This Little Light of Mine



Scene Title This Little Light of Mine
Synopsis Time for a little practice.
Date December 26, 2020

Middle of Nowhere


The old Camero hadn’t really been made for this kind of trip into the mountains, even with chains he was forced to add, still Godfrey Wells had been determined to find somewhere quiet and out of the way. He only finally pulled over, out of a need for self preservation, when the vehicle had started to fishtail on the winding road. Sitting there in the warmth of the car is when he spotted the little used path.

After several minutes of slogging through snow, he stood shivering in the middle of a snowy clearing, which might not have been his smartest move.. however he needed room and a place without eyes watching his every move.

“Absolutely perfect.”

After pulling off his gloves and stuffing them in his long coat’s pocket, Godfrey rubs his hands together to warm them… or maybe just out of habit, because as soon as he reaches the for vibrating store of energy within him, the chill doesn’t seem to bother him as much. In fact, the longer he stands there in the aura of his ability, the more stifled he feels. He could feel the air warming air, heated by the energy of his ability.

It isn’t long before he’s shedding his winter jacket, shirt and scarf. Steam whisps off his sweating exposed skin and melting snow soaks into his jeans. Throwing out his arms and tipping his face to the sun, Godfrey loses himself in the bright midday sun. How radiant he must have looked with his skin alight with the shimmering and dancing auroras, imagining what it would look at in the darkness. Magnificent. A miniature sun himself.

However, this wasn’t why he was there and he was losing time.

With a sad sigh arms lower again, Godfrey was there to tap further into his ability. Well aware that he’d acted out of instinct the last time he’d used his ability as a weapon, he remembered the thrill he felt sending all that energy at his adversary and watching their skin crisp. Since then he’d tried to tap into that again with little result, maybe out of fear of blowing up a building or something.

Looking down at his hands, Godfrey takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, while picturing what he remembered of that night that he had manifested again. The dancing aurora’s of color sliding down his arms in lines of shifting color and pooling in his palms. This part was fairly easy, he’d done it at the hotel… but just like then the light clinging to his hands was weak.

He wanted more!

Narrowing his light-filled eyes in concentration, the heliokinetic turns his thoughts inward to the reservoir of energy within him and the sensation of it surrounding him. From there, there would be hours of failures… First trying to pull at the energy, then when that fails, he pictures a lever being pulled. Still the energy pools languidly in his palms. A few other ‘opening’ thoughts are thrown at the energy in frustration but the ball of light remains the same.

Defeated, Godfrey lets out a white plumed hiss of irritation, “Of course, why did I think this would be so bloody easy.”

His hands dropped away with a frustrated sigh, when he had used it before, it felt like it was a natural thing for him like opening a…. door?

That was it!

Instead of pulling at the energy, maybe he just needed to….

There is a bright flash of light and Godfrey is suddenly on his back in the snow, leaving him a bit dazed and looking at the clear sunny sky above him. It wasn’t hard to hear the sizzle of boiling water and watching a plume of steam rise above him, it didn't take long to realize what he did. Giving a laugh, he lifts his hands to look at them. All he had to do was push the energy.

A moment later, he notices just how bloody cold it was laying in the snow now that his ability was dormant again and the cold air was pushing in again.

With chattering teeth, he rolls back up to his feet and brushes at the biting sensation of icy snow clinging to his back. That doesn’t distract Godfrey from the twin burn marks still smoldering on either side of where he had been standing beforehand, the large area of snow had been quickly melted in a moment, sitting in a marshy pool. He’d opened the floodgates and boy… was it effective. There would need to be some practice on how far he should open up his ability and he’d have to be careful with that, it wasn’t all that hard to push the energy out… but he could feel what that single blast of light had cost him.

He felt an exhaustion pulling at him, making his limbs feel heavy, even as he felt the tingling of his ability working to replace what was lost. Storing the energy of the sun was much slower than expending it and it would take a few hours for him to feel himself again.

Lips press tight and a booted foot kicks at the snow, pushing it over the top of the scorched ground and stomping it down. It’s a good thing it was the middle of winter and not the height of summer, else he might have had a different set of problems. Watching steam wafting up from the heated ground, Godfrey feels his determination growing. He just needed to learn how to control the flow of energy and then… no one would make him their lapdog again.

“Never again,” Godfrey says aloud to no one.

Turning his hand towards a small boulder resting on the other side of the clearing, he starts to hum a familiar children’s song and a smile pulls at the corners of his lips. Before he knows it, he softly sings.

This little light of mine…

With a small push of energy, a blinding beam of light erupts from his hand and crashes into the boulder. While it doesn’t do anything significant - which is mildly disappointing - he can see a faint glow where the stone had been super heated when he cuts off the flow of energy.

I’m going to let it shine…

That still made him feel a sense of accomplishment, because never again would he let anyone take his ability away from him again; not if he could help it.

Godfrey was no longer powerless.

This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine.

Let it shine…

Let it shine…

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