure about that?
      • Not really


  • Monica brought up Panzerhund on channel and Manhattan laughed so idekwtf
    • Context suggests that it might be a unit that carries out operations similar to Mossad's nazi hunters after WW2. Going after Humanis? Or Evolved?
    • Could be the Wolfhound group that has already been mentioned. Their units are called "Wendigo" and it's been suggested they report to SESA.
      • Hana's new faction created from the remains of the Ferrymen?


  • Because fuck you, that's why

Don't You Forget About Me

Queens was messing with comtitles again!! Below are examples of the comtitles, rather than a collection of conversation.

  • Spoilers> Don't You Forget About Me, Delia says, "whaaaat?"
  • Spoilers> Head Case> Kaylee laughs. "Oh no."
  • Spoilers> Don't You Forget About Me, Delia ;_; please don't forget about me.
  • Spoilers> As You Walk On By, Robyn says, "Oh no"
  • Spoilers> Will You Call My Name, Ryans has joined this channel.
  • Spoilers> Will You Recognize Me, Lucille has joined this channel.
  • Spoilers> Forget About Me, Delia says, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!"
  • Spoilers> Call My Name, Ryans says, "He probably is wondering just HOW MUCH was wiped."
  • Spoilers> Walk On By, Robyn says, "The Doom D:"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Ryans says, "I…."
  • Spoilers> Fire, Chalk With Me> Hudson says, "…"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Robyn says, "…"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Delia says, "Don't stop belieeevin'"
  • Spoilers> Fire, Chalk With Me> Hudson says, "It was nice knowin' y'all!"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Delia says, "Hold on to that feeelin;"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Robyn says, "Delia, trying to be positive"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Robyn says, "This seems on brand"
  • Spoilers> Don't, Ryans salutes you all. "Nice knowing you."
  • Spoilers> Rain Keeps Falling, Lynette has joined this channel.
  • Spoilers> Rain Keeps Falling, Lynette says, "ffs"
  • Spoilers> Down, Down, Down, Nicole has joined this channel.
  • Spoilers> Down, Down, Down, Nicole says, "God damn it."

Coded Messages

  • Spoilers> tqbbtm twab zwks, Squeaks has joined this channel.
    • little lost rock
  • Spoilers> Jokingly, Eve says, "what in the world"
  • Spoilers> twab ivl nwcvl, Squeaks says, "I'm not sure"
    • lost and found
  • Spoilers> Jokingly, Eve says, "o shit"
  • Spoilers> Exploradora Emily says, "it, uh, changes"
  • Spoilers> eqtt gwc nqvl um, Squeaks says, "like colors"
    • will you find me
  • Spoilers> zavvwf af s kzwdx, Squeaks has no idea, really
    • hidden in a shelf
  • Spoilers> zwdhzwdhzwdhzw--, Squeaks slow shrug
    • helphelphelphe--
  • Spoilers> Hidden Echoes> Squeaks says, "shame on you"
  • Spoilers> Forget About Me> Delia says, "Don't don't don't don't, don't you~ Forget about me~"
  • Spoilers> Don't> Robyn says, “I feel like I missed something”
  • Spoilers> Tabula recta> Emily
  • Spoilers> Jokingly, Eve says, "hm"

Vigenère cipher
Key mode: repeat
Key: rock

  • Spoilers> ZAVBRDROU> Squeaks
    • imtrapped
  • Spoilers> ZBRSVQGC> Squeaks
    • inpieces
  • Spoilers> TOPDWWPNDMYKPPCMB> Squeaks
    • cantfindmywayback
  • Spoilers> ECVKCCPO> Squeaks
    • notalone
  • Spoilers> KCQPRF> Squeaks
    • toofar
  • Spoilers> WWPNDS> Squeaks
    • findme
  • Spoilers> - …. .> Squeaks
    • The
  • Spoilers> -… - - -.- …>
    • Books

key cryptography

  • Spoilers> vyc xgy ykugz> Squeaks
    • the ink stirs
  • Spoilers> vyc xgy sfvtz> Squeaks
    • the ink moves

Maybe related? The unknown log icon here translates to "help me save me make me whole"


Robyn's Ever Evolving Whiteboard of Insanity

  • Current version here

Hudson's Random Questions

  • Do Oreos still exist in the future?
    • Because if they don't, I don't know what we're trying to save
  • Why did I add Monochrome Delirious to the original theory page?
    • Was it my totally valid theory about birds and Eileen?
    • Or was it because the entire set was added to Woods' character page the day before?
      • Why does a character who's been long dead suddenly need a character page anyway?
        • And why are the only logs listed (beyond first and last appearance) for a set of scenes everyone laughed at me for seeing significance in?
  • So, what if the reason all the broadcasts have songs associated with them is because the flood crew is listening to records on a gramophone? Records screech. And pop. And hiss. Goddamn.

