They Always Run


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Scene Title They Always Run
Synopsis A guy being brought in tries to run. He makes Cassidy spill her coffee as she's coming in on her shift, and Aude trips him up as she's leaving her shift.
Date May 21, 2009

NYPD Headquarters - Outside

"Runner!" The bellow calls out just outside the precinct as some guy, hands behind his back in handcuffs is stupidly trying to make a break for it. Low slung jeans, shirt, hoodie sneakers, the guy is trying to bolt away from the two cops who were getting him out of the car to transfer him into HQ. They're gonna play with him, let him get a few feet. Really, if he was going to bolt, he shoulda done it back at the scene of the attempted carjacking. Not out front of the Precinct. The day was just starting and so far, it looked like it would be Amusing.

'What a winner" Aude shakes her head, coming out of the side doors and around the corner when she hears the call out. She's in her civvies, just off the graveyard shift and so she doesn't look like a cop and therefore the runner doesn't try to deviate away from her.

Cassidy is just arriving for work, her trench coat is draped loosely on her frame to cover her shoulder holster. She's actually dressed more casual then normal in her long sleeved green t-shirt, dark jeans and tennis shoes. A large steaming cup of coffee in one hand, while she eyes a little notebook in her other hand. Aw yes, the cops ever trusted friend, the Handy Dandy Notebook. What clues does it hold? Only Cassidy knows that.

Of course, not paying attention, she doesn't see the man running at her, until it's too late. He runs into her shoulder, which doesn't so much knock her down, but spins her around spilling her coffee. "Son of a…." She looks at the large puddle on the ground. Now she'll have to drink the crap inside. She levels a glare at the criminal. If that hit hasn't knock him off balance, she'll take off after him.

He stumbles, but it doesn't stop him. Aude manages to skip getting coffee on her and as the guy is getting his momentum again, a look back to see the three cops chasing him, she sticks her foot out, high up enough that when he turns around, his eyes widen as he runs right into and flips over her leg the hits him square at the waist. "Don't. Run. From. cops Asshole" The woman with the riot of curls for hair barks out. She rolls her eyes then flashes a smile at Cassidy. "They always think they can run.

"It's the one that doe it cuffed that amazes me." Cassidy says, seeming pretty content to let the cops get him back under control. She looks down at her jeans that are darker in places, and her tennis shoes are sadly no longer white. When he's on his feet she does get close enough to glare at him in the eyes and say. "And you don't spill their coffee. You owe me for the one you just spilled." And she points at her feet. "And a new pair of shoes." She straightens and motions for them to take the guy inside. She glances at Aude, studying her as if trying to remember where she has seen that face. She finally adds. "I bet they find he's high on something."

"Probably smack or LSD. The ones on LSD always run" The petite woman says with a sigh. She's familiar because normally she's in the uniform that's now in the duffel bag slung over her shoulder. Her posture doesn't need straightening despite the look over by the detective and her hand comes out, offered to the other woman. "Officer Castalides. There's a Starbucks two blocks away. I was heading there, I can pick you up a replacement whatever that was and drop it by"

"Detective O'Shea." Cassidy takes the hand, even if her is a bit sticky from the coffee still. She takes her hand back quickly with a sheepish look and wipes it on a dry part of her jeans. "Sorry. And thanks.. but that's okay. I can stomach the coffee here, much to the amazement of my partner." She moves to scoop up the dropped cup, peering into the emptiness. "Just figured I'd grab something different." She grins and shrugs. "If anything I can go down there if I'm desperate."

"Motor oil. I swear it. But if you head into the SCOUT division, they have something better better to drink. Think it's Captain Harvard's doing if you ask me. It's actually pretty decent so I've been told. I hear tell that if you pour the coffee the rest of us get on the bars in the cells, that it'll actually eat through it" Her own hand is wiped on her jeans, not that she minds. Just means when she hops into her car it'll smell like coffee and not .. car. "Don't let me stop you detective. You look like your just heading in to work"

Cassidy smirks a bit at the woman in amusement. "Think so, huh? I dunno. I don't spend any time in the SCOUT offices, though I have helped Detective Harrison out now and then." She glances at the door of the headquarters and then at her watch. "Yeah, I was getting ready to start another fun filled day of deadends, dodgy witnesses and no leads." There is a touch of bitterness there. She offers the woman a bright smile. "It was nice to meet you, Castalides. I've only been here a handful of weeks, so I dunno all the cops yet. Work in progress."

"Harrison huh?" something's off, emotionally. "Watch out for Baxter, pretty fly boy. he'll try and get n your pants. Jackson's a pervert just waiting for a complaint to happen, avoid him too. Ramirez isn't bad, just careful if you catch him at the gym, he likes to prove that he's a man" She lists off a few others who in her couple years there, have got her attention. "What cases did you get?"

Cassidy takes mental note of the people mentioned. "Well", if Jackson tries he'll be sorely disappointed. I'm not exactly the dating type. I don't think I'd even remember how." She frowns a bit as she thinks on that. "I guess that's a sign that I'm too deep into my job and need to get a life." She shrugs a shoulder and looks like it's no big deal. "Cases? A mugging case and a couple of murders. Nothing career changing."

"Bring in a pair of fresh eyes? Sometimes, they see something you don't and maybe that dead end won't be a dead end" Aude points out. "I gotta go. Haven't had breakfast yet. Hope you get a lead Detective. Sounds like you could use one"

Giving the woman a bit of a mock salute, Cassidy grins. "You and me both, and I better head in as well. My partner will be waiting on me I'm sure. He's not always a patient man." She takes a few steps backwards as she speaks before turning to head for the door. "Nice to meet you." She calls back almost as an after thought. "I'm sure I'll see you around the precinct again."

"I ain't running off high in Smack detective with my hands cuffed behind my back! So you probably will" But she has an afterthought as well. "White toothpaste. Oldest trick in the book, my momma always used it. It'll get coffee stains off your sneakers, just so long as you do it soon, before the day is up" She snaps off a salute as well, less mock, more real and with that, digs keys out of her pockets and starts heading toward a beat up Nissan.

Turning around to walk backwards, Cassidy calls out. "Thanks! I'll be sure to give it a try. Have a nice day!" Another wave, a short hop up the steps and she disappears into the building.

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