They Got Flare


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Scene Title They Got Flare
Synopsis Abigail and Melissa take in the Flare demonstrations at the Court in Harrah's
Date May 5, 2010

Harrah's, Las Vegas

Noon, is by no means, too early to start drinking in Vegas. But Abigail and Melissa are here at three, seeking out the Harrah's Casino and a specific thing in mind. Something she can bring back to the bar. Not physicially, but she can see if she can't pick a thing up or two.

Flare bartending that is.

They're parked in carnival court, the black bowling shirt bartenders all flitting about, shakers whirling, bottles pouring, alcohol is flipping everywhere and Abigail is entranced. Not too entranced that she can't point to the one three patrons over with wide eyes as he balances bottles on his arm before tossing them up in the air and then catching them. "Sweet heavenly father…"

Melissa is looking pretty damn impressed herself, and isn't bothering to hide it. "Holy shit. How in the hell do they do that? Me? I'd be breaking bottles and spilling booze everywhere," she mutters. "And look at that guy," she says, pointing to one who's got five shakers slid into one another, and is holding them horizontal while he pours the drinks within into five separate glasses. "Total mess if it was me."

"Oh oh oh, Brenda can do that!" Seeing who Melissa is pointing to. "I've seen her do that, but she doesn't do much. She puts me to shame. Then again, well, a lot of people put me to shame when it comes to tending bar." She's nursing her daquiri, no heavy drinking for her because of her anti-depressants. One drink has the impact of a couple. There's some potatoe skins and other nibbles in front of the two women.

She breaks into giggles at the sight of another bartender cradling a shaker with the neck of a rum bottle in it, rocking the thing like a baby. "Oh, wow. Okay, I could do that!" Blatantly pointing.

She may be nursing her drink, but Melissa is almost done with her margarita, and signaling for another. Then she grins and nods to Abby. "'Course you could. Though I think I wanna watch while you perfect it," she teases.

"Plastic bottles with water first" Abigail points out. "I don't want broken glass all over my floor" She's putting serious thought into this, even as bottles keep flipping here and there.

"Gillian and I met up with Robert. Did you know he hunts? He hunts. I have never met another guy who hunts. Like, hunts animals"

Melissa pouts at that. "But plastic wouldn't be as much fun. Okay, so it'll probably be fun still, but c'mon!" She pauses then, her head tilting. "You did?" she asks, brow furrowing slightly.

"We did. She needed to talk with him. They met before when he was on an errand. The Corinthian opening? He brought over a ticket for her and money for a dress from an anonymous benefactor. She wanted to know how"

That answer only has Melissa frowning harder and nodding before diving right into her fresh drink. "You two get a chance to talk alone, yet?"

"No. He's busy. There's business stuff to do, and it takes priority right now. Or well, I mean, beyond the shark aquarium. We talked there. But we haven't been able to talk again, after that. He was trying to cheer Gillian up. She's missing the kids back in New York and other things. But the vacation is doing her good" Another long sip of her daquiri. "You missing New York?"

Melissa is quiet for a long moment after the question, and finally she shrugs. "Yes and no. I'm definitely not missing the weather. Or most of the people. It's almost tempting to just…not go back," she admits.

"You see the news today? They're putting people in the hospitals and the corinthian there, there's no power except for places with dedicated power sources. I'm worried for Pila and Scarlett, well, no, worried for everyone. I think that's what cemented it that I'm going to stay another week here. Try and.. Roberts having a hard time, and if I can help him here, then I'll stay another week. Elias will still bring you all back, to wherever you want to go"

Melissa smiles faintly, sadly. "I can count the people I'm worried about there on one hand. And one of 'em's my dog. What's wrong with Robert though? Work or somethin' more personal?" she asks, sipping again, the level of her drink steadily decreasing.

'little of both Mel, he dislocated and screwed up my foot, because he didn't know something, and there's work stuff. Our meeting yesterday got interrupted by work. But then, even at the gala, it was interrupted by work. I'll take up a room in the corinthian, I'll be fine. It's not like someone can't take care of my pets and the bar, like I said before we left, is closed, nothings running and Al's taken off so" There's a slight shrug, Abby's headed past buzzed and moving into relaxed.

"What do you mean because he didn't know something?" Melissa asks, the frown returning to her face. "But I know you'll be fine. I never doubted that. I don't make friends with weak people who'll collapse at the smallest trial. Just not my way."

"Didn't know that I'd take that shot" The one that was going to make her manifest. "Oh but hey, on the upside, I have it on good authority, I didn't manifest. That i'll know when I manifest. Sounds ominous, and dangerous" A hand rises up, gauge how her fever is going before she wrinkles her nose. "If you go back, will you take some stuff back with you, for Francois and Teo?"

Melissa nods. "Sure. Just give it to me whenever and I'll put in my bag with the stuff I'm takin' back. And why'd you tell me but not him?"

"I don't know. It's not like I told Flint everything, or Victor everything when I dated them. I didn't even tell Teo or Francois. It was you and Peter. You had the time and the want to stay with me and Peter worked with me. Two people who could keep an eye on me. Besides, Robert's a busy man Mel. DOing what he does… schedules are hard to sync up. I work twelve hour shifts and he works.. twenty four hour shifts" Abigail shrugs, finishing off her drink and waiting for Mel to finish her ssecond one, no hurrt.

Melissa nods. "Okay, that's reasonable. And I gotta say, I'm glad that you trusted me enough to tell me. But if you haven't manifested…Well, you probably would know it. Especially depending on what ability you end up with. Mine was sorta difficult, but not all are as subtle as mine."

"I healed a pidgeon, when I was twelve" Abby points out. "Outside walmart. Never told my momma or my dah. It was just hurt and I picked it up. Hindsight, probably not the smartest thing to do, they have all these parasites and the like. But it's leg was snappe, looked really weird. Like it hadn't moved out of the way fast enough and a car clipped it. I remember praying to god for the poor little thing and…" The rest is history.

"Maybe it has something to do with this fever that just won't go away. How Kendall liking this place?

"Yeah, perhaps it wasn't the smartest thing, but it was so perfectly you. And a great deal sweeter than my story," Melissa says with a wry smile. "You've still got the fever though? Hmm…You tried experimenting? And Kendall loves this place. We went sightseeing the other day. Had a blast."

"Try experimenting? No, no experimentation. I'll just.. I'll just learn what it is, when god intend me to learn what it is. Just hopefully with less violence" There's a nudge for Mel to finish up her drink, setting out a tip for the bartender and getting situated with her crutches. "We should spend the last day together out at the grand canyon. I mean, when is Kendall going to see it ever again?"

"I didn't mean anything bad for the experimentation. But like…if it's healing, then maybe try healing something minor. Or you could try reading my mind or moving things with your mind or something," Melissa explains before draining her drink and adding some cash to Abby's. "And that…is a very good point. I swear, I did not expect to end up with someone depending on me like he is."

"I think it's a very small percentage of people who ever expect to have someone depending on them that they didn't plan for or prepare for ahead of time Mel" Abby points out as they start to make their way out of the place. There's Kendall to go find, meet up, Gillian to track down and fun to be had. Vegas is going to end soon for the motley group and they'll have to go soon. "You're doing a good job though"

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