They're Going About It The Wrong Way


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Scene Title They're Going About It The Wrong Way
Synopsis Minea and Viviane meet up at the Guggenhiem.
Date October 2, 2009

The Guggenheim

The quiet whispers in the museum is not enough to break the peace of it, though the crowd on a Friday afternoon is not as extensive as it would be at a different time. In front of one of the international displays stands a woman of obvious Italian descent, dressed in a business suit of obviously fine quality. There's a man attempting to explain the painting, dismissed easily by Viviane Spollini as just a curator's assistant. Her brown eyes dance around, obviously bored by being here.

She doesn't find much opportunity to be dressed up past the jeans and leather jacket these days. But she's dressed far nice than she normally is because she's taking a day off. In as much as someone who works for the company can take the day off. Skirt, blouse, different leather jacket and a shoulder rig as opposed to hidden weaponry. Her badge lets her carry at least.

What else she's carrying is a pretty expensive camera that she's using to take pictures of pieces of art. Some you're not allowed to take pictures of, others you can. So Minea's paused in front of another painting on the wall, consulting the painting and figuring out how exactly she's going to come at this. For a moment though, she too looks around, habit really and her eyes land on Viviane's own. Hold, hold, hold, dip the head politely and then look away.

Her voice drops to a whisper as Viviane says something to the assistant in a voice that is used to dolling out commands. It's obeyed as he moves away to some discreet distance and she approaches the other woman, tipping her chin slightly to the painting. "Viviane Spollini, council member for the 46th district," she introduces herself with a rhythm that suggests it's been said often since the title was acquired. "Do you come here often?"

She knows the womans coming so the camear is lowered and Minea turns towards Viviane. "Councilwoman Spollini. Agent Minea Dahl" Hands meet and are shook and Minea's is firm. "Sadly, not as often as I like, but when I do, this is one of the museums of choice. I can practice my photography skills. Yourself?" Brown hair up instead of loose, she takes her hand back and gestures to the the lackey behind her. "One of yours, or one of the museums trying to suck up?"

"Agent? For where, Ms. Dahl?" Viviane questions in idle conversation, before her attention is directed the the tiny man away from them. "The museum's. Funding is tight this year, and everyone is clambering to get what they can from the government." There's a wry shake of her head, before she turns the questions back to the other woman. "How many times in a month, would you say?"

"Homeland. I"m an agent with Homeland Security. The finding and return of the Cambria girl, who was kidnapped by Humanis First. I was the agent working with the NYPD that found her" The strap of the camera is moved from around her neck to sling it around her shoulder so that she can focus on the conversation. "Well, Ideally, I try to come at least twice, but the rate of things in the city these days, i'm lucky if I can get one in. The concentration of so many works of art is astounding and i'm grateful that it still stands." Minea smiles to the councilwoman. "My opinion? The museums should get all the funding they can. So they can keep up their programs, educate the children that come through. That and the Guggenheim is such a standard, and an icon in the art world"

"This is true, about how it's iconic," Viviane murmurs with a thoughtful nod as she considers the other woman's words. "Thank you for taking the time to ask my questions, Agent Dahl. I imagine you must be a very busy woman, being so good at your job." She takes a step forward to extend her hand, a genuine smile playing at her lips. "Let me thank you for your hardwork, especially in the Cambria case. We need more agents and cops like you."

She extends her own hand again, dismissing the thanks with a bat of her eyes and shake of her head. "Really, it's my job. I'm sorry that we haven't made more headway on the Humanis Issue, but we're getting there. And I'm not that busy. It's a day off for me as much as it can be. But surely, listening to curators begging for money can't be all that you do Ms. Spollini" Minea's actually… enjoying this. Conversation that doesn't revolve around 'hey did Emile Danko, have you seen him' or 'so which evo was bagged today?'

"Council business, and I have my own, of course. Property investments," Viviane expands as she tucks a curl behind her ear, examining Minea subtly for a moment. After a while, her voice drops lower, confiding, "I do think Humanis has some of the right ideas, if not the right way to go about it. There are dangerous people out there, and registration is not stopping half of them." There's a light sigh as she considers that fact, disappointment in people not registering tinging the simple expel of breath.

This raises some brows from the agent. "I assume you meant just the people who have been going around and using their abilities irresponisbly and without care to those that might hurt as opposed to the whole, lets exterminate anyone with the Suresh Linkage Complex, yes?"

"I don't advocate exterminating anyone, Ms. Dahl, but leaving a loaded gun in the hands of people that aren't trained for them?" The words are kept casual, conversational. Just a discussion on how to deal with the matter. Viviane pauses before adding, "How would you suggest the problem be addressed, seeing how registration has worked?"

"I believe the problem is being addressed at the moment, perhaps taking away that it's a requirement and leading it towards being completely voluntary. A horse will shy against the bit when you force it, but if you let it work at it's own pace, maybe coat some sort of food on it or make it more tempting, the horse will voluntarily take to the bit" Minea raises her shoulders. The Suresh center is well enough on the way to helping to aid those who might have dangerous abilities and need the help to learn to control them. To educate them on the use of their gifts and how to positively use them in society. Time to, will help. All of this is still fairly new, and very scary to general Joe schmo"

"And until then, we need to think about protecting the average American, wouldn't you say? None of that would protect him," Viviane offers with a smile for the woman as it is. A small quirk of fingers is made towards the waiting lacky in warning. She pulls a card out from her jacket pocket, holding it out in a gesture. "If there's anything I can do for you, Agent Dahl, feel free to call me."

"Councilwoman Spollini, that's where my co-workers and I come in. Till then, we'll still keep doing the job that we do, and as best we can" It seems there's to be an exchange of business cards as well as Minea pulls her own out. Her name, Agent prefacing it, and in simple black numbers, her phone number. "Likewise. Maybe we'll run into each other again. Till then…" Minea lets it trail off. "Have a nice day Ms. Spollini"

"You'll excuse me of course for not wishing to put all of my eggs in one basket, and rely on just Homeland security." The friendly smile doesn't fade, however, as Viviane takes the card and tucks it away. With a wave, she turns on her heel to join the lackey to continue her tour of the museum.

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