Those Who Fight Further



Scene Title Those Who Fight Further
Synopsis Lashirah considers her options, and decides she won't be giving up the fight that she had started.
Date September 01, 2010

Lashirah sighed as she looked up at the warehouse ceiling. Nothing special about it, really. Other than it was apparently owned by some affliation of the people she had helped in Russia. Hopefully, that amounted to something useful, because the days ahead were bound to be dark, and ugly, with few helping hands. Somewhere, out on that long forgotten stretch of beach, at the water line, is her Company issued cellphone, and the wallet with her IDs. It won't fool the Institute, but FBI will assume after a few days of it being found, that she's dead, and dumped up river. She'd helped with enough of those investigations to know. She shivered, and closed her eyes, and tried to forget the sounds, the smells, the memories. Fort Hero was taken from underneath them. Fort Hero was gone. And there was little to be done about it.

Years of work. Years of trying to save people from things that went bump in the night. From things they weren't ready to know. From things they couldn't be ready to know. But then, they weren't ready for the ones who took the job over either. And, by far, Lash knew they were not angels, but the Institute by far was worse.

She could hide. She could become Ashley O'Brien. She could let it all go. And likely to some extent she would be using that identity, but… but she couldn't give up what she believed in. Did the Company do some things that were not to be proud of? Yes. Did they do them, at times, for misguided reasons? Maybe. Was it, with what they had to work with, at the time, the wrong thing to do? She didn't think so, not fully.

The Company had fallen, there are very few left. She doubted many of those would share the idea she had. Lashirah Lee, however, never was faulted as a quitter, or one to give up. She patted the laptop bag she had kept by her side, and went to find Ryans. There were things to discuss, quietly.

She just hoped, sincerely hoped, to repay the favor, by dragging them into the same harsh light, that they had given the Company. And repaying a few vermin like Harper for the obvious roles played, would suit her all too well.

"Never let it be said, that a Lee backed down from a challenge." She softly quoted her father's words to her, when she was younger, closing her eyes. "Never Give Up, be the one of those who fight further."

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