They Might Be Holding A Grudge, Though You Don't Know Why


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Scene Title They Might Be Holding A Grudge, Though You Don't Know Why
Synopsis Len has to fill in a few blanks so that Minea doesn't go get herself killed.
Date August 20, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Two days. It's been two days of meetings and wipings and near nuclear explosions on Campus. The fallout, no pun intended, from that event is still a pain in Len Denton's ass. He has been on the phone with everyone from on high and down in regards to that very public event. It could have been worse had the media put a negative spin on it, but as of right now, Homeland Security is look mighty good in the face of this tragedy, but little do they know the truth behind it all.

He ordered Sawyer, Lu and Dahl to get a thorough scrub down following the event and so far everyone has checked out clean. Including Lu, who was near ground zero of the radiation burst. Len has already calendar'd periodic checkups for any residual effects of the blast for the three agents. Heaven help us if they all end up with some type of cancer because of this.

When he first was notified, he was fit to be tied. No one could ever imagine that those words in particular would ever come out of the cowboy's mouth. Hell, his mama probably would have disowned him for a few of those particular choice words. But having had a couple of days to let it all sink in, he is ready to discuss the incident so earlier he's called for Minea Dahl to come give her verbal report to follow up on the oral one. Plus, he read on the blotter that she had called 911 last night in regards to another federal agent.

Overnight in the hospital, sitting with a friend and an agent that she's come to know, Minea took liberty with her time between the summoning and showing up by taking a shower and making herself presentable. Poked and prodded, then paperwork to fill out for firing off a bullet - they may not be law enforcement but they still have to account for stuff - it's with a surprisingly positive mood that the woman appears at the cowboy's door, a rap of the back of her knuckles on the door. "You called" It's not a question. She's acknowledging that he did. "Sorry I took my time, figured you didn't need me showing up with blood on me"

"To say that I'm used to seeing agents with a little blood on their hands might not come across with the meaning in which I intended." Len stands as he motions for her to come in and have a seat. After she sits, he sinks back down into his chair and leans forward with his elbows on the desk. "Before we talk about Columbia, tell me about last night. How'd you just happen to stumble across an FBI agent getting mugged? And is Ivanov someone of interest that I should be aware of?"

Minea laughs, holding up her hands. Perfectly manicured nails. "I like to get my nails done Denton. I slipped off base to get a french and.. lo there was Agent Ivanov shot with something and being dragged away." Minea lowers her hands from any possible inspection and takes a seat, elbows on the armrests.

"Agent Ivanov is on our watch list. He attended the meeting with phoenix. He's nto part of them, but he does seem to be one of those people much like myself, with a hand in the pot and an ear to the ground and hearing things. He was involved in the Case case that Marks was on, and was one of the individuals that apprehended Sylar on Staten Island."

Minea licks her bottom lip. "He's also a friend. We get a dinner at the Nite Owl, keep in touch" She won't mention that he's screwing Laudani last she knew. "The bane of the police forces have to keep in touch with each other"

To be fair, it's probably for the best. Who sleeps with who really doesn't interest Len in the least. As long as the job is getting done, that's what matters to Len. "If he's not getting in our way, I don't want to mess with him. But the moment he starts interfering with what we're doing, I'll need to do something about it, so keep me posted on that.

Len leans back in his chair. "That Columbia thing was a cluster. What the hell was that all about? I didn't mind you going after the psycho, but shit, Dahl.. at the University?"

"But shit Dahl? But shit. Our plan was to observe and record, get a better I on her, see who she was tracking since it wasn't laudani, but someone else. Someone associated with him." Minea doesn't bristle, doesn't get angry, nothing. There's nothign to get angry over.

"Tanner proceeded to kill her target in front of us. Bag and tags should not be done on public Venues but I am of the firm belief that had we not proceeded as we did, it wouldn't be the "columbia 14" that they're touting on the television, but the Columbia more than 14. Not every situation is ever going to go smoothly. Lu was informed to take her down from afar but he opted to barge in and confront her. Just know that Sawyer and I at least, feel for every single person who was injured at the campus and that we too are likely going to be feeling the effects down the road" She heard what the doctors said, and the scheduled physicals that had been set out. Long term effects were a given.

