They Took My Baby


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Scene Title They Took My Baby
Synopsis Wright reaches out to Merlyn for moral support.
Date July 2, 2021

Wright's phone is warm in her hand from use, and she longs to be free of it. Her conversation with Marthe had been devastating, and little quakes of sadness still shudder through her. It's passing though; she's done what she can, the situation is being handled. She hates this feeling of helplessness, trapped in the wrong state and unable to do anything on her own to find her parents and destroy them.

She's not done though, and lifts the phone once again. Merlyn's contact information is already on the screen as she unlocks it, and with a centering breath, she places the call.

It’s late enough that Merlyn is a little surprised that anyone's calling her. As she looks up from her book, she sets it to the side, open to mark her page. When she sees the caller ID, she sits up straight and quickly taps to answer.

“Wright? Everything okay?” It’s her first instinct if she’s being called at all.

Wright sighs raggedly, then gets to it. “My parents kidnapped Ames,” she says. “She’s being held in an unknown woodland cabin in the company of known Pure Earth terrorists.” She sounds furious, though she’s containing most of the tremor in her voice.

Merlyn’s already turning back the covers to get up to her feet at those words. “Fuck, your mom’s even more of a bitch then I thought. Have you had Ames take the SLC blood test? … and do your parents know about that?” The questions are not exactly ones that need answered, and she quickly realizes that it might just cause more anxiety.

“They won’t hurt her. Barb is a bitch but I don’t think she’d let anything or anyone actually harm Ames. She’ll be safe until we can get her out. I know it’s scary as fuck, but she’ll be safe and she’ll come back to you.”

“Ames isn’t manifested but yeah, she’s Expressive,” Wright says. “My parents don’t know. My dad was on trial at fucking Albany for just following orders so we didn’t bring it up. They do know she goes to Winslow Crawford, though. Marthe told her not to talk to them about it just in case.”

“NYPD is on it, SESA is cooperating, Wolfhound will probably kill everybody involved if they can pin down a location, but,” she sighs. “Apparently a scryer looked in on her as she was flushing an entire roll of paper towels down the toilet, which is an act of deliberate aggression from her, not childish fun. We had a whole talk about doing that, and how don’t.”

"Whirlwind Ames won't be contained," Merlyn says, the smile heard in her voice almost briefly. "It's good to know how she is. This means you know she's at least very aware of what's happening and that she doesn't want to be there." She lets out a slow breath. "So you've got pretty much everyone on the case, all the big guns. Is anyone seeing to you or Marthe? You're both probably worried as all hell and not taking care of or worrying about yourselves."

“Not really,” Wright admits, scrubbing at the nape of her neck and feeling more alone in her room than just before. “I don’t really have any friends here. Not friends friends, anyway. I want more than anything to be with Marthe right now but I’m trapped here for the foreseeable future.” Maybe she could rope Reeves into being a chauffeur for a bit, she’d not thought to ask yet.

“Do you want me to come? Because I will. I know I’m no Marthe, but I’m no busy first responder and I’ve not got much going on at the moment. You shouldn’t have to be alone in the midst of this, okay?”

The tone of Merlyn’s voice sounds less like she’s just making an idle offer and more like she’s already figuring out what plans need to be made and organized to get her out there.

"I would love that," Wright says honestly. "Marthe might need more assurance than I do, though. Do you think you could check in on her?"

The sentence is punctuated with a sigh as she prepares to say something awkward. "Marthe didn't know you and Elliot were married until today," she says, sure her grimace can be felt through the phone. "Which might make that weird."

“I’m sure it’ll be lovely and not weird in the slightest,” Merlyn laughs, though there is that bit of awkward pause. They hadn’t really filled in much of anyone about the marriage, so it doesn’t entirely surprise her. “I can definitely check in on her first. I can see if she wants me to bring anything for you. I’m assuming that she’s got friends or some kind of support nearby, yeah?”

Both moms need to have something.

"She's not alone, yeah," Wright says. "She did just finish a seventy-two hour rotation at the hospital though, so maybe trip her with a yoyo and stuff her in a closet if she says anything about going back to work to occupy her mind." She's pretty positive her wife's coworkers wouldn't allow it, but it's best to be safe.

“Yeesh, yeah, I’ll make sure she at least is occupying herself with something other than trying to go back to work,” Merlyn says, shaking her head a bit. “I don’t have her number, if you want to call ahead and let her know I’m dropping by first thing in the morning, that’d be great. I can check on her and then head your way directly afterwards.”

"Okay," Wright says, sounding relieved and excited. "I should tell you that I'm stuck in a building I probably can't get you easy access to, so we'd be reduced to meal outings and whatever time I get to myself in my hotel room. And literally everything would be wiretapped because this is the capitol, so that's worth keeping in mind. As such I would one hundred percent understand if all of that makes the idea of a visit less exciting."

“So all I’m hearing is just no pizza talk unless it’s actual pizza,” Merlyn laughs. “But I’m still coming anyway. You need support, so that’s what I’m doing. Like hell am I going to leave you alone in all this. I’m sure I can find something to do with myself while you’re being all important and top secret and shit.” Her grin is practically audible. “You aren’t going to be able to dissuade me unless you flat out tell me you don’t want me there.”

"I want you here," Wright says simply. "I'm sure Elliot could use a hug too. I've been hugging myself for him but it's really not the same, you know?"

“I’m happy to provide hugs,” Merlyn replies. “And I promise I’ll be there as soon as I can. Plenty of hugs, bad jokes, and awkward babbling. That seems like a nice excuse to explore a little bit of the city while you’re busy doing… important top secret things.”

Wright sighs, hoping it will clear up some of the dread but it doesn't budge. She's silent for a moment, then sniffles. "I'm so scared," she whispers.

“Being scared is okay,” Merlyn replies. “You’ve got the best people going to make sure she’s safely back. I’d go myself and do it single-handedly if I had to, but you’ve got the professionals handling it. In the meanwhile you’ll have me there so you don’t have to be alone in all of this. You can feel scared, but I can promise things will be okay.”

"Yeah," Wright says, realizing Merlyn can't see her try to smile over the phone. "I appreciate you, Merlyn. I'm going to go do some crying either way, maybe staple my parent's wanted posters to a punching bag and scream it out a little."

There's a small laugh from Merlyn. "I'll bring some supplies with me. Sharpies so you can doodle on their faces… and extra tissues. I'll see you before you know it."

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