Elle Has Too Much Time On Her Hands

  • The Garden of Forking Paths, because I figured I would offer up an easy reference to this shit, since they clearly want us to read it.
    • But I don't have too much time on my hands to format it all pretty like.

Kaylee-Player Thoughts

  • This devices whatever it is, seems to not be homing in on radio waves. At first, I wondered if it was someone who might have an ability… but… I’ve revised that to what I have below
  • It is homing in on the electromagnetic waves that the brains produces. THE DEVICE IS GATHERING MEMORIES! The storm that keeps being referenced could be strengthening this device and making it reach further.
  • The music is just a side effect, maybe these songs are playing nearby on a radio, which means we get to hear what they people are listening too, when they are remembering these memories. Doesn’t mean that the song is happening while the scene is going. (Odessa-player had a good thought that music is tied to memories sometimes)
  • More importantly….. This device seems to be tuned into Odessa, especially. Odessa in turn seems to be connected through all space to all other versions of herself. She’s done a lot of time stuff lately and in the past who knows what doorways that opened to allow her to be linked to all her forms. Where she is dead, we have Joy (Who has a piece of Odessa within her (See my theory on Joy under her tab).
      • When one dies… that connection might be that green spark we saw in the one log.
      • HOLY CRAP! WHAT IF IT IS TUNED INTO JOY… That she has not just abilities, but memories within her. If she has Odessa within her… then she is connected to Odessa/Joy's across timelines too! (My mind is blown) And she would be a strong source of electromagnetic energy.
  • A lot of the memories seem to stem from connections. Mainly, Vanguard connections are what I ended up focusing on. Whether from them, or through them. How many of them were touched by Kazmir. Physically? It would explain why Eileen’s telepathic message came through. Also how many people that were touched by Kazmir touched others, leaving little connections… IDK if that makes sense. Does in my head. Better theory now.. involves JOY!
  • From the scene where Kaylee killed Eileen (sorry Eileen) it was mentioned there was something bigger going on. What if there is something of Kazmir in each Vanguard associate that in a way connects them. Which might explain why Eileen was able to try and take over Kaylee/Joseph’s son. A bit of Kazmir in all of them… He never truly dies. Kinda like a virus. The contagion is still there scattered. Seemed like whatever was in Eileen was going back to… something…. So… Kazmir might still be out there. A better theory came to mind… mainly based on Joy. Where is Joy in all of these mayhem!?!
  • Where am I going with this?
      • This device seems to read brainwaves (electromagnetic) and connected to Odessa(somehow) OR the entity of Kazmir JOY.
      • Odessa’s recent stuff has her ability all messed up. So, in theory, somehow she is connected to herself in all the timelines. She is now a window into each timeline, but the device is using her connections to the Vanguard or the Kazmir entity to show us their memories. NOt them.. JOY and Odessa are connecting through ODESSA's ability.
  • I’m still trying to connect the newest log… which seems to connect to all the radio broadcasts with the {}’s in it. But Odessa seems to be the key to the content.
  • And is this new unknown(21) connected to the logs with the binary code in it, is it the same person. IDK…


There may be no Pepe Silvia, but Magnes and Odessa might be siblings???


Multiple timelines are evidenced to branch apart at points of altered or adjusted history. The exact point in time from which they have diverged appears to be unclear. Take for example the below:

Prime Timeline

The focus-timeline of the game, resulting from the choices made by player actions and time-travel interference.

