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Theories About People

Identified NPCs:

!Cardinal / Cardinalternate / Richard Cardinal / Ezekiel

Adel Raven Darrow-Diego

Astor Ruskin-Gray

Benjamin Ryans, Jr.

Calvin Sheridan

Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp-Gerken

Hannah Sumter

Colonel Leon Heller

Howard Phillips (Robert Bishop)

Ingrid Ryans

Jasmine Ryans

Jay Micah Mortlock-Dawson (Jameson "JJ" Jones)

Joshua "Cameron" Harrison

Kincaid Russo


Jolene Chevalier

Noa Gitelman (Nora Rosenthal)

Walter "Reynard" Trafford

Unidentified NPCs:

Billy Jean Cambria / OMGWTFGBBJ / Gina Bellman / Bina Gellman

The Woman

The Red-Haired Woman… (Delia Ryans)

…and the Young Boy (Benji Ryans)

The Nightmare Woman (Eileen Gray)

Theories About Everything Else

War Future and Woven Worlds: A Chronology

The Compass




Dialogue I

"Dialogue II"

"Dialogue III"

"Dialogue IV"

Alternative Past, Present, and Future Timelines

Non-Specific Alternate Timeline Theories

The Bright Future

The Flood

Monochrome Delirious

Miscellaneous Stuff Huddy Wants to Know

Supplemental Items

Dialogue I Rewrite by Huddy

Still colour-coded, but now with more colour commentary!

Dialogue I/Redux Colour Key

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