This Is Fucked



Scene Title This is Fucked
Synopsis Elias drinks and muses about how messed up his life is becoming
Date November 21, 2008

Cliffside Apartments - Elias' Apartment

The term 'blur' comes to mind when Elias thinks of words to describe his day. 'Blur' works well; what *else* is he going to say? 'Yeah, it was a real blast'? Okay, so that one's pretty good, but that's almost certainly the result of the absinthe (product of Spain) that sits half finished on his coffee table (product of some woodworker of Spain).

Really, there is only one proper way to describe today. "This is fucked," Elias says to absolutely no one but himself. It *is* fucked; what the hell is he doing just sitting here? What he *should* do is pick up his telephone, call up the Wolf, and tell him what a son of a bitch he really is!

Conveniently, the phone rings, and with no less belligerency than he had a moment ago, Elias rises and unsteadily walks to the kitchen, almost pulling the setup off the wall as he violently picks up the receiver. "What?" he demands, "Oh, Eileen, hi… oh, you're at Ethan's? Well, you tell that sonuva—" But he has to pause while his mouth catches up with his brain- "He what?… oh, Jesus Christ on a crutch… I'll be there in two minutes."

And back on the hook goes the phone, as violently as it came off. This is far from ideal, but Elias has a job to do. Ethan may be a real son of a bitch, but he's still Eli's sort-of friend. Out comes a glass from the cupboard, and out comes a half-full carton of eggs from the fridge. With a crack crack crack, one egg falls into the glass, and after sucking in a deep breath, he tosses it back and swallows it with a groan of disgust. "One," he says to himself, "One's good." He'll be sober enough to avoid serious mishaps. Hopefully.

Stumbling back into the living area, he double-checks that his door and windows are closed and locked. With those affairs in order, he shuts his eyes, concentrates harder than usual, and vanishes into thin air.

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