This Is An Automated Message


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Scene Title This Is An Automated Message
Synopsis Magnes receives an electronic message about a dead woman, a little late or a lot, depending on who you ask.
Date August 1, 2010

The Internet

Subject: Minea Dahl

Hello Magnes,

For dignity's sake, this should have come hand-written at least, but this is coming to you from an automated system because there was something else I had to do before you might kill me.

I shot and killed the former FCC-turned-Company Agent Minea Dahl. I did this because I was fucking pissed off: she gave information about myself and those I loved twice to the Company and some Federal agencies. They had been stupid enough to trust her when she had said she was defecting to them. She was stupid enough to trust me when I implied that I didn't mind.

Minea didn't die well. She went slowly, painfully, and incredulously, hacking out her conviction that she hadn't done anything to me that deserved this.

In retrospect, she was probably right. Exposing my identity and snitching out half a dozen wrongfully taken ex-cons to the whims of your country's government was pretty awful, especially given she'd helped us save the world before. However, I could have asked for other compensation. Favors, merchandise. Tactical assistance in a high-risk situation. I hadn't. Too angry. Killing Minea hadn't seemed that different to shooting anybody else who was 'just doing their job.' I'm sorry: I should have been able to tell the difference.

This probably sounds dangerously condescending and fucked up already, so I'll try to wrap up. I thought about killing you first. Len, too. I haven't tried. This isn't me trying to soften you up, manipulate you, or whatever. Don't get the wrong idea. I don't grieve for her like you do. If you try to kill me, I'll try to kill you. If somebody wins, our friends will be upset.

If this message and the time that's passed aren't enough, I think you should come and find me.


Subject:Re:Minea Dahl

I've given this some thought, since as far as I know, Minea Dahl is a woman Flint Deckard dislikes, and stuffed me into a trunk once, as well as tried to take down Emile Danko. But then I got to thinking, searching through my redacted memories. I couldn't place who she was at all, until you said one thing. She pretended to defect.

There's a woman in my memories, my first Company mentor, a woman who means a lot to me even though I couldn't remember her face or name. I remember her leaving for a while, and then suddenly coming back. I couldn't remember the reason, I still can't, but everything you say… it fits in with what I can't remember, it makes so much sense.

I've gone over your reasons over and over, and, I know things aren't black and white, but that's exactly why I feel the way I do now. I'm not sure what you really wished to accomplish with this confession, but… I don't know what to say, other than, I know why I kill you now.

I don't forgive you.

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