Three Decisions


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Scene Title Three Decisions
Synopsis … set to be made by both Len and Tamsine, come to fruition today.
Date January 23, 2010

It's been a long day. Tamsine read the journal she'd found, devouring every word as if it were a gift from beyond the veil from Lily. The teenager's life seemed happy enough, up until the last few weeks of her life, when she discovered she was Evolved and learned what that meant from others like her. The last page was not a journal entry, but a note to her mother:

Dear Mom,

I know you won't find this for a long time. You never were a snoop like some of my friends' moms. I just want you to know that I thought of what this means and I know it's going to hurt you, but that's not why I'm doing it. I didn't tell you I was Evolved because I love you and knew what I was going to to do, and knew you would try to stop me, and then I wouldn't be able to send the message out to the rest of the world that things need to change. I knew you'd understand and love me no matter what and I knew you'd try to protect me and make sure I was safe. But this wasn't about being safe. It was about change. And something needs to change for everyone else to be happy. We did it for the future kids, Mom. We didn't do it to hurt ourselves or you.

I love you no matter where I am, and no matter what you do in the future. — Lily.

The journal gave her a good cry, but eventually Tamsine had to face the day — she had a doctor's appointment to go to, and later, dinner with Len. Now she stands, her mind a million miles away, stirring the food on the stove as she waits for the cowboy to arrive. She's actually dressed up, despite being a night in — a green sweater dress that hugs her curves, black tights, black knee-high boots; her hair is up in a twist, and she's wearing makeup, though it can't quite cover her swollen eyes, the circles under them, or the fact that she's paler than normal.

Life decisions should never be made on a whim.

Len Denton has been considering this particular life decision for a couple of months now and only today has come to the realization that perhaps his time has come. Len has decided that perhaps they should talk about this particular life decision. They've have a few low key discussions on the subject, but now it's time to talk a little more seriously.

He's noticed she's been a little off, maybe not feeling well. He told her perhaps she might want to see a doctor to make sure it's nothing serious. That H1N1 is going around.

He pulls into her drive, parking his jeep. That lump in his jacket pocket is weighing heavy on him as he steps up to the door and slips his key in and opens the door, stepping inside.

"I'm home, honey!" His deep voice carries through the house, and hopefully she'll hear him. He removes his jacket and hangs it on the hook, then slips out of his boots, leaving them by the door.

Tamsine smiles, turning away from the bouef bourguignon on the stove to call over her shoulder, "In here!" She tosses the egg noodles into a pot of boiling water, waiting for his arrival so the noodles won't get too soft. She wipes her hands on a towel and goes to greet him. In some ways, it's a scene of domestic bliss. "Hey, handsome," she says, her eyes sparkling as she reaches for him, standing on her tiptoes to meet him at least part way as he bends to kiss her.

And bend down for that kiss, he does. Len places a hand around her and gives her a tug closer for that kiss, then lets her go. "Dinner smells amazing." He places his hands on her shoulder to get a good look at her, since she hasn't been feeling well as of late. "Did you go see the doc?" They'd had this conversation over the phone last night. Len felt bad having to stay at the office, but mission dictated and they've had a very clear understanding of his work, at least as forthcoming as he could be with her, though he hopes that part of it will change soon.

"It'll be ready in a few minutes, if you want to clean up," the redhead says. The table's already set, using the nice china and with a bouquet of pink tulips as a centerpiece. A bottle of red wine is already sitting by his place, with a wine glass near his plate, but it's the only one on the table. Water glasses are filled for both.

"I did. I'm fine. Let me get dinner and we can talk about our days once we're sitting down," she says with a half smile.

Len places a kiss on her forehead. "I'll do that. Just give me a few moments." He moves towards the bathroom where he runs some water and cleans himself up. He took a quick shower this morning at the office, but it's not quite the same as the familiar bathroom here. He looks at himself in the mirror, as he talks to himself a few times — well, more like he's rehearsing different phrases, though none seem to tickle his fancy. He turns off the water and dries his face before stepping out and into the dining room. They've already discussed this last night on the phone, but he feels the need, "Sorry about not coming home last night. I'm hoping there won't be many nights like this." He pulls out her chair a little, when she's ready to sit.

