This Is Not Your Home


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Scene Title This Is Not Your Home
Synopsis No matter how much we might want it otherwise, you have to go back.
Date May 12, 2019

Elisabeth's Apartment

Trask looks like he hasn't slept when he shows up at the door next, a little knock on the door, he looks a little nervous through the door, his hair a little ruffled.

When she answers it, Elisabeth is surprised to see him — she's in the midst of dressing to head into work for a little while. Cameron's upstairs at Delilah's for now. "Norton? Hey… c'mon in?" She gestures him inside and looks worried. "What's up?"

Trask looks and smiles, "If this is a bad time, I can come back….you look like your in a rush."

Elisabeth shakes her head and smiles. "It's sort of handy working for the in-all-but-biology father of your child — it gets you leeway when you need it most. Felix is cool with whatever I need to do right now, knowing the situation at hand. Tell me what's got you showing up like this. You look worried."

Trask nods, "I had a talk with Abby…about the future." He looks to see her reaction.

There's a pause as Elisabeth was just about to head for her coffee. Instead, she moves to pick up her ankle holster and strap it under her slacks. "And?"

Trask says, "Have you talked to any Precogs Liz?""

Again there is hesitation. After she straps on her ankle piece, Elisabeth moves to stand up and look at him. "Not specifically, no. Though I do know what they're seeing." She sighs heavily, having been doing her best to keep this information from Norton honestly. "The only precog I know who's seeing anything at all is Tamara…. and you know how that goes. All the others…. Gabriel… they're seeing blackness."

Trask says, "And they believe it means everyone here dies when we leave….not just dies…but is erased, you, Abby, Gabriel, Teo….Cam"

There's a slow nod. "Some of them do, yes. And some believe that you NOT going back is what causes it." Elisabeth watches him. "Gabriel told me when you first got here that… if the future should change, it would be a painless process. We'd never even know what happened, reality would merely shift around us. And that, at this moment, is what I'm holding onto… that the things that are supposed to be here will still be here when you're gone." She pauses. "Your very presence here is anathema. And I realize that some of the people around us just want to let sleeping dogs lie, but… I'm not sure that's even allowed. I read something once… 'nature abhors a vaccuum.' Where there is one, she'll work to reassert the proper order of the universe. Your place isn't here. And although I might wish otherwise, I have to keep my eyes on what's best for Cameron. If you don't go back, …. at some point here, he might just pop out of existance as the universe rights itself. And I can't have that."

Trask says, "And if I go back it could erase him completely as well." He sighs. "That is what has been keeping me up the last few nights, since Abby told me.""

Elisabeth sighs quietly. "Over the years, I've come to trust Gabriel's visions, but …. Precogs in general only see one possible future. The one that we're currently on the collision course with. We don't know what the blackness means… they never see things clearly. It could be that the current reality shifts and therefore just changes around us … it doesn't have to mean we wink out of existance. And there's no way to know what actually causes it…. you staying, you going…. we have to make our choices based on the best information we have. And the best information we have at this time is that you don't belong in this time. No matter what any of us may want…. this is not your home. And as much as it may tear my guts out to send all of you back to maybe die again… it's what has to happen."

Trask says, "There is another possiblity….I am told I am outside of Destiny, a black spot in the vision of Precogs, Is it possible…that the future rests on me? That it is my shadow they see……"

With a shrug, Elisabeth says helplessly, "I don't honestly know, Norton. My instinct would be… no. That wouldn't negate them seeing other things about what's going on. But… who knows?"

Trask sighs, "I'm sorry…I guess I shouldn't have come and bummed out your day with this…..I just…needed to talk to someone."

Elisabeth shakes her head again. "You didn't. It's been on my mind for a while already." She smiles faintly. "I've been struggling with a lot of this since you got back here, practically." She sighs. "I just don't know what to do about it."

Trask nods, "I was hoping you would have answers." He sets his head back on the couch and lets out a long deep sigh.

"Wish I did," Elisabeth says quietly. "I'd be able to ease Abby's mind and maybe my own too." She shoves a hand through her hair.

Trask smiles and kisses your cheek, "I should let you get to work…was there anything you needed from me?"

With a faint smile as she turns her cheek into the kiss, nuzzling his cheek gently. "Just…. be careful with your new lady. When you get back to the past, especially." She smiles faintly. "Still not entirely sure where she's going to fall when she gets back there, but … I offered her my help. We'll see what comes of it." At this point, there's little she can do about the volume of information Elle has access to.

Trask smiles, "I will watch it, don't worry." He smiles and rises, "Now you need to get to work." He then heads out.

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