This Is My Surprised Face


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Scene Title This Is My Surprised Face
Synopsis Claire touches base with her boss and gives him a rundown on what she's learned so far, and tells him about the vision she was given.
Date June 12, 2010

On a Park Bench

Her cellphone was shut off long before she situated herself on a bench in an obscure part of Central Park, she is after all still a wanted person. Changing her hair won't change her face.

Despite how warm it's starting to get, Claire Bennet is wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, the hood pulled up. Her long brown hair has to allowed down for once to help hide her face when he leans her head down. There are headphones on, but no music playing really.

Hands in the pocket of the hoodie, Claire is slumped down in her seat legs stretched out, ankles hooked together. She's waiting patiently for someone. Her eyes watch each person that passes by, she looks as tired as she feels. Too much to think about, to worry about.

"Claire." Claire.

The whispered voice is stronger, clearer, without the splintered and wavering tones that he'd had when last she heard Richard Cardinal speak. "Good to see you… our martial friends been treating you well, I hope?"

The sound of Cardinal's voice has Claire sitting up a little on the bench, and out of instinct glancing around. Only when she sees he's not there physically she slumps again. "Yeah… they are." Her voice is kept soft, since she's pretty much talking to herself. "I guess." She sighs softly.

"So… I met the great Messiah leader and… well… we have a meeting a couple of days ago" Claire's tone is bitter, as she glances down at the bench seat, "I'm… I'm not sure I can do this Richard." Her voice sounds slightly strained. "It's PARIAH all over again, just like we feared. Their going to start attacking government facilities… registration points… and soon by the sound of it."

"This is my surprised face…" So whispers the faceless shadow somewhere beside her, although where exactly is hard to say. "…we knew this was what they were probably up to, Claire. That's why you're in with them, so if it becomes necessary to deal with the problem…. we'll have someone who can tell us what we need to stop."

"I know…" Claire glances skyward, looking a touch defeated. "I just… didn't think I'd be there again. I was hoping… they had learned, but…" The sentence isn't finished, her gaze dropping again.

"We're going to be getting out assignments soon through Rupert via Rebel." Claire trails off to see if the name rings anything with Cardinal, before she drops her voice even lower, her brows tilting upward.

"Messiah is huge… There are a lot of faces I recognize, and a lot I don't. White's crew, for one. Girl named Melissa. Huruma. Magnes… which personally I think Messiah's leader is insane letting him near anything." Glancing beside her, Claire's eyes narrow some.

"I —" She stops frowning a bit, "Peter is Messiah's leader."

"I know about Peter… although I'm surprised to hear he's the leader…" A pause from Cardinal as he considers those names, "…any more names? And who's Rupert? I don't think I know him…"

"Rupert was the leader of Shedda Dinu, I was a member of that until he up and disappeared. He is… 'persuasive'. He talks and people will listen." Claire emphasizing the word. "I thought at first he was the leader… picking up where he left off. Doesn't seem that way."

Looking out at the park, Claire turns thoughtful as she tries to remember everyone there. "Knox, of course. Rickham and West." That last name comes out flat with little amusement. "Ashley Williams. He and I have been working together along with Huruma. I think I heard there is a woman named Thalia… I'm still trying to learn them all. It was a full room though."

"Shedda Dinu… now that is interesting… and he's a persuader…" The shadow of Cardinal whispers thoughtfully, stretching slowly over the back of the bench, "…Thalia, I know her. Ash? Well, I suppose that fits him." After a moment, he asks, "Did you— the other day, when there were those mass visions— "

There is a moment of silence that seems to stretch on after Cardinal asks that question. Claire pales a little and she gives a small nod of her head. "Yeah." The word is whispered, eyes closing for a moment. "I… murdered someone in cold blood, while they cried and begged me not too. Someone that I knew didn't deserve it." Eyes open again and she stares at her lap for a long moment. "It… felt so real."

A spill of shadow darkens over her shoulder and arm as if to touch it. "Do you know who…? I'm sure this is - hard - for you. Do you know where, when…? What else was going on?" Cardinal murmurs softly, "I need to get as much - information as we can."

Her head slowly shakes back and forth. "No. I don't know. I just remember it happening and enjoying it. The sound he made when I pulled a knife across his throat. It was like I was focused on that alone." Claire's blue eyes shift over to the shadow on her arm, her look apologetic. "I'm sorry. I… wish I had more for you then that.

"I'm not like that… I mean… when it's people that deserve it and are shooting at me… yeah… but innocent people?" Her head shakes side to side sharply.

"It's okay." A soft, reassuring whisper beside her head, Cardinal's voice gentle, "I don't know what happens between… now and then… but it's not going to happen now. This is what we do, Claire. We'll murder this future too, so that these things'll… never happen."

"If you can… find out what the rest of Messiah saw, if they saw anything… we need to map out what happens. So we can stop it."

Nodding just a little, Claire lets out a slow sigh. "Yeah… yeah your right." She manages a ghost of a smile. "We'll make sure it doesn't happen." She glances at the shadow again. "I'll see if I can get anyone to talk about what they saw and let you know." Claire straightens a bit, trying to act less… mopey about it all. "I'll also let you know what my first assignment is, once I get it and who I'll be working with."

There is a pause and her brows lift a bit. "There was mention of a place called Mozambique. Last year the government did testing of controlled outbreaks of a weaponized version of the Shanti virus. Something to look into more." She angles a glance as the darkened area of her jacket.

"You might also warn Eileen, that times running out on whatever she's doing for the Ferrymen." Claire shrugs a little. "I don't think I can get them to slow down or wait. They said the Evo flu was a declaration of war on the governments part."

"Eileen?" Cardinal sounds vaguely bemused, "What is it that… she's doing for the Ferrymen? I think you lost me there for a minute, Claire. I've been somewhat out've touch with the Ferry…"

"I have no idea." Claire says with a small shake of her head. "When I was staying at the Garden. Eileen confronted me about Messiah. I think she had something in the works for the Ferry cause she mentioned if Messiah jumped the gun before people like the Ferry have a way to protect themselves. Cuase when Messiah strikes, the government will react…" Hands slide out of her pockets so she can give him a helpless gesture. "But if the rumor I'm hearing is right… Messiah raided the Ferry… so I figure I'm not the best messenger."

"They're not going to be able to protect themselves," Cardinal says in quiet tones, reluctant, regretful, "It doesn't matter when they move… when the time comes, the Ferry's going to suffer. They can work to minimize it, but I don't think there's anything we can do to stop that."

There is a grimace and a slow nod, Claire doesn't seem overly happy about what he says. It's the truth, but… her family is a part of it. "Probably right, but… the heads up at least means they know it's coming." Give her parents a chance. Shifting a bit on the bench, Claire glances along the path.

"I need to get back." There is reluctance in her tone, "I'll make sure to ask around, see what everyone is seeing… if they will tell me." There is a small smile on Claire's lips, but it slides away quickly.

"I'll see what I can do." Cardinal's shadows slide back off her shoulder, "Good luck… just keep your eyes and ears open, and contact me when you think you've found something useful."

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