They're Just Cards



Scene Title They're Just Cards
Synopsis Tarot cards can't tell the future, and Abigail firmly believes that the disastrous reading that Hokuto gave her is just that, a bunch of cards.
Date June 29, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Outside



The pale rider.

She shouldn't put stock in what those cards said. Abigail sit outside the front door of her apartment building, looking up at the darkened sky. the A/c was on but just barely, enough to make everyone in the apartment able to sleep comfortably but not chilly. Everyone was sleeping but her.

It'd become almost routine for her now since March. Sleep for a few hours, wake, sleep for another few hours. John Logan, Tyler Case even Kzimir Volken made appearances in her dreams now and then. One by one, sometimes in pairs. Never with the body jumper. He always came alone and wasn't so bad a dream as Logan. Failure at the bridge, the alley behind the bar, the brothel and it's basement. With Leo and his sleeping issues it made the nights a little less cloying and lonely but still.

Death inverted. Foretelling of her end, or of stagnation. Another card that declared absolute ruin. Diversions from her faith and goals. It was enough to make a girl tuck her head down in the sand and never come out.

If you believed in Tarot cards that it.

Abby didn't believe in them. Cards don't tell the future. People tell the future. Sure way to see if this ruin and stagnation that comes about would happen could be done with a few text messages or a call over a phone to a certain Sicilian.

But that first card. Loss. That had been right on the dot. Lucky guess. Lots of people get lucky. Abby leans over,plucking up a smoke that someone tossed at the garbage can and neglected to aim. They neglected to pick it up again either. There's wrinkle of her nose as she makes sure it ends up in the garbage can for sure.

Tarot cards. A day later, and plenty of though, it's put out of her mind. They're just cards, they don't have meaning.

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