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Scene Title Thesis
Synopsis Kendall does not have one.
Date January 13, 2010

Brooklyn Public Library

It's another freezing cold day in the Big Apple, and less people than usual are found walking the streets. Some, like Kendall, took refuge in the library, whiling away the hours in relative comfort. At the very least, it's warmer than it is outside. Kendall is sitting at a table in the library, a small pile of books next to him. Homework, maybe? They're about the Evolved.

Delilah comes here every so often if there is something that she can't find online- or if really, she is just wanting to open a book. She's looked over the local stock of books on the Evolved several times, though once in awhile she finds the need to stop back for something further. This time, however, she has failed to locate the one she was looking for, and upon asking the desk, found that someone say a teenage boy take it with him.

A couple of books under her arm, Delilah wanders off towards the direction only to firstly- Glimpse Kendall before he does her, and second-edge behind the shelf nearby before he can. Why, she isn't entirely sure- except that it gives her pause before she steps out again and heads for his table, skirt swaying around her knees and books clasped in front of her. "Kendall?"

Kendall jumps in his seat when someone approaches out of the blue, and nearly jumps out of his skin when he sees it's Delilah. "Ah, hi." he squeaks out. "F-fancy seeing you here… um, I mean, not that this isn't a place you'd be, but, uh…." he trails off. "Er, hi." wait, didn't he say that already?

Still works. Delilah smiles at him as she comes up to the opposite side of the table, taking no qualms in pulling out a chair for herself and plopping down into it. "Hi! How's it going? When you're done with that one can I see it? I just wanted to check something." At least she's being up front with Kendall already. Her own books get set onto the table just in front of her- a guide to poisonous amphibians, a tome on psychoactive drugs, a couple smaller books on various civil rights subjects.

"This?" Kendall asks in surprise, and right away slides it over to her. "Sure, I'm just, uh… doing a project for class, social studies and such." right.

Delilah nods her head in what looks like an understanding, though of course she remains skeptical on the inside. "Thanks, I just couldn't remember one specific…" She takes the book to flip into it as if she knows what is on every page. "You enjoying the project?" You know, for class? "What's it on? Is it a paper?" She is awfully curious and chirpy this afternoon, compared to the first couple times around him. She is a bit more like this most days though.

"Not especially, I can't say I've ever enjoyed a project in my life." Kendall replies after a frantic moment of thought in regards to making up a theoretical project. "Mainly on how they impact society." there, that sounds reasonably intelligent.

"That's awfully broad. You have a thesis or something?" Delilah finds the page with an 'oh', zeroing in on something with her finger. "Impact physically or metaphorically? Society as people?" Very interested. After a few moments of searching the page she passes the book back, open to where Kendall stopped. "I can help if you want, I know my stuff."

Delilah's words do nothing but draw a blank stare from the younger teenager. "Thesis? What's that?" he asks her. what, does he look like he's in college? What is this 'thesis' of which you speak? "A thesaurus you mean?" he asks, puzzled.

Delilah looks up at Kendall like he just spat up a stomach size slug onto the table. What? What? "What in the hell- what are they bloody fucking teaching you guys in English class?" She hisses across the table, trying to stay library volume. "So I don't suppose you know how to cite sources? MLA, APA? What is a thesis- You can use it for most projects. A thesis statement is what you believe and what you intend to prove. On papers it comes at the end of the introduction paragraph, and that paragraph gives it context. A good thesis makes the difference between a thoughtful project and parroting facts back at people."

Kendall flinches when she suddenly gets verbally violent. HALP, I IZ BEEING ATTACKEDED! "Oh, that." truly, he did know what it was, just not what it was called. "I'm just a freshman, sheesh." sulk. He's not stupid!

"Freshman schmeshman. You should learn this stuff before you graduate." Dee goes from abusive to chirpy again in about two seconds. "I've got a little book at home- it did wonders for me with papers and stuff. Has pretty much everything about writing in it, and it doesn't have three hundred pages per section. It gave me the meat off the bones, if you'd be interested in borrowing it."

"Graduate from /what/, middle school?" Kendall grumbles defensively. "I'd be lucky if I learned how to read graduating from MY middle school."

"High School! I'm sure other kids from yours have gone to college." Delilah opens up the topmost book, the one on drugs. "I haven't yet, but maybe one day. For now I do personal research. I can help you with your project if you need it- I have a kind of- perspective from this side, if you know what I mean." She leans one elbow on the table, tilting her head conspiratorially.

Kendall stands up at that. "Ah, well, I uh… think I have enough info now, thanks." leaving the books he was looking at on the table, he all but flees from her. Actually, scratch that, it's definitely leaning towards literal fleeing, complete with furtive backwards glances.

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