Third Phone Lost


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Scene Title Third Phone Lost
Synopsis Anna loses yet another phone, this time to theft.
Date November 18, 2010

Battery Park City

Battery Park City is a 92-acre planned community at the southwestern tip of lower Manhattan. The land upon which it stands was created on the Hudson River using millions of pounds of dirt and rocks excavated during the construction of the World Trade Center and certain other construction projects, as well as from sand dredged from New York Harbor off Staten Island. The neighborhood, which is the site of the World Financial Center along with numerous housing, commercial and retail buildings, is named for adjacent Battery Park.

Battery Park City is bounded on the east by West Street, which isolates the area from the Financial District of downtown Manhattan. To the west, north and south, the area is surrounded by the tidal estuary of the Hudson River. The development consists of roughly five major sections. Traveling north to south, the first neighborhood, the "North Residential Neighborhood," consists of high-rise residential buildings, a large hotel, Stuyvesant High School and the World Center Mall. Former parkland in the area was in the process of being converted into high-rise buildings before the bomb in 2006, and now much of the unfinished constructions lie in much the same condition as the ghostly footprints of the World Trade Center, surrounded by derelict cranes and construction equipment.

Much of Battery Park City looks to be in better condition that the majority of upper Manhattan, its streets relatively well tended and buildings in fair condition, though even this far south signs of structural damage to some roads and buildings from the shockwave and debris of the bomb in 2006 are still visible. Due to its location and relative security from the damage of the bomb, Battery Park City is one of the most expensive areas in lower Manhattan to live and features the highest growth rate of new construction. It is not unusual to see banners for Linderman Group sponsored rebuilding efforts and Maxwell Corporation signs on half finished skyscrapers.

Lola hates waiting for Liz at RedBird. She makes a point not to go in - not until Monday, of course, which is payday. Getting cash under the table from a large securities firm is kind of a nice gig, all things considered. She hopes that it will continue. And why shouldn't it? Sure, it's a legitimate business. But it's a legitimate business that sometimes has unlegitimate business to do for legitimate reasons. Lola knows that being Liz's bodyguard may well just be another job application, come think of it. Not that she wants Liz to die or anything, no no.

But that leaves her bored, standing outside of the building and leaning against someone's parked car, smoking a cigraette as she looks up. She's dressed in a suite today, wanting to blend into the area. Of course, her nice long jacket hides things underneath that no business woman has any business carrying.

Anna is on her way back from the mall, the teenaged girl having recently lost another cell phone, she needed a new one. It's a simple one this time, because Anna just doesn't have the cash to cover an expensive one anymore. Not with losing two cells phones in a row to various circumstances and a big-ass fine her foster parents are making her pay back… which means no allowance for years, and all income gotten from her job is going to the fine first.

But, she needs a phone, so she managed to get her foster parents to allow her to take out some money to buy a new one. It's a Nokia low-end modern model, pre-paid, because Anna can't afford to make more than a few calls a week anymore, and she mostly has it so she can be reached if something is up.

And Lola is bored. That's a dangerous thing, Lola being bored. Things tend to go 'splodin' or worse when she has nothing to keep her crazy ass hands busy. And right now she has nothing to keep her crazy ass hands busy. She glances up and down the street, feeling that itch in her finger. And here comes Anna. Young is always a plus - the young people are too young and inexperienced and 'untouchable' to ever have anything happen to them. Particularly surb-like ones, like this one. Tossing her cigarette away, Lola glances down the other side of the street. Years of training take over as she rises from the car and starts to walk while looking the other way, shoving her right into Anna.

"Tarnation!" she yelps, playing up her accent.

Oof, Anna is bumped in to. That wasn't exactly quite as planned, and the teenage girl is surprised for a little. "It's okay, miss. Now if you just stay right here while I check my pockets…" Anna isn't quite as naive as most her age… what with the whole being a little criminal herself thing. "…then we can continue the day once I'm sure you didn't purposefully bump into me… nothing personal, I assure you, but you can't be too careful of pickpockets these days."

And as she speaks, Anna reaches out with one hand to grab Lola's wrist while the other goes to look through her pockets to check for her wallet and phone, just to be sure those things are where they should be.