When he returns, the food is on the table: noodles along side the rich, savory "stew," crusty French bread in a basket in the center of the table, asparagus for a green vegetable. "There's nothing to be sorry about. I'm a big girl," Tamsine says, taking her seat and touching his hand gently as she does. "It wouldn't have been a big deal, except for the dream." She told him that part of her day, and about the journal. She saw it as a gift, rather than something to be sad about. A last conversation, in a way, that she never got to have with her daughter.

She waits for Len to sit, and then takes a deep breath. "So… the doctor," she begins. "I'm not sick," she adds quickly, in case he senses her unease. "I'm … pregnant."

Halfway to seated, the final words that come from Tamsine cause him to pause just before his rump hits the cushion of his seat. It's almost as if he has to decypher her words. Words that have never been spoken to him by anyone before. He finally sits, though doesn't scoot closer to the table.

Len finally meets her gaze. The responses come quick to him, 'are you sure?', 'how far along?' and the ever popular 'what?' But Len doesn't voice any of these questions. It takes a few moments before he realizes that he's been far too silent for far too long, and he realizes that his eyes are tearing up. He picks up his napkin and wipes at his eyes, before smiling at her.

"We are going to have a baby?" The question comes out as if he's in disbelief. Finally, his mouth curls up into a grin and he stands up and moves around the table to scoop her up into his arms and twirl her around, laughing. He then sets her down. "Oh, can I do that?" He stands back at arm's length and looks her over. "I can't even tell yet." There is genuine joy on the man's face as he seems exceedingly happy at this news.

The long pause (pregnant pause?) makes her glance down, worrying. The last man who got her pregnant disappeared! But soon her fears, at least the ones regarding Len, are pushed aside as he grabs her and spins her. She laughs as he sets her down. "It won't hurt me but depending on the morning sickness, it might bring up something I'd rather it not," she quips, basking in the happiness and enthusiasm for a few moments at least. "You wouldn't be able to — I'm only about six weeks. Probably won't be able to tell for another couple of months," Tamsine says, smiling at his lack of knowledge on the matter. "Are… you're sure it's all right? I didn't mean to… we were careful…" But contraceptives fail. "What if he or she is … you know. Like me?"

Her tears finally come. All the worries, all the fears that have been tormenting her over the past couple of weeks — part of her knew but ignored the clues. She failed one Evolved child. Is she equipped to take care of another?

His arms are immediately around her, holding her to him. Len shushes her, "If he or she's like you, then she'll be perfect. We should be more worried that he or she'll be like me. My mama always tells the horror story of birthing me." He tries to bring her back around to him. "Tamsine, there is nothing wrong with you. There was nothing wrong with Lily. If our baby has an ability, then we'll be sure to be work it out. Let's focus on having the baby first?"

He pulls back so he can look at her, reaching up to brush her hair from her face and leaning down to kiss her gently. "You won't have to do this alone. Come with me." Len takes her hand and leads her back towards the door.

She nods slowly into his chest, her eyes damp against his shirt. "Okay," she says to his first question, then looks up at him with a tilt of her head. "Where?" she asks, brows knitting together in her confusion. Dinner's on the table. Where is he bringing her?

As they reach the door, he lets go of her hand and reaches for his jacket. It seems that whatever fears he had, whatever worries about his job and all of it have been washed away. This one very significant event has put his entire life into perspective. As he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small box.

"I've been thinking about this for some time. I have never met anyone like you before, Tamsine. And now this? There doesn't seem to be a more perfect moment to ask you this than right now. We're going to have a baby, and when that baby comes I want you to be my wife."

And slowly he opens the lid of the box, revealing a ring with a modest diamond sparkling atop.

"Tamsine, will you marry me?"

Slowly, his eyes rise to meet hers.

Her mouth drops as she sees the box come out of his jacket. If he asked her without the box in hand, she'd think it was simply because of the baby, rather than because of her. Her hands come to her mouth and tears spring to her eyes. She reaches for his hand, pulling him closer to him, into her arms. The ring is ignored; except for the fact it proves his premeditation, she doesn't care about it.

Her lips seek his, and even as they touch, she murmurs, "Yes."

As she hugs him, his arms goes around her. He grins at her, pulling back and taking her finger and placing the ring on it. "You make that diamond look even more beautiful." He places the box back into his jacket pocket, not noticing the envelope that falls from his pocket and lands softly on the floor.

Neither notice, in fact, as Len leads her back to the dinner table, making cute talk of babies and weddings. That letter, however, lies on the floor and on the surface, neatly printed are the words:


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