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Scene Title This Scene Brought To You By…
Synopsis The letter P. And sesame street Productions
Date February 8, 2009

Random Walgreens

It's a pharmacy!

It's not often that Kameron gets headaches; but when she does, they tend to be more on the migraine end of the headache spectrum. Despite having only just recently purchased a few bottles of aspirin and migraine medicine, and finding the relief to be mild at best, she's decided to try a different brand. SOMETHING has to work.

Although admittedly, it's.. she's beginning to believe that the only painkiller that could give her relief would be something actually prescribed. And she really, really, -really- doesn't want to see a doctor, for many many reasons. So this brings her to the Canal Street Market, home of every business that begins with p. Perfumes, Purses, Produce, Pork, Poultry .. and Pharmacies. Brill!

And naturally, at her side is another P, namely, her seeing eye dog, Prince, who is far more focused on doing his job today than he was yesterday; faithfully guiding her along as she tap taps her way with cane in hand. "I'm.. pretty sure the Pharmacy is this way.." She opens her eyes behind her shades for a split second to get her bearings, puts a hand out against the wall to steady herself, and shuts her eyes again. "Wish I knew why that keeps happening." She mutters more quietly.

"Pharmacy is just a little further to the back and in the left corner" Minea's voice isn't loud but it's close to Kameron. The woman had been fairly quiet, either that or there's just an inordinate amount of noise in the pharmacy. "Need me to walk beside you to it? Or can you manage with your dog?" There's no discernible accent, she sounds older, not some young woman. The rustle of bags, one paper, in her arms. "I'm heading that way anyways"

Whoops! Kameron hadn't even been paying attention to the other people around her, "OH! Oh - er, sorry, thanks. Back to the left?" She turns in the opposite direction, pointing -away- from where Minea had just said by virtue of screwing up the directions. "I think I can manage, unless they moved things around. But since we're both going in the same direction," Kam smiles, "I'm Kameron," shifting her grip on the cane so she holds both items in one hand, she lifts her right towards Minea for a proper greeting.

"back and left, not right and back" When Kameron motions with her hand. She offers her own though, shifting the paper bag on Kameron's hand. Not soft, but not scratchy, a hand that's not seen hard labor, but isn't unused. "Minea. Who's your friend?" Obviously indicating the dog.

"O-oh." Kameron turns in the proper direction, though she doesn't start walking until Minea does. "His name is Prince," Kameron grins, drawing her hand back post shake to pat the dog on the head. Kameron's own hand is probably just a bit rougher than Minea's, but not by much. She usually uses hand lotion to keep the skin from getting all callused, but the most roughness would probably come from her frequent playing of the violin. Gripping the bow and all that - she should probably get some thin gloves to protect her hand. "If it's not a personal question, what are you here to get from the pharmacy?"

"Antibiotic cream. I'm out. you?" She shifts the paper bag again, looking down at Prince. Minea doesn't reach down to pet the dog, obviously the canine is working. "Yourself?"

"Mainly headache medicine." Kameron answers, "I get ridiculously painful migraines occasionally, and the standard Tylenol that I've been taking over the counter reaaaally doesn't cut it. Well, that and hand lotion. I'm probably almost out." She didn't check, but better to have too much than too little - which is also her philosophy regarding her medication. Brian probably wouldn't approve, but she doesn't have to tell him now does she? Though she strongly dislikes deception - is it deception if you just don't bother telling someone, if they don't ask?

"I don't suppose you know of some strong migraine medicine other than the usual?" Probably too easy there.

There's an inhale, breathing in through her nose. "Advil, actually. They have these green caplets that are liquid inside. Just a clear gel coating. They make a brand specific for migraines… Have you tried that? Supposedly absorbs faster into the bloodstream than any other brand due to it's form"

Kameron shakes her head at mention of the Advil, "Haven't, but I'll give it a try. Come to think, I don't think I've tried any of the gel-based medications yet. Hopefully that'll help a lot better than the generic stuff I've been using." Then she won't have to buy 'em three boxes at a time. "Thanks," She'll need to go directly to the pharmacist to have someone get her a bottle, undoubtedly, so she continues, "Have you been in the area long?"

"Couple months" Minea answers. She pauses, a hand to the woman's arm. "the Advil, right beside you. Mid shoulder little to the left, if you want to try it out. Three sizes, there's small, medium, or the really big big bottle that looks like it could be a miniature space rockets" there's a smile coloring Minea's voice.