"This is a mess. Luckily, the media isn't going to be an issue this time around. You guys are heroes, even if you are the nameless Homeland Security agents." he shakes his head. "The cleanup crew is totally removing that quad. Dirt down several layers and there are a couple of buildings that will have to be torn down." At least The Company wasn't compromised, and in the end the agents did a good job. They had no idea Tanner was going to go nuclear on them. "I'll concede you all did a fine job there. We just need to make sure everything is documented. We don't need any other radioactive evolved going nuclear on us in the future. At least we now know what can happen."

"I'm taking off in the morning, but I have something I'd like to have you look into while I'm gone." Len picks a folder off his desk and flips through it. "I think you're probably the best one to ask because of the contacts you have."

"IT could have gone worse, but Lu took her damage and it was in turn relayed back to her since everyone else within his range had already passed away. That and I get the idea that Sawyer and I were at the straining edge of her radius. But, she's no longer an issue and is in custody. I'm saddened that the amount of damage she did is like more than 300 grand but hopefully.." Hopefully, things can be repaired and it was much less than wiping out a quarter of a city. "Under the umbrella of homeland proper, I find it's a lot easier to operate, less question of who we are"

But Len's heading out, somewhere, and he's handling a file leaving her with raised brows. "We can see. Whats the issue?" Since now Tanner's taken care of.

The folder is passed across the table. It's thin. Very thin. "I started to look into this but now I'm heading out so I need someone who can dig through contacts and information without attracting too much attention. His name is Danko and I'm being told he's affiliated with Humanis First. It's not official.. yet. Someone asked me to look into it, so I am." Len takes his hand off the folder, so she can grab it. "This is all off the radar for now, so make any inquiries as subtle as you possibly can. I don't care to alert anyone we are looking into them."

"My Phoenix contacts?" In other words are they off limits. The folder is flipped open, taking a peek. There's a subtle turn of her head at the military background and a raise of her brows. "You want I should try and get ahold of my old employers and see if anyone has head hide or hair of Mr… Emile Danko? See if I can't pad out this file then"

Len wrinkles up his nose at the mention of Phoenix. "I'd avoid them for the time being. No telling if they are holding any grudges. No sense in taking unnecessary risks. I also know you have contacts other than Phoenix, which is why I'm coming to you with this."

"Hold grudges?" There's a momentary look of confusion on the brunette's face. Sure, they don't care for the company and she knows Liz knows she's company. So, liz is off the list. "I got others, I'll see what tricks I can pull out from behind my ear. When are you slated to return so I know my ETA and how long I have to dig"

"No idea. Sawyer's in charge until I get back if something urgent comes up, but hold onto this Danko stuff until I get back. I doubt anything urgent will come of it."

Len knows she doesn't remember much about Phoenix, but the fact is Phoenix will remember. "Look, you recently came to us about removing a few things from your brain." Mind wipe. "You did a job for me that was very risky, and was undercover in Phoenix. When you came out, you asked to be removed of the memories. This is why I'm telling you they could hold a grudge. They probably think you betrayed them." In all honesty, she did. But it was her job to do so. "I don't want you walking in there blind, not knowing that what they may think of you. Though I will say that I was asked about you, so someone is at least concerned about your well being."

Oh. Minea looks down, in thought. "Shit. They're not gonna touch me with a ten foot pole Denton. If they think I betrayed them" But, live and let learn and… find other sources. The one person. She had a few thoughts on who that might be. Laudani maybe. He seemed the kind. He'd done it once before. Maybe.. maybe Harrison. "I'll see what I can sniff about and make myself available to Sawyer in your absence" he still didn't say when he was gonna be back and that was fine. "Anything else?"

Probably because he doesn't know for sure. When he's done investigating. "I'm sure she can use your help. That's all I have for you unless you have anything else?" Len leans forward in his chair. "I have to go pack my long johns." he grins.

"Shit, Long johns? You know how long it's been since I actually needed those" There's a sympathetic look. "Karaoke when you get back Denton" and since there doesn't seem to be anything else, the agent levers herself out of the seat and towards his door. She's gonna go check in her fed du jour and see how he's doing.

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