This Kid Needs Help


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Scene Title This Kid Needs Help
Synopsis Elisabeth approaches an old acquaintance for legal help for her former student
Date January 2, 2009

Paul Heart's Office

Oh lord…. Elisabeth is not sure she wants to even do this. She knows Paul Heart more from her parents' social scene before the bomb than any real relationship with him herself. They are of an age, certainly, and her parents did try to set them up several times, but Paul always sort of struck her as… well… full of himself. He liked the politics game, and Liz hated it. So coming here now? She sighs to herself as she stands outside the front door of his office. She even made an appointment with his secretary, not relying on old ties to do more than get her in the door. Squaring her shoulders, she steps into the office and smiles at the receptionist. She's dressed perfectly for this venue — a pair of navy blue slacks, a soft rose-colored tailored blouse over top of it topped by a black wool jacket. "Hello," she greets easily. "Elisabeth Harrison for Mr. Heart." And then she waits while the information is dealt with, rung through to Paul, and left hanging for however long he chooses.

She is made to wait only a few minutes, before being showed into Paul's office. He has risen from his desk to meet her, offering his hand, he seems very approachable and friendly on first impression.

Elisabeth walks into the office and smiles with that easy, social smile that is the mask of all well-to-do kids. "Evening, Paul… I appreciate you taking the time to see me tonight." She's not above using their previous acquaintance to use his first name. It's the second trick of society training — keep yourself at or above the level of those you interact with. And name drop! Especially when you haven't seen someone since before the Bomb. "My father said to tell you hello, by the way. I mentioned I was stopping off to see you. I hope you've been well."

Paul says, "Well enough, Elisabeth, I was surprised to hear from you though, we have been, out of touch for a few years, are you still with the force?"

"I took a couple of years leave after Mom died," Elisabeth replies mildly. "But I'm back on the streets, yes. Actually… that's what brought me to your door," she confesses. "I recently took a position on the SCOUT team, so I'm working on Evolved cases that hit a little too close to home." She sighs and moves to take her coat off, giving him a mildly questioning look as if to ask if it's okay as she moves to sit. "The two years I was gone, I was teaching at Washington Irving. A student of mine got into trouble, and I'm hoping you might be able to help."

Paul ahhhs softly, and nods, "First the Bomb…then Irving.." He shakes his head, and motions for you to take a seat, sitting on the edge of his desk himself.

Elisabeth grimaces and nods. "Yeah, i seem to have the damndest luck." She shaks her head. "I had heard you were doing a lo of pro bono work… think I could interest you in this kid's case? He's got Gayle Addison right now… and she's damn good and I know she'll give it her all, but she's still swamped."

Paul nods, "Whats the nature of the case?

Elisabeth sucks in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Fifteen year old kid erupted with his Evo power about three months ago. He's kept it on the down-low. His father walked in on him using the power last week — the kid can change the colors of things like walls and clothing. Started beating him, pretty bad. Neighbors called the cops, the cops busted in thinking it was just a normal domestic problem. Kid panicked, grabbed a rookie's gun from the holster, and held both his father and the cop in the house for about six hours before I could talk him down. He's been arraigned already, and he was remanded to juvenile custody due to the fact that his father has apparently washed his hands of the kid for being a freak. His words, not mine. So this kid is sitting in jail." She grimaces. "He's a good kid, Paul. He did something stupid, but he doesn't deserve this."

Paul nods, "He didn't hurt anyone? Just held them hostage?

Elisabeth nods. "No shots fired. When they ran him in, they had to take him through the emergency room first. He was beat to hell. The father's not up on charges so far as I know… though he ought to be."

Paul nods, "Why isn't the father being charged? Did they get pictures at the ER?

Elisabeth looks up at him and says quietly, "They've got pictures all right. But after I talked the kid down and got him taken in, the two uniforms on the scene decided that the kid using Evolved powers in his own house was threat enough to the father that he was entitled to "defend himself."" She uses air quotes. "And since my jurisdiction is strictly over the kid, there wasn't a damn thing I could do beyond lodge a formal complaint. The kid's a minor, so he's all tied up in the system and although Gayle's working on the idea of getting charges pressed on the father for battery and child abuse and what have you, her primary concern has to be defending the kid from the hostage-holding charges."

Paul says, "You said the arresting officers refused to press charges on the father, did this include the one whose gun was taken?"

Paul says, "And has he been registered and classified yet?"

Elisabeth looks puzzled. "My former student took the gun, not the father. Why would the officer press charges on the father? And yes… I personally walked the boy through Registration myself, explained his mitigating circumstances — being a minor and all — and he's got an appointment as a voluntary register in a week. Unless, of course, he continues to get shuffled around the system," she says bitterly. "Then HomeSec will come and be not so nice to him."

Paul says, "Was one of the officers who refused to press charges the one who lost his gun? It's very important."

Elisabeth looks confused about why the officer who lost his gun refusing to press charges on the father, on whom he had no grounds to press them, is important. "Paul… he had no grounds to press charges on the father," she insists. And then she pauses. "He isn't the one pressing charges on the boy, though," she adds slowly. "The DA is doing that. The officer has actually not said one way or the other what his perspective is. You're thinking he might be willing to stand up for Jimmy in court?"

Paul says, "No…I was thinking that if he felt the father was in the right, if he was one of the officers who refused to press charges against the father for beating him up, then that means the boy was only acting in self defense."

Elisabeth ohs, and considers the convoluted ramifications. "The officer who had his gun taken was fully intending to arrest the father, so far as I'm aware. The arrest was taken out of his hands by the fact that he was being held hostage by the boy, so they hustled him off to debrief him at the station."

"Jimmy hasn't said why he took the weapon. He took my advice and clammed up immediately, as soon as I got him out of the house," she adds.

Paul nods, "Too bad…if we could show the police officer was hostile to evolved, we would have something to stand on, It's still a posibility though.

Elisabeth smiles a little. "Well, now… I'd say THAT kind of conversation is best left between Jimmy and his lawyers. Don't you?"

Paul sighs softly, "I guess I might be able to shine a little light on this.." He smiles and the room brightens a little, as a cloud moves away from the sun on queue…or so it seems.

Elisabeth tilts her head and narrows her eyes on him. Lately, far more things are making sense. She speaks with a faint smile at him taking the sting from her words. "You know… showing off is one of your least attractive traits. Besides… you wouldn't want me to do the same." She winks at him and moves to stand. "Thank you, though. Jimmy Fairfield really is a *good* kid, and I don't want to see the system shaft him."

Paul chuckles softly, "We have to take care of our own. Leave the info with the irl out front, she'll contact Gayle and set things up.

Elisabeth nods and picks up her coat to slide it on her shoulders. "I will. Keep me in the loop a little, please?" And she turns to head out.

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