There Will Be No Lawyer


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Scene Title There Will Be No Lawyer
Synopsis Audrey approaches Magnes in the morning, to make him a guest of the government for the next few days. Legally.
Date August 26, 2010

Outside Magnes apartment.

A van, sedate in nature, Jo's plumbing, was on the street come seven in the morning. A plumber conveniently exiting the vehicle and heading into a building across from where Magnes had set up residence with Elaine. What no one saw was the two agents cramped inside the back of it, waiting and watching since yesterday. When Parkman says jump, you jump.

It took all afternoon to get the paperwork done and the blue folder in Audrey's hand while she waited a block down for the signal. Radio silent, all low tech save for the vehicles. Cellphone's left back at the office, except for what was in Audrey's pocket as an emergency if they needed the retriever team. She was hoping that they wouldn't.

It was fortuitous when Elaine had left a little early, 8 am coming when the red head left the apartment building. When a man in jogging shorts and a blue t-shirt walked by, Audrey put her coffee down and her bagel loaded with ham and cheese and egg so she could crane around in her seat to look towards the front doors to the building, instead of the rear view mirror. "Keep an eye out, he should be leaving soon"

Work is soon, so when Magnes walks out, he's prepared to start doing a few Tracy-related errands before he's officially on the clock. Showing initiative always makes her… something resembling nice. He's in a black suit with a black tie over his buttoned up white shirt, the jacket neatly buttoned up to his chest with the tie tucked into it. He's carrying a black briefcase as well, yawning and looking up at the sun while shielding his eyes with one hand. "I want to stay in bed." he mumbles, and slowly starts to ascend into the air. Just slow enough to be intercepted before he gets too high.

There he is. Before he can even think of going up in the air, there's suited individuals bearing down, at a non-alarming pace and the familiar face of Audrey with something blue in her hand. "Magnes Varlane. Agent Audrey Hanson. If you be so kind as to please come down?" She's as pinch faced as ever and doesn't look like she's here to have a coffee klatch. Three other agents with her flank the woman.

Magnes floats right back down to the ground, rubbing his eyes as he looks to the three agents, then focuses on Audrey. "You're that cranky cop trying to catch Gabriel's dad, aren't you?" he asks, covering his mouth and yawning again. "Sorry, tired. What are they for? I don't feel like being kidnapped and tossed overseas again. You guys can just ask y'know, you people ever hear of asking?"

"And so it starts. Do you ever just let others talk before you do? Before you make assumptions" Audrey passes over the tri-folded piece of paper, holding it out for him. "You can come with us" a gesture to the other agents. "Where you will be required to answer our questions with regards to Gabriel Gray, his Whereabouts and with regards to your interaction with him during Operation Apollo that you did not come forth as is your duty as a citizen, when you possessed information. If you refuse to come with us, we will be compelled to use the legal force that we are authorized to, arrest you and to bring you in." A gesture is made for him to look at the paper. "I'd really like to do this the easy and more amicable way Mister Varlane. I'm not a fan of expending excess effort when it's not needed nor necessary"

"If all you brought were three guys, I'd hope they at least have cool abilities, but I'm not going to fight you, I try not to completely screw up my life more than a few times a year." He looks down at the piece of paper, reading things over. "Isn't Operation Apollo supposed to be a secret? And I thought Gabriel had a full pardon?" He's a bit out of the loop on the whole Gabriel being 'murdered' once thing. "Let's get going. And you know, I have zero idea where he is. And even if I did, chances are you guys probably have cellphones on and Rebel would warn him anyway. And if I did tell you to take the batteries out of them, you wouldn't listen because no one listens to Magnes J. Varlane, which is why they get killed by robots and fail at catching Gabriel's dad."

"Shut up Varlane. You have the right to remain silent" The moment he stops running at the mouth. "I really suggest that in the time between now and when we get to the facility, that you take up that right. Besides, if it's supposed to be secret, how come your boss knows?" Tracy Strauss who doesn't have Audrey's clearance, and surely, more than likely, not even Parkman's clearance or that of others who orchestrated Apollo. "You've been cleared from work"

There's a gesture to one of the lackey's who's going across the street and up into the apartment building that Magnes came from, but for what reason, Magnes won't know. Elaine will and it'll be believable. It's been carefully crafted to buy Parkman time. Especially in light of what Messiah pulled last night. Audrey takes him by the arm, gently, starting to walk him over to the black SUV. "Please refrain from using your ability. When we get to the facility, they'll want to see your registration card. Please refrain from showing it off - your ability that is. Lets not have another… shibuya incident?"

"I know my rights, I did used to be a cop, but there's nothing you can throw me in jail for, so I'll happily waive that right." Magnes states as he walks along with her, looking back at the agent going into the building suspiciously. "If you plan to wipe my memory of Apollo, I just want you to know that I have ways of reminding myself." If Tracy hasn't shown off the robot too.

"Au contraire Varlane. Obstruction of Justice, impeding a federal investigation… oh, I'm sure we can also dig up a few more if we scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit and swish it around. I have the distinct privilege as given to me by the united states of America, Varlane, of holding you for certain period of time." There's that shark smile on Audrey's face that doesn't make anyone comfortable. She goes over the miranda rights as well, inquiring of the young man whether he understands them or not. The SUV door is opened, and held open for him to crawl on in. "I don't wipe memories either Varlane, I'm not that kind of woman"

"People don't set me up for no reason. I know this isn't going to end well for me, it never does. The government uses me and then I come out with my life shattered and have to pick up the pieces again. And just so you know, I'm not telling you anything if any of you have cellphones or computers around." Magnes heads into the SUV, looking around for a seat with his head down. "Oh, and I want my lawyer contacted, Catherine Chesterfield."

"We'll contact her" The lie rolls off her tongue so easily. In truth, Magnes will likely never know that he asked for a lawyer. Out of the apartment building, clothing in a bag, costumes spilling brightly, there walks the agent who went up. Up into the front seat he goes, shoving all of it at his feet and getting settled. "It's done"

'thank god, lets get going" Magnes secure in the vehicle and Audrey climbing in after him. "Lets get going. We need to be gone yesterday"

"This is great." Magnes says with a not-too-pleased look on his face, sitting down with his head resting against the wall. "I'm gonna end up in one of those electronic coffin things, aren't I? The ones that put Evolved in a coma? But, whatever, I'll cooperate as long as things stay legal, the second I notice anything suspicious, I'm leaving."

Parkman is going to get nasty thoughts when they arrive, wherever they arrive. The look Audrey shoots Magnes when the SUV lurches forward and heads on down the street, no one aware of whats just happened, is one of murder.

It's her final words that might actually make him shut up, maybe not, but either way, Audrey looks him dead on.

"If you don't shut up Varlane, Quite possibly, I will"

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