Lola's already slipped the phone that was Anna's into her pocket. She doesn't even care about it. She does it for fun. However, the girl takes hold of her wrist. Lola could probably pull away, but this child needs to understand that grabbing people on the street has consequences.

Her opposite hand, now free as the phone has been slipped away in the blink of an eye, grabs for Anna's fingers around her own wrist. Age, size, and the constant use of pickpocketing and shooting have given Lola strong hands. She wouldn't really need them, though, because pulling someone's fingers backwards doesn't take much strength. Pulling them back enough to break them doesn't take much more. Lola has found that nice niche in the middle.

"Ah don' like ta be touched, darlin," She says, her voice low so it remains between them. "Now ya best let me go afore Ah break yer hand apart makin' ya do it. We clear?"

Oh fuck… Anna lets go at the same time as she realizes that, damn… her phone is gone. Third one to be lost in less weeks. But this time… this time Anna knows who is responsible, and has the crazy idea she can do anything about it. "THIEF!" She calls out at the top of her lungs before engaging step two: physical assault.

So the girl hauls out with her dainty little free hand, aiming a slap straight for Lola's face. "Give me back my fucking phone!"

Lola bends those fingers back even more, to the point of crackling if Anna continues to struggle. Stillness will be her ally. Her other hand comes up to block the girl's hit - she's been hit for real enough times to see that one coming a mile away. "Calm down or yer gonna hurt yerself. Or Ah'm gonna hurt ya," Lola's voice is still low, calm. "Ah'm workin' here darlin, Ah'm workin' here an if ya'd stop screamin' like a banshee Ah'd show ya mah badge. Or Ah'll break yer fingers. Don' make a lick a difference to me." Wait, badge?

Anna might be stupid, but at least she's brave. "A badge?!" She calls out, "So there's thieves with the police these days?!" Nope, not shutting up. In fact, she's trying to draw attention. And she's willing to have her fingers broken to get that phone back… her foster parents have made sure she's got health insurance, so broken fingers are an inconvenience…

"Give me my phone back, damn it! I can't afford to buy another one, and I just got this one today!"

Lola rolls her eyes. "How do ya know it was me, hmm? How do ya know ya didn' brush somebody on the street two minutes afore? Ah just happened ta run inta ya - Christ, kids these days." She pulls the fingers harder. How much she'd just like to shoot this kid. With a shove, she uses both hands to thrust Anna away from her. "Go look fer yer lost phone, kid." Before you get seriously hurt.

Oh, no. Anna is pretty damn sure it actually was Lola, "Because I still had my fucking phone two minutes ago!" The teenager calls out, still angry as she tries to tackle Lola, not aware of what kind of threat she's really dealing with. "I had just called my folks to tell them I had a new phone, damn it. And you're the first person to even come close to me since I put the damn thing in my pocket."

Lola reaches out to stop Anna. Of course people are looking now, but it seems more along the lines of Anna leaping at Lola every now and again. And Lola is trying really hard not to kill this little bitch. "So ya might 'ave dropped it. Or somebody whose actually a good thief might've taken it. But ya decide ta tackle an FBI agent while she's on the job an start screamin?" And Lola's other hand comes out and shoves her badge right into the girl's face. "Agent Marie Clemens, FBI. Now take a hike, kid. Ah woulda helped ya find yer damn phone but now yer pissin' me OFF."

Oh, yes, Anna is angry. "So if you're with the fucking FBI, why don't you arrest me, huh?" Anna spits, trying for Lola's face before turning around. "I'll remember you, thief. Thanks for showing me the badge so I know who to report when I go to the police." And if she's not stopped, this is about when Anna starts to stalk off.

Lola falls back against the car again, and starts to make sure her nails weren't terribly damaged. Not that she has much in the way of nails, but still. "Ah'd rather a just shot ya, little shit," Lola mutters under her breath. There is no concern about this girl reporting her to the police - Marie Clemens will probably get a few hits in random places. But then there's undercover agents, and agents on loan - too many variables. Particularly for a girl with no proof of anything.

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