Thrill Ride


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Scene Title Thrill Ride
Synopsis Miles catches sight of the flaming hot Isabelle and takes her on a dangerous ride through town, the two seem to hit it off, share some bits of information with one another and Isabelle promises to call again….
Date December 28, 2008

Alley behind Old Lucy's, then to the Industrial District by some Warehouses, THEN to Dorchester Tower's (Miles' apartment)

It's been a long, wet, and cold day in New York. Hours and hours of rain after rain and more rain. The sun sets, the night gets just a little more colder, that wind becoming more and more chilling by the hour. Drunkards of all shapes and sizes in and out of local bars, including a certain someone.
After a lovely evening in Old Lucy's, having a few drinks, reminiscing about a few failed attempts at picking up a date for the evening, a man that goes by the name Sammy, known only to few as Miles, decides that it's time to wrap up. It's getting late, so the he slips outside into the alley through the side or rear exit.
On break and trying to relax, Isabelle Ashford is leaning against the wall of the side exit that leads to a alleyway. Wearing only a tight fitting blue tank top and dark jeans, she is examining her hands. Normally nobody comes back here and so Izzy doesn't feel the need to conceal herself as she flexes her hand and it bursts into flames. Even though she has plenty of control over her ability.
Isabelle still takes the time to practice now and then. Her flames grow bright and warm as she makes the flame bigger and then smaller. An exercise she developed to help her with the control over the heat of her flames. She doesn't even notice as 'Sammy' or Miles comes outside. Totally absorbed with her practicing.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

'Sammy', aka Miles, looks around once outside, deciding which direction to go and that's when he notices the woman holding a fire in her hand. Silently, he takes a couple steps toward her but not close enough to break her concentration, or at least he hopes he doesn't, as he tilts his head to the side giving her a curious look. He watches her intently for a moment or two before he says with a bit of a sly smirk,"I knew you were a hottie the moment I laid my eyes on you."
He half winces at her, obviously his comment not settling well, probably for either of them but it shows for him as he scrunches up his nose and leans his head back right,"Okay, that sounded better in my head, seriously…" He smirks sheepishly.

The pyro stiffens and whirls to face the man. In the process she makes the fire out, "I know you could have done better." She laughs and folds her arms across her chest, looking him up and down. She doesn't panic because if he gives /any/ indication that he will rat her out then she'll just have to kill him now won't she? Her head tilts and she asks, "So you plan on going to the cops?" eyebrows are raised.

Light laughter followed by a sarcastic,"Depends… what're you going to do to persuade me not to?" The man tilts his head to the side slightly, giving the pyro beauty a once over look which might seem more than just a look.
He sighs, shaking his head,"Okay.." He reaches up, rubbing the bridge of his nose frustratedly,"It's late, my mind is in the gutter admittedly, but we're going to try to focus here just a little bit." He lifts his head up again, his gaze meeting her own rather carelessly,"I'm Sam… and you would be?"
"Ever smelled burnt human flesh before?" all of Izzy's teeth show as she grins at Sam/Miles. "Izzy." She says simply and continues to look at him, she notices the way he looks at her but then a lot of guys look at her that way. It would seem that she is waiting to see what else he has to say.

Licking his lips absently, Miles grins a little at her. He shrugs his shoulders helplessly, and asks rather bluntly and vaguely,"Do you have a side?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, hands sliding into his jacket pockets for warmth. He also realizes that this woman, Izzy, is wearing very little to keep herself warm, but after seeing that pyro display he can assume why not.

"What if I told you I had a secret myself?" He gives her a curious look after his response, studying her body language the best he can to determine a reaction if any. His head drops, his gaze falling to the ground momentarily,"I haven't had a good meal in a while… what time you get off? Perhaps you'd like to come back to my place? And maybe I'll share my ability with you."
He lifts his head upright again as he takes a step closer to her, now invading her personal space fearlessly as his gaze locks onto her own intently,"What do you say? Call it an early night?"
Mile's slight aggressiveness and his whole demeanor makes Izzy grin widely at the man as he comes closer to him she steps one small step closer to him. Just to show how bold she actually is. "How do I know you aren't some rapist murderer. Though if you were, I doubt I would have a problem taking care of you." Isabelle looks back towards Old Lucy's. "I own this bar, but I'm sure Brenda can close up for me." The bartender tilts her head at Miles and then chuckles. "Don't even /think/ of trying anything funny on me, or I will burn some very important parts that a man needs." That is followed with a wink.

