This Must Be Misery



Scene Title This Must Be Misery
Synopsis Elijah returns home after his meeting with his daughter.
Date December 24, 2010

Dorchester Towers

Keys are tossed down on the table by the door as Elijah arrives home from his encounter at the Brennan household. After leaving, he sat in his car for a good half an hour, crying. He didn't know what to do with himself for a half an hour, tears streaming down his cheeks and dripping down onto the lapels of his suit.

It was the first time he had cried since his sister died of leukemia, so long ago.

In the hand that wasn't holding the keys, he carries a large bottle in a brown paper bag. Shuffling his way miserably into the kitchen, Elijah sets the bag down, pulling out a shot glass, and a bottle of Ciroc Vodka. He stares at it for a moment. He almost never drinks…but right now, the clear, harsh liquid is just begging to be drank. When his daughter refuses to come home for Christmas, of all days, he can't help but desire the substance abuse.

Then, slowly, he's unscrewing the cap, the seals clicking as they are broken by the twisting bottle. Then, he's pouring himself a shot before replacing the cap. He stares at the shot glass filled with clear liquid for a long moment, as his hand reaches into his pocket to fetch out his cell phone. He clicks through the numbers, few and far between as they are, until he reaches the one he's looking for. Then, he hits the 'send' button, lifting the phone to his ear.

And while the phone is ringing, the Russian geneticist throws back the shot of alcohol, wincing and coughing as it burns its way down his throat. He manages to get ahold of himself right as Ilyana's voice mail is picking up, clearing his throat once.

Then, after the beep, he speaks into the phone in Russian. For the first time in the years that she's known him, Elijah sounds upset. “«Yana. I need the company— I need you right now. I'm not in a good way. Please…come over to my apartment? Please…call me back.»” This is also the first time that Yana has heard Elijah ask for help in such a way.

His message finished, Elijah quietly hangs up the phone and tucks it back into his pocket. After a moment of silent deliberation, he takes hold of the bottle of vodka, which he totes over to his fine leather couch. He slumps down on it, sinking in and closing his eyes.

His daughter…she wouldn't even hug him until after he gave her the care package he had been carrying around since she left. She refused to spend Christmas, one day, with her father, even when he made Baba Yaga promises that he wouldn't try to keep her there. She wouldn't even come over to open gifts with him. Gifts that are still sitting lonely under the Christmas tree he has lit up. This must be what misery is, because Dr. Elijah Liev Ruslan feels nothing but pain, sadness, and remorse for this holiday, right now.

And he doesn't like it. He's not in control of his emotions right now, and it's rather awful.

Shaking his head slowly, Elijah leans his head back, taking a few large gulps of the beverage, before setting it on the coffee table and sitting back to stare at the ceiling. Anywhere but that accursed Christmas Tree. He quietly allows his eyes to slip up, a hand raising from his face. He misses his daughter, and he misses the time they used to spend together.

Laying back, Eli takes a few more gulps, before closing his eyes to rest. Hopefully, Yana will come soon. Hopefully, he won't have to wait long for his damsel. He needs her right now, more than she'll ever know.

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