This Shit Is Bananas


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Scene Title This Shit is Bananas
Synopsis Wendy is kind enough to give Devi her first sample of Refrain for free.
Date August 12, 2009


The club is thumping, rock music blaring, lights flashing. This is no high class club but one that caters to those who aren't rolling around in Daddy's money. Wendy's dancing on the floor, arms up, jumping and grinding and moving in time to the music in a gaggle of other people this Wednesday evening. She needs to obliterate the bad trip she took on Refrain courtesy of Aaron. So she came to the 'Tart' some club that doesn't even have a sign above the door but passes by word of mouth.

But the DJ transitions smoothly from one song to another and the goldfish eye'd ripped jeana nd t-shirt brunette is making her way to the bar to get a drink. Another drink.

Devi's making her pass through the crowd - flirting and working all in impeccable balances. A few winks, a few baggies, a few money-grubbing hand shakes, and Devi's working towards the bar with a small fold of bills. She slides in beside Wendy, giving the woman a once over from behind a curtain of ebon locks dancing before one dark eye. She grins and turns back to the bar, tapping her fold of cash to catch the tenders attention.
She's wears a striped red and white top that droops around her biceps and leaves her tattooed shoulders bare, revealing her little navel in failing to meet the beltline of her cut off shorts, fishnet stockings, and knee-high biker boots. "What's up?" She inquires of Wendy without looking at the woman, laying down a few bills as the bartender serves up each of their drinks. A beer and a shot of tequila for Devi.

"The music, nothing much" WEndy digs open her clutch to pry out some bills for her own drink. There's a blue glow coming from inside her purse and the tail end of a luminescent blue liquid filled syringe can be seen in her purse. So far, she's taken to carrying a dose or two on her person. Wendy looks over, looks Devi over and then back to the bar. "You?"

"Same shit, different day, bigger pile." As if that blue glow, like a bug-zapping lantern to the peddler, could go amiss. Devi lofts a brow and lifts her chin, giving a subtle nudge towards the other woman's purse. "Doesn't look like an insulin I've ever seen," she remarks. She tips back her shot before finger claim a grip on her bottle of beer, turning her tall frame to look more directly to the woman. "Whatcha got there, girly?"

"Refrain" it's becoming known to be the new street drug. Wendy tilts her head towards Devi before smiling a bit wider at her. "Looking for some? I can share" She's not about to pull it out at the counter, but Wendy picks up her own shot glass and throws it back into her mouth, a grimace as the hard liquer burns it's way down her throat. Her own second drink, rum and coke, easy on the coke is picked up. "My name is Wendy" Her hand offered to the other woman. Wendy who gets seen on page six of the newspaper at times.

"Devi," the biker shares in turn, looping her fingers around Wendy's palm in a firm grip. "New drug, eh?" Her lips curl up in a mischievous expression. "Wow. Aren' you the friendly sort. Sure, I'll by a hit from you. On the condition you tell me where you get it, or that I can buy a small bulk from you if it's something worth my while…" She lofts a brow and tips her beer forward in salute, waiting for the same from her new companion should she accept the little business proposal.

"First hit's free. I got a stash that I can sell you some. same price I got em for" She rattles off a few other places that she knows Ling said she could be found at and Dr. Cong's clinic in Chinatown. "Friendly, usually. Artists are pretty temperamental. I'm a little grumpy today actually. Come on, lets go some place else other than the bar and I can pass it to you. I brought enough for me and someone else, and I don't want to end up like a fucking kindergarten class and someone asking me if I brought enough for everyone" There's a gesture to one of the hallways off and the discreet alcoves meant for doing just what they were going to do.

Devi lofts a brow, finding a warm chuckle on her husky-alto. "Shits that good, hm?" she inquires skeptically. She flashes the bartender a quick wink as he venture near again, makes a last quick exchange for the betterment of her own 'business' and turns back about to fall in line beside Wendy. The biker makes a mental note of the listed suppliers. There was something bout the artist's forward manner that kept an amused expression clinging to Devi's features. The tall woman tucks into one of the alcoves, her eyes already drifting towards Wendy's purse.

"In the words of Gwen Stefani, the shit is banana's" and the way Wendy says that line, she says it like it's true, but also sarcastically. Cause who really listens to that song. Down into the leather benched pillow alcove Wendy flops, jeans pulling precariously low over her skinny hips. "You want it to try later or you want it now? Cause if you take it now, you could be like, lost for fifteen minutes or like an hour, or anywhere in between" Her experiences so far had been round half an hour. The Brunette settles herself in, keeping her clutch on her lap while digging for the two syringes she has on her.

"If it's free, I can't possibly be gettin' jipped -I'll take it with me. I'll call you later if I think it's worth my trouble." She holds out one hand for the syringe, the other digging into her pocket. She pulls out a little cellular phone. "What's your number?" She stretches out, crossing her boots at the ankles as she watches the girl's rummaging.

"And unlike other shit, when they give you the good stuff the first time, every time past this, it'll be good" The blue glow transfers from Wendy's hand to Devi's, the thing wrapping of bubble wrap to protect it. Her digits are rattled off, the series of numbers for her cellphone. "Doens't gotta go in a vein. Faster if it does, but not necessary. Be some place safe when you do, cause, you'll be caught up in your memory and not giving a fuck about everything else around you. But it's fucking worth it"

Devi lofts a brow. "Heavy shit. Thanks for the warning" She looks at the plastic-protected serving of drugs for a long moment before tucking it safely away, alongside her cell phone now one contact larger. She pushes from her seat and turns back on Wendy, offering her hand again. "If all goes accordin', I'll toss something your way. I owe ya." Her grin curls up like a Cheshire cat's before she winks. "Have a good night, Angel Eyes." She steps back out of the alcove and heads home. She's got some 'research' to do.

"see ya ink!" Wendy tosses back, shaking the other womans hand firmly. "You'll call" Of course the woman will call. And then she can either sell her some or she can send her to Ling. Though at this rate, she should get a comission. Wendy lifts up her rum and coke taking a heavy sip from it and watching the departing Devi's figure. Damn. Damn.

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