Unflinchingly, Miles grins at Isabelle mischievously, shaking his head,"Oh, I'm sure you can handle yourself quite well… And of course, Brenda can close up shop." Finally, Miles turns away from her,"We'll take my car." He glances over his shoulder to her,"You go tell Brenda you're taking the night off, and meet me around the back, I'll be sitting in a black corvette." And then he dissappears around the corner.
"What have I gotten myself into?" Isabelle asks herself as she nods her head and heads back into the bar to tell Brenda to close up, it takes all of three minutes and then Isabelle is out back looking for Miles' car, when she finds it. The bartender knocks on the window and slides in the car, "Nice wheels here. How fast can it go?" she runs a hand over the dashboard. Izzy has a thing for cars.

Miles waits, lighting up a cancer stick in the mean time, puffing away, leaving his window down to vent the smoke out. He then taps the button to unlock the door when she catches up, watching as she slides in, grinning slyly. He grunts softly, shaking his head,"Mmm… Thanks. And I'm not sure, I haven't really tested it yet… But I suppose tonight, I can definately make an exception for you." he says with a mischievous tone as he starts the car up, revving it by pressing the gas pedal a few times before he reaches for the stick, stomping down the clutch and putting it into gear. The car starts to peel out, the sudden burst in power making the tires spin while the car stands still before finally the wheels catch and they fly out into the street. It fish tails a little, but Miles manages to straighten it out and off they go down the street and in just mere seconds, the car has already accelerated past sixty and the man is showing no regard for traffic speed limits or signs.
Less than a minute goes by and they've already ran two red lights and a few stop signs, flying down a straight away — each interseciton, Miles honks the horn to warn any other drivers, which at this hour aren't many but for the city that never sleeps there are still quite a few, but it seems lady luck is on their side and they don't get into wrecks just yet.
"So, Izzy… Do you happen to know a man that goes by the name Teo?" He asks rather calmly, despite what is taking place. Suprisingly, the man behind the wheel is completely fearless, he does glance over in Isabelle's directon briefly just to see how she is reacting to all of this.

"Teo? Isn't that the Italian guy?" Iz raises an eyebrow, "Why would you even /think/ to ask if I knew him?" Suspicion in her tone. Before the woman burns Miles' face off, she allows him time to explain.

"Because you have an ability, so naturally I assumed somebody other than myself by now would have noticed right? So, I thought maybe that so called terrorist group that goes by the name of Pheonix might have contacted you, or maybe even tried to recruit you." He shrugs his shoulders helplessly,"Or maybe you've met somebody else, maybe another group is trying to recruit your services."
He watches the road intently, weaving through traffic in that midnight black corvette. He glances over at Isabelle again momentarily, smirking sheepishly, he stomps his foot down on the gas pedal, pushing it all the way to the floor — they've already reached the last gear and they're well over a hundred miles per hour at this point,"I'd suggest you be open with me, because I really don't know how long I can keep up this speed without getting into a wreck."
He laughs a little, focusing on the road once again,"Oh, and if you're thinking about lighting me up like a christmas tree with that ability of your's, I wouldn't, cause it wouldn't take very much for me to tilt the wheel enough to crash us into a building." Miles speaks calmly, but quickly, he's in a hurry to get what he has to say out before something /does/ happen, which he's hoping this 'scare tactic' works before something does go wrong.

"Funny, because I feel as if that would be the most fun I've had in awhile." Izzy fixes Miles with a mild glare. He hasn't pissed her off enough, /yet/. "Spill it /now/." Her eyes shine with that inner fire and is it getting hotter in the car? I think it is because Izzy has her hand on the side of the door and is applying heat there, which in turn is starting to fill up the car. Miles should feel the heat turn waay up.

"I just want to know who I'm dealing with is all, can you blame me?" Miles glances over at her, he then looks back to the road, letting his foot off the gas now, he gives it a minute or two before he slams on the break, let's hope she decided to put her seat belt on before they left. The corvette comes to a skidding halt, sliding at least a hundred feet or better before it's momentum dies.
Looking around now, they are in the industrial park, surrounded by warehouses and factories.
"Look lady, you're ability isn't going to help you here… Trust me. I've already died plenty of times, and in numerous ways. You think I'm afraid of being burned to death?" He unbuckles his seatbelt, he's going to get out of the car unless Izzy decides something else. When he reaches for the handle, there's a sizzling sound and he screeches for a moment,"Ah fuck.. " He kicks the door open and hops out of the car and moves around to the front of it. "Get out. Let's talk."