Kameron stops shot at the direction, smiling appreciatively. "Thanks," She turns, a hand reaching out and finding the top shelf, then dropping. Mid-shoulder, "About.. here?" She grasps a box, almost knocking the adjacent ones off the shelf. At least she grabbed the right one. "Miniature space rockets?" A laugh follows that somewhat skeptical comment, "Seriously?" Which is fast becoming her favorite phrase. "That's so cute." She hedges a bit on deciding which size to get, and finally nabs the smallest and largest.

"So a few months.. long after that bomb in 2006, then." Kameron hms. She wasn't so lucky, having come to New York shortly before the bomb went off, when she was in her early twenties. Well technically she still -is- in her early twenties. "So what's your opinion of this new curfew going around," which will be rolled back tomorrow, thankfully.

'I wasn't here when it happened, no. as for the curfew?" There's the sound of Minea fixing the almost toppled boxes of painkillers back in place. "It was necessary, but now, things seem to be calming, so they're scaling it back. It's appropriate response measures to whatever happened"

".. yeah, I suppose." Kameron is inclined to err on the side of 'it's for civilian protection' personally. "I mean, it was harder for people who make a living past six, but since that's changing, maybe it won't be so bad." Still, nine o'clock? Granted most people should probably be inside by then -anyway-. A hand reaches up and rubs at her temple briefly, still clutching the boxes, "A lot of people are probably still not going to be pleased by that, even if it's sort of like a compromise. I mean, aren't most bars and things still open past nine? They'll lost half their business.

'Usually 2, 3 in the morning actually, but it's a difference between getting your place overrun and robbed, by people who are rioting, or suffering for a week and then getting things somewhat back to normal. Loose a lot of money, or loose a little bit of money" Minea stands there, no urge to budge yet. Conversation was.. nice, in the midst of all the chaos.

Likewise Kameron was perfectly content to stand and chat, even though A) she had what she needed (except the lotion) and B), she might well be holding Minea up from what she needed to do. So until Minea made overtures of wanting to move on, conversation continues. "In the grand picture of things, yeah, it's a lot better to just lose a little bit of money until some sense of normalcy returns to the city," If it ever does, "Rather than be robbed. I mean, with the exception of those who have bouncers and the like, there's not a whole lot of people who can exactly protect themselves against that sort of thing." Especially when there were people who could and would use their powers for eeeevil. "What about you? Where you work isn't effected by the curfew any?"

Where she works. No not really, not when she had a get past curfew free card. "No, I work out of my home, so I wasn't greatly affected at all" Was the truth. She didn't have an office to go into unless they assigned her to a building. That happened, infrequently since she was a field operator to a degree. "So my livlihood hasn't really been affected"

Kameron says, "That's good. I guess that's one of the benefits of having a home business, or at least working out of the home. What do you do?" Mailers? Keying orders? "Stop me if I get too personal, I don't really have that little inner voice that goes, 'You're about to commit a social faux pas', so I apologize in advance if I offend you or anything." Kam adds, a bit sheepishly."

I make fake ID's for the government which are made valid. Nope, can't say that. "I'm an art consultant. I liaison between artists and thier handlers and people with far too much money and want art in thier home or business." Minea answers. It's true.

Kameron says, "Really? That's really impressive. So I guess you've done stuff like," a moment to consider a possible example, "Like, making sure paintings aren't faked, and such too? Have you ever arranged sales of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa? Well not *THE* Mona Lisa, but like it?"

'No, there's other people who ascertain whether a painting is fake or not. I'm a matchmaker really, between art and clients. And no painting so prestigious no, usually I deal with more modern pieces and up and coming painters. Did you need help finding any other thing in the store?"

Kameron mms thoughtfully, musing. "It must be pretty hard work, dealing with a lot of" Snooty? Upper crust? Hoity Toity? "Finicky clients," she decides, knowing well how people with money can be. Of course, she draws on the experience of some of her parents friends, not her own rich celebrity friend. "Ah! No no, I can get my bearings pretty well from here now," Kameron smiles, "Thanks for the help, Minea."

Minea laughs at that. "Finicky is a way to put it, yes. They can be trying. Your welcome though, glad to help. I should get going, a lot of things to do. It was a pleasure to meet you Kameron"

Kameron shifts her grip on the bottles, nodding good naturedly and smiling, "It was nice meeting you too Minea. Take care of yourself out there, all right?" Come to think of it, she should probably be getting back herself. She wanted to get some violin practice in before it got too late. And who knew, she might make a couple of dollars at the park in the process.

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