They All Go Together


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Scene Title They All Go Together
Synopsis Dani comes home as Cat is about to leave.
Date September 10, 2008

Dorchester Towers: Cat's Apartment

It's a little past 8 PM. Dani's been gone since early in the day; a little past noon. No note, no information about where she went. When she does return, at a bit past 8, she's dressed to the nines as she comes in, though she looks a bit tired. She comes in and immediately steps out of the heels.

She's been asleep then, but right now she's up and active in the apartment, pulling things together. Cat sets her Fender Strat into the guitar case and leans it against the wall before moving toward the backpack resting nearby. It's opened; she checks the presence of a few small items and closes it again. A moment is taken next to straighten the cuff to one pants leg out over her left boot. Chosen garb for the evening is dark tank top, dark jeans, and black boots with a two inch heel. Not so much the goth angle with the color scheme as seeming something like a panther is her goal. Her face isn't painted up to look deathly pale, no, Cat looks very much alive and happy to be so.

Dani's arrival gives her pause as she hefts the backpack and reaches for the guitar case. The grabbing hand fails to grab and drops back to her side. "Fancy party gone bad, back early?"

Dani steps in. "Not so much the party. As for the gone bad, some yes, some no." She smiles wryly. "Out working a story. Doing a twee bit of undercover, more or less." A smile tweaks her lips. "Big story, big reward, big risk. They all go together."

"You certainly packed the hotness for the task," Cat replies with a spreading grin. Her eyes take in the woman and her clothing slowly to make it a look she won't forget, along with everything else she's perceived. Curiosity registers on her features; she's definitely interested but leaving the choice of sharing or not with Dani's discretion.

Dani rolls her eyes. "I was trying to get info from this huge lech." she says. "I figured flashing a little cleavage would help keep him off balance. He got called off by one of Linderman's mooks, though."

That name pulls up an expression of distaste. Linderman. Cat rests her backside against the piano bench. "What's the story you're working, and how much did you learn before he got called off?" she asks, head tilting to one side.

Dani grins. "Looking into Linderman and his backing of Senator Petrelli. Seeing exactly how much I can dig up. I mean, there's a lot of rumor, but nothing to tie him to it. His PR guy digs me, though, and he thinks I'm some spoiled Daddy's girl on vacation. Hoping to play it into a chance to get me something that'll get me into Linderman's building.

Oh, she's curious, and it shows. "You've got a foothold. Excellent, Dani. What're you going to do, though, if he figures you out?" Cat turns to pragmatism, checking to see what kind of plan the less tall one has in place for such a contingency.

Dani looks a little awkward. "That's why I'm keeping things mostly in a public venue. They're not going to take me out around a bunch of people. I think there's definitely more going on than meets the eye, though."

"I think he's worth checking out too," Cat agrees. "I worry, you said yourself it's a big risk, but I know you aren't stupid." She comes off the wall to cross the floor and wrap Dani in a hug, her arms squeezing a bit.

Dani hugs back, tightly. "I wanted you to know so that if I -do- go missing…someone at least knows and can call the cops or something. Be nice to have some backup."

Oh, you have no idea, Dani. Cat hasn't said the name, and he didn't mention the name on his own, but she's certain Dani could find out who Rock is if she did a little looking. And if she's taking a look at Linderman, and possibly by association Nathan Petrelli, odds are she'll find the connection. Some old photo of the pair together during the pre-nuking campaign, etc. Some of those images are being called into her mind's eye at that very moment while the hug is held. "You've got backup," she quietly and solemnly assures, before stepping back.

Dani smiles. "Cool. Now, superbrain…I'm curious about the two people I ran into tonight. I'm gonna see what I can dig up, but can you think up any other ways to check things out? There was this one woman that was spiking my weird-o-meter. And the guy does a little, too."

"I could ask some questions," Cat replies. "Have you got names, or photos? Hopefully both. And how did they seem weird?" That hand reaching for the backpack finds its target and pulls it closer, she begins to heft it over the shoulder opposite her guitar case.

Danielle shakes her head. "No pictures. Couldn't snap a shot without being obvious. But I've got name and business card for the guy. The woman…she thinks back, then shakes her head. "Got nothing there, except she's supposed to be the guy's secretary. Weird…" She pauses. "Well, two real things. When they were both there and I was talking to them, they were really sniping at each other verbally. Like, she was saying things that a secretary wouldn't say to her boss if she wanted to keep her job. And the other thing…when all three of us were there, and I was talking to him…" She blushes a little, cause it's embarassing. "All of a sudden, I -really- kind of wanted him." That's really only unusual if someone knows Dani's secret. Which Cat does.

"That is odd…" Cat muses. "I'm the one that's bi." Which may be a step on her part, to actually say so verbally in such a term. "Would make a bit of sense for me, if the guy was hot. Is he hot? Because it's possible you felt something natural, just really really rare for you, Dani." Not likely, she knows, but still possible, and the possible has to be at least considered. "May I see his card?"

Dani considers it. "I guess, in an objective sense?" she offers. "But I didn't feel it later when we were at dinner." She takes out Kain's card, and passes it over to Cat. "Here you go."

The card is held in her hand for just a few seconds, only long enough to see the information on it and hand the item back. "Thanks," Cat replies. "That does perhaps mean something. If you felt drawn to him once, it should have come to you again." Her eyes close. OhGod. What if something happens and Rock looks into her head again, it becomes necessary to pull him in and communicate that way? Being in the kind of mood it brought out before might not be… No, it won't be good.

Dani nods, as she looks back to Cat. "Good point. Nothing I can use empirically in a story…but still a really good point. I'm gonna go get changed into something more comfy. I've had enough of being eye candy for the night."

A smile forms. "You really do look hot. I'm on the way out, playing at the Surly Wench tonight. I'll try not to wake you when I get in sometime after dark o' clock." A few steps are taken, Cat turns back to offer "See you."

Dani takes a moment, and steps up. Unless stopped, not only will Cat get a hug, but a kiss. Nothing long, but a quick kiss on the lips. "See you."

Both are accepted, and returned, in the fashion they're given. "Yes," the Cat purrs playfully as she steps away afterward. And she's out the door, headed to play her gig.

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