Those Are Beautiful


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Scene Title Those Are Beautiful
Synopsis Lola comes into the Blue Moon for some needed supplies…
Date August 17, 2010

Blue Moon Cafe

As you step in from the outside world, it is a wonder you found the store. If you really weren't looking for it you may have just passed it by. Blue Moon is an Occult and Magic shop owned by Aric Gibbs. The smell of jasmine, rose, and thyme fill the air. To the untrained eye, the place is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of magical and occult items. But for those who know a thing about the craft or about the occult they will know the difference. Most of the items and components that are stocking the shelves are mundane and not very dangerous. The books on the occult which line shelves after shelves are collections of work that are either not dangerous or probably will not work. The shelves are stuffed with magical looking trinkets and crystals. Then there is an entire section devoted to candles of every color and some are scented. They range from simple to intricately designed and beautifully carved candles. Then the shelf unit that is filled with every type of tarot card you can imagine, of course they have books on how to use the cards right next to them.

Most of the stuff here is pretty basic, an entire section devoted to herbs and they even sell live plants for those who like extremely fresh. Some items in jars have those interesting names like Eye of newt and Dragonscale. Anyone who has seen the real components would know that these are not the real components, but to the everyday person they would think that these were authentic. It's almost as if they are purposely are not putting out the dangerous components.

The inner portion of the store has been painted a deep orange, offset by light wooden floors. A half dozen small black tables are on each side, and track lighting brings to attention the black-framed tarot cards done in a multitude of different styles that adorn the walls. A counter is to the left, and a chalkboard behind it boasts the daily specials. The wall that leads back out to the patio has been painted a bright yellow lined in black around the arched doorway, and designs make it visible as a sunburst. At the far end of the hallway is a sturdy metal door marked "Private".

The likes of Lola Mayeux haven't been seen in this area for quite some time. The snow, then the floods, it all became too much. Or maybe she got a job offer. Really, anyone can say. What's important is that she up and disappeared for awhile. And now she's back. Thick with a tan, hair still red to the roots, she pushes into the shop in a white tank-top, a loose, very very light wrap-sweater and some jean cutoffs. She promptly picks up a basket and begins to wander the store. Although, wander may not be the best way to describe it. She seems to know right what she's looking for. A selection of stones. Some specific herbs. Some nice cloths. Candles. Yes, this one seems to know exactly what she's looking for.

Her hair is pulled up in a loose pony-bun at the base of her neck. She wears a little bracelet of shells aroudn her wrist.

The store is pretty empty this evening, yet the soft smell of chocolate and raspberries fill the air. Aric comes out from the back as the telepath looks over in Lola's direction. "Oh I am sorry. I did not hear you come in. Welcome to the Blue Moon." He sets down the freshly baked sweets and walks around from the counter. He runs a hand through his hair as he looks the woman up and down cocking an eyebrow at her very vivid and purposeful choices, "How may I make you happy today?"

At first, Lola seems almost disinterested in the man. She knows what she's here for, and she intends to get just that. She's only stolen a couple of wallets since she made her way back to town - why, is yet a mystery. But then again, thieving after becoming a murderer just doesn't offer the same…well, necessity. Doesn't seem as important, now."Aw, yer one a them, Sug?" She asks, dripping with a deep south drawl. She shrugs, and purposefully sets her basket down. And then she removes her sweater. "Weird place fer a fellah like ya ta be hangin' out ain it? Aw, but Ah spoze Ah seen worse fronts…" And then she takes off her tank top. Thank god she's wearing a thin cotton bra.

"Well, c'mon then, sug. Hop to it."

As he cocks an eyebrow, Aric folds his hands behind his back and hmmms, "I am not sure what you mean. As for a place to hang out ma'am." He smiles and waves a hand in an arc to show the store, "This is my place." He stuffs his hands into his back pocket as he wiggles his bare toes and asks, "I am always up for bringing a little happiness into anyone's life. Especially in this day and age. It is just my way of asking…how can I help you."

And there she stands in her bra.

"Oh," she says, noticing that the man doesn't bat an eye. She doesn't either, really. "Well ya oughtn' greet people offerin' ta get 'em happy, darlin'," Lola warns, bending to pick up her shirt and pull it back on. "Kin be a little confusin'. Here Ah was thinkin' Ah was gonna get mah own happy endin'. Yer cute nuff fer it. Should consider it. Might make a little extra on the side." She slips her sweater back on and bends to lift the basket, standing as she was just a moment

As he chuckles softly, he turns on his heel and walks towards the baked goods, and places a chocolate brownie with raspberry filling on the inside on a napkin. As he turns back towards Lola, "By the way…they are beautiful." He motions to the breasts, "They look like a perky arse." He holds out the brownie, "Enjoy some sweetness in your life while you shop. It's on the house."

She looks at him, rather suspicious like. As though she were sizing him up. "Who owns this buildin'?" she asks, not yet taking a bite. No, the basket is on her arm, and the pastry on her palm, but she doesn't take a bite. She almost seems afraid to. Perhaps someone drilled it into her a little too much not to take candy from strangers.

"Beautiful? Don' think Ah ever done heard 'em called that afore. Fun an distractin an the like, sure."

As he cocks his head to the side, "You don't take candy from strangers?" He smirks softly as he runs a hand through his long locks and says, "I own the building." He extends his hand and says, "Aric Gibbs…a pleasure to meet you." He smiles that charming smile adding, "And now we aren't strangers…so you can enjoy your treat. Well only if your not allergic to raspberries and chocolate."

"Well if Ah was 'lergic an Ah took a bite anyway, figure Ah'd have what's comin' to me. Doncha think?" she asks. She does look around but…no sign of anything. No sign of anything that should make her suspicious. She takes a bite, looking down at his hand. She looks at it like it's a strange thing, and she certainly makes no move to shake it. This one is odd, she is. "Aric, kinda name is that? Ah spoze Lo- Ah mean, Mary Lou ain' no better, so Ah can' be judgin' or nothin, but…"

"Aric is another form Eric. It is German whic his odd because I am not german, It means Ruler of Minds." He shrugs and hmmms, "Mary Lou huh." He smiles and cracks his neck, "I think it's unique. It means Star of the Sea." He looks down at the basket and smiles, "So may I assist you in finding anything?"

Lola shakes her head, looking down at the basket. "Naw. Got a…little ritual ta do. Fer a Santeria…well Ah don' spect nice Yankee boy - or German, whatever - ta be knowin' a whole bunch 'bout that. S'complex. But Ah know what Ah need. Was raised by a right proper priestess, Ah was. She'd be ashamed a me if Ah couldn' figure out hwat Ah needed on mah own fer somethin' like this."

"SanterĂ­a is a system of beliefs that merge the Yoruba religion with Roman Catholic and Native American traditions. These slaves carried with them various religious traditions, including a trance for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice and sacred drumming." Aric is an expert in the Occult as he moves to his book section and pulls out a book, "I am not a follower of these ways. Some would consider it a form of Voodoo. Yet I believe none should be considered different or wrong for the views they follow." It is a book on the rituals of a babalorishas.

"Well it's a little different if yer raised in it, sugar, Ah kin promise ya that." She smirks a little, as if something funny has occurred to her. The basket is lifted. "Well ya gonna charge me fer all this then, darlin, or kin Ah just steal it?" Because she will, if forced.

As he does not seem worried, "Now Mary Lou if you stole it I would have ways to find you." He motions to the counter as he walks towards it, "By all means…set it on the counter. It would be my pleasure to ring you out." Aric walks to the register as he takes out a bag and tissue paper to wrap the components in safely.

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