Thomas Keown
Portrayed By Gordan Ramsay
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Magma Form
Age 30
Date of Birth Feb 10, 1979
Date of Death
Occupation NYPD SWAT Officer
Family Mother: Karen DeLuca, Supermodel. Father: Jack Keown, TV and Film Production Company CEO.
Significant Other(s) None. Never seems to have the time.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Die Hard SWAT Officer from Los Angeles. Recently discovered his power and registered with the ability to turn into Fire and Stone. Highly regarded in the LAPD, but completely unknown and untested in New York.

Character History:

Born and raised a spoiled rich kid in Los Angeles. Involved in a rather public kidnapping of him and his friend Mark, in which they were saved by NYPD SWAT sharpshooters. Fascination with Police Service began there. Devoted his life to joining the force, in particular, SWAT. Worked his ass off and turned his back on something more lucrative like his parents would have wanted, to go through NYU Law School for Criminal Justice and Criminology Masters. Returned home and joined the LAPD. Enjoyed a quick succession of promotions and found his way into SWAT. On a mission, his powers emerged and Thomas registered himself voluntarily with the abilities to turn into a living volcano. A man made of magma.

Evolved Human Ability:

Thomas has the power to change the entirety of his body into magma. Fire and Earth densely combined. Thomas' discovery of his power is rather recent, even with his age. So far, he has only been able to use his power when he was being defensive or going on the offensive, both in a stressful situation. These were reflexive reactions, and faded when the cause of his reaction was no longer present. That is the current extent of his power's usage. Thomas's skin in Magma Form is pyroclastic rock traced through with veins of obsidian. This shell contains the magma of his form. He can, by in a manner injuring himself, cause small flows of magma to crack through his skin to do significant damage with it. For example, by squeezing his hands into fists very tightly, he cracks the small obsidian veins in the shell. With this slight lava flow, Thomas' attacks can do significant damage and with or without the shell intact, grappling with him is like wrestling… well… Zangief from Street Fighter while he is on Fire.



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