Isabelle opens the door with no problem and stands with her hands on her hips. "Ok regardless of whether or not you have died so many times. I'll make your ass hurt real good, so stop being such a dick. Just when I was starting to like you."

Miles frowns at her, then he nods his head and smiles,"Okay. Maybe I could have went about this another way, I apologize… but the matter at hand is still on the table." He glances down at his hand, it's red.. that handle was just a /little/ too hot. He moves around the front of the car toward Isabelle. "So, Izzy… To earn some trust, I suppose I should first tell you my real name is Miles, the man you see before you? This isn't who I am. This is some smuck's body that I'm using for my own means… and before you even ask, no, I cannot. I don't have a body of my own anymore."
He chuckles lightly,"I know, weird right? Freaky? Creepy? Oh yeah.. definately. But now you know a little more about me.. how about sharing a little more with me, about you."

Isabelle blinks, "Body snatcher." She says simply and shakes her head. "I guess if you need to survive." She stops and then tilts her head. "Ok, /Miles/ what do you want to know?"

"Well, for starters.. Do you know about Pheonix? I'm sure if you haven't met any of them, you've at least heard of them in the news?" He chuckles lightly,"I'd like to know where you stand, as far as the whole war with evolved that is going on around us… being an evolved, normally one would assume that you were of course, pro evolved, but that's not exactly the case these days is it. So which is it, for or against?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, giving her a once over gaze again, he moves over to sit on the hood of the car. "Oh, nice and warm."

Isabelle walks up close to Miles and puts both hand on either side of him and leans in. "I don't agree with the registering and I have heard of Phoenix, not with them though. There are other groups out there." Isabelle says with a soft smile and she looks Miles up and down. "Your turn."

He glances at both her hands briefly, then looks up into her eyes, grinning a bit, he boldly reaches out to her, sliding his hands about her waist and pulling her closer to him until she her body is trapped between his thighs. His hands stay on her waist as he says,"Okay… Well ask something then, and I'll tell you."

"How many bodies have you been in?" she asks and licks her lips. "I've never met anyone wit your ability."

He leans his head back, giving her a curious look momentarily. He scoffs and shakes his head,"Mmm, how should I put this… Too many to keep count of. Besides, like kissing, I don't tell." His gaze noticeably falls to her lips as she licks them before looking into her eyes again.
"I haven't met anyone with my ability either… unfortunately. You know? You read all these comic books and in not a single one of them does the person with the ability to possess another person's body ever actually LOSE their body…" Miles sighs, shaking his head,"Well anyways… So what other groups do you know of? Fill me in."
Miles frowns a little at her,"I feel the same way… Could you imagine if I had to register my ability the kind of response I'd get? It'd be ridiculous… They'd put me away for sure. It's not ethical to just go around taking other people's bodies, even if it's what you have to do.. and obviously, no one really wants another person to you know, take control of their body. Even I think it's not right, but then again, I do what I have to do."

"You would be of use, in the one I'm in." Izzy says simply. "Gotta run you by my superiors first." She says and then backs aways to cross her arms. "I'm sure they will lock me up if I registered. With putting people on fire and such."

Miles smirks a bit, nodding his head,"Maybe so, but anyways… what do you say we head back to your place and we can discuss these other groups you've mentioned a little more… and perhaps have a little midnight snack while we're at it?"

"I don't know you nearly enough to feel comfortable taking you to my home. So we can find a nice little diner and have a midnight snack, mkay?" Isabelle nods her head at Miles.

Miles chuckles softly,"Well, that'd be fine and all, but I was thinking somewhere a little more private…" The man glances around briefly before turning his attention back to Isabelle,"How about… I've got an idea. Hop in!" He then slides off the hood of the car and moves around to jump into the driver seat, starting it back up and waits for Isabelle.
Isabelle sighs, "Alright Miles." She says evenly and hops in the car. "Where are we going now?"

"You'll see." Miles says while grinning mischievously. He starts the car up and begins to drive, turning here and there, getting back onto the main strip, heading south toward the bronx and brooklyn but it's not certain yet if he's headed that way or if they'll reach their destination before.
"So you mentioned something about a group that you're in… what group would this be?"
"A new faction, something that isn't like all the rest." Iz says simply not trying to be mysterious those are just the facts. She blows a strand of hair out of her eyes.