Virus Timeline

Bright Timeline

  • In this timeline, Arthur Petrelli reveals he is alive and sets in motion a plan to destroy his enemies and take control of the United States. He is successful, turning the Pinehearst Corporation into a global superpower that is secretly the power behind many thrones.
  • In 2019, Edward Ray orchestrates a plan to change these events and comes back in time to 2009 to subvert Arthur's ascension. Arthur and Future Edward are slain and the Prime Timeline continues on a course where Arthur never succeeded.
  • However, Woods also appears to be alive in this timeline, as evidenced by "UEO Woods" (Unity Enforcement Officer) mentioned in a teaser radio broadcast. Woods presumably died in 2008 prior to Edward's journey back in time to change events.
  • Further complicating matters, the destruction of the Mount Natazhat facility in 2011 appears to have resonated into the Bright Future, except the events at Mount Natazhat could not have happened without the death of Arthur Petrelli, meaning the lateral movement of the events could not have originally happened in the Bright Timeline the first time everyone traveled forward. What does this mean?
    • Branching-branching timelines? The Mallett Device broke through timelines. This didn't happen in the first run of the Wasteland Future (I think? @.@), but only because Alt!Card came back to fuck around with stuff. So, as a result, all the other timelines have a version where Card never traveled back (I'll say 'First Run' although WHO REALLY KNOWS) and a version that split off when he did travel back (Alt-Bright, thanks Card). And Magnes' Black Hole event is a part of this new branch of the timeline. Alt-Bright, Alt-Virus, etc.

Wasteland Future

  • In this timeline the Department of Evolved Affairs takes over the remnants of the United States after civil unrest and chaos leads to civil war and then ultimately World War III.
  • Children from the future travel back in time with the help of Walter Trafford to prevent this disaster from ever occurring.
  • Some events, however, appear to come full-circle.

Flood Timeline

  • In this timeline the Vanguard detonates a massive nuclear bomb under Antarctica and presumably causes a global flood, wiping out much of civilization. The Vanguard presumable then was able to demolish the rest of society from their high-elevation fortresses and "restart" the world.
  • Nearly nothing is known of this timeline. It was only viewed in dream-visions of Eve and those granted by the enigmatic prophet Usutu. (La Mer, La Mer, Part II, and La Mer, Part III.
  • What if the version of flood we are going to is a completely different time stream that split in 1982. Why then? This is when the Looking Glass was fired up and punched a hole into another timeline. Just cause there was a split them, does not mean that major events wouldn't occur.

Sera Lang/Rianna Price/Kara Price

  • Who's That Girl~
  • No, really.
  • She claims to have an ability to affect causality, allowing the "what" to happen without regard to the "why."
  • Okay, so this is a question b/c my head can't keep it straight, but someone tell me: The pictures we see of Sera (ie, char page, icons, etc) is that what Odessa sees when she looks at her file or what Ray sees when he looks at it? And the ID we saw on the Looking Glass site, is that picture what Odessa sees or what Ray sees? And Luther, man, which one of those is the familiar face?? Don't make me shake you, Sera!!
    • I CAN ANSWER THAT 8) — Sera's wiki page is agnostic to shenanigans. That is her actual face. Also what Ray sees when he looks at her photograph. No one but Des knows what Des sees. Luther also recognizes Sera as Rianna from 1984, sees the same thing as Ray. Basically Des is the only one who sees things differently.
      • Okay! Thanks. So the question is: Sera Lang and Michelle LeRoux: who will Des see as what?? And how much do we trust the 1982 date when there are TIME TRAVEL SHENANIGANS? Is the Rianna name a giant red herring?
        • These are my questions as well. (Thanks for the confirmation of what I thought to be true, 'Hatts, BTW. I appreciate it.) Kaylee needs to see the image of Colin Price and Des needs to see an image of Michelle LeRoux. We need to see what happens.
  • H'okay! I got some CHALK, People. So. We know that various super dead Vanguard people have been popping back up. And we know that Sera can completely ruin causality and have a thing happen without needing the how. So. What if Sera LANG is editing Vanguard people back into the world in service to Sharrow and his ideas of being prepared for Volken's return? What if she is a Sharrow plant in RayTech? To keep eyes on these peeps or maybe to eventually steal their research. I feel like there was a broadcast about Sharrow realizing that it wasn't evolved that were bad but evolved who didn't follow Volken (I am not fact-checking this, sry, I am busying chalking). We know that Ray wants his powers back, right? So what if Sharrow plans to steal whatever method Ray comes up with to do that in order to pull a Magneto circa X-Men movie 1 and turn everyone into evolved?
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