Miles nods his head, glancing over at her,"Okay, well. It would help if I knew what the rest of these 'factions' you speak of were like, and what you're faction were like. I mean, how is it different than the other 'factions'?" He shrugs his shoulders,"More details would be nice, but I understand if you don't wish to disclose alot of information about your group, I would just like to have a general idea about what it is, why it was put together, and whose running it and how they run it… Just those types of things. Nothing big." And then he turns yet again, down another street.
"Look we aren't gonho for blowing shit up and we aren't all against violence like Phoenix. A healthy middle. As of now there is no name and we are against what the government is doing to us. The Evolved." Period. Isabelle looks at Miles.

Miles wrinkls his nose, then he smirks and nods his head,"Sounds good to me. So, when do we get to meet the superiors?" He tilts his head slightly, glancing in Isabelle's direction briefly before turning his attention back to the road.
After a few minutes of travel, they finally come to a stop infront of a building… Dorchester Towers. He grins broadly and says,"We're here." AFter parking the car, he hops out saying,"Hold on hold on hold on…" and hastily moves around to open the door this time for Isabelle.
He offers a hand to her,"C'mon… You like italian right? I hope so, cause I can make some mean chicken alfredo and muscacholi." He nods his head to the side; a gesture for her to follow.
Isabelle looks wary of Miles but follows nevertheless. "Italian, great. I don't know when you can meet the higher ups. I'll have to ask, but your ability will come in handy." Isabelle says as she follows after him.

Miles gives her a half-cocked grin, nodding his head. "Alright. Enough about factions and what not… let's go upstairs and you can get comfortable while I make diner? How's that?" He smiles as sweetly as possible before he leads her into the apartment complex, heading up the stairs to an apartment.

"I guess." Isa says softly and then follows silently.

Miles leads her up to the apartment, opening the door and stepping inside, once at the door, he pretty much leaves her to do what she wants… (As per the description) — The place looks unceremonious blank. There's not really alot of 'Who is this person' items laying about, like pictures or anything, not to mention the place is pretty much spotless, like it's never even been lived in.
"I'll go get dinner started, you can make yourself comfortable in the living room, or whatever." He smiles and leaves her to his devices when he moves into the kitchen — which is pretty much the same area as the living room; almost. Seperated by a border created between the tiles and carpet. Miles opens the fridge, looking around, he pulls out some items, sniffing the ingredients and such to make sure they're still good and he starts to lay everything out that he needs on the counter and begins to prepare the meal.
Isabelle looks around the house. "Weird." She says aloud and she goes to sit down on the couch, she makes sure that she can face Miles. "Empty, no feeling here." Isabelle observes and ruffles her hair.

Miles glances over toward Isabelle,"Something the matter?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, watching her from afar, behind a counter. He fills a pot with water and sets it on the stove to boil. After the water comes to a boil he dumps into it the noodles, letting them cook for a moment until they are tender. Meanwhile, he turns back to the counter to prepare the 'sauce', which is put simply, a jar of alfredo sauce bought from the store. He just smiles, winking at her playfully and turns back to stir the noodles occassionally.

"Nope! Everything is fine." Isabelle rolls her eyes and looks around the place, she then stands and begins to walk around, examining the place. "So, I'll talk to my boss and let you know what happens. Most likely you will be accepted." Isabelle says to him.

"That easy huh? Well, that's cool I guess." He leans on the counter,"If you're looking for the bathroom, it's over this way I believe." He hooks a thumb out, gesturing in the direction of the bathroom. "So, are you originally from New York?"

"Born and raised." Iz stands with her feet apart and her arms crossed as she looks at Miles, "How long have you been in New York?"

"Same as you, born and raised." He says, chuckling lightly. "So… how old are you?" He tilts his head to the side slightly. He then turns to the fridge to pull out the chicken breasts and starts cutting them up into tiny peices. He reaches for a skillet which he sets on the stove and begins cooking the chicken with. Just long enough to heat them up without darkening the meat too much. "So, you're a waitress or bartender at Old Lucy's then?"

"I'm twenty-five and I /own/ Old Lucy's sometimes bartend." Isabelle tilts her head at Miles. "Ok, what exactly do you think is going to happen here? Because I am not having sex with a body snatcher. No way." Iz wants to make that /very/ clear. Her eyebrows raised.

"What?" He half winces, scrunching up his nose slightly, giving her a rather funny look for a moment before he sighs and hangs his head. "You sure? I can be anyone you want me to be… Doesn't that sound, exciting?" He chuckles softly,"Well, we don't have to have /sex/. There's always other things plenty enjoyable too." He grins at her sheepishly.
He finishes frying the chicken in the skillet and shuts off the burner. He then turns to the noodles, stirring them again, then turning the burner off and taking a strainer out of a cabinet and setting it into the sink. He then carefully lifts the pot of boiling noodles over to the sink and dumps the noodles into the strainer. He sets the pot aside on the counter and lifts the strainer, shaking it a bit and then he turns to a cabinet to pull out a sizeable bowl — which he has to look around for these items a little bit, he generally looks in the right area for it. He sets the bowl down and on the counter and dumps in the noodles, alfredo sauce and tiny cubes of chicken.
"Do you want any spices? Red peppers? Regular black pepper? Salt? Parmessian cheese?"
"That just wouldn't feel right to me. Sorry." Isabelle says and grins at Miles, "It doesn't matter to me, any spices are good." She runs a hand through her hair.

"Hmm." Miles sounds, looking around a moment, he shrugs and moves to retrieve a couple of plates out of a cabinet and sets them both on the counter. "Well, dinner is served. Come and get it." He smirks a bit, turning around to search a couple drawers for a utensil to scoop serve the food with. He picks out a large spoon and then moves back to carry everything over to the small table, basically just big enough for two. He sets the bowl of chicken alfredo in the center and sets the two plates on each end. He then goes to gather some silverware and places a couple forks by each plate along with some napkins. "Mmm. It smells really good, doesn't it?" He glances toward Isabelle and then moves to sit in a seat and begins to start serving himself.
"Yeah it smells good." Isabelle smiles as she gets her plate and sits at the table and begins to eat. Her eyes study Miles while she eats.

He's just as casual as ever, even while he eats. "So…" Miles tilts his head to the side slightly, giving Isabelle a curious look for a moment or two before he says,"What're you into? Other than being a terrorist and all that?"
"Extreme things, driving fast cars. Anything to get my heart pumping faster." Isabelle says with a dark grin.

"Hmm… And yet you don't think sleeping with a body snatcher is arousing?" He chuckles lightly,"I like a little bit of the extreme myself." He continues to eat while carrying on a conversation with her. Miles shrugs his shoulders,"You do know, there's certain things you can do to protect yourself.. If that's what you're worried about."

"I wouldn't be fucking /you/ it would a different person. That is just where I draw the line. I've messed around with metamorphs but /you/ are a different matter." Izzy smiles and eats some more of her food. "Doesn't mean we can't be friends."

"Seriously? … It's just a body. I'm the one controlling it. It's me your fucking, I mean.. I'm the one doing all the work, it's just… somebody else's tools. What's wrong with that? And if you've done shapechangers, then there's really not a big difference? Is there? I mean other than well, it not being my own body." He frowns at that,"It's not like this person is going to know anything about it, once I leave their body that is. That's usually how it works."

"Persistent." Isabelle finishes her food and pushes her plate away. "That was good." She says with a grin in his direction.

"I know it was." He smirks at her cockily, sliding his plate to the side, he finally jumps out of his seat and casually moves over toward Isabelle, he places a hand on the table as he leans in closer to her. He speaks softly to her when he gets really close to her, his face just a few inches away from her own,"I'm really no different than anyone else.. I have needs and desires myself, and in my position, I won't be able to ever get into any real relationship, unless some one can accept the fact that I'll never have a body of my own, or better yet, I'll never be able to raise a family of my own, never be able to have children of my own. I mean, sure, I could adopt or something like that, but it's not the same, you know?" He leans in just a little closer to her, his lips ALMOST touching her own, but then he pulls away from her, frowning at her he takes her plate along with the rest of the dishes and moves to put them into the sink. He then leans against the counter for a moment.
"That's something I have to live with forever. I can't die, as far as I know. I just jump from body to body…As far as I can predict, as long as humanity is around, then I'll be here."
Isabelle grins at Miles as he gets closer and closer. "Oh getting confident are we?" Izzy raises a eyebrow and then tilts her head. "I'm not that girl, I don't think sorry." She says simply and goes to lean against the opposite side of the counter facing Miles, "I'm sure you'll find someone soon." She offers and grips the counter edges.

Miles laughs, shrugging his shoulders. "No matter." He gives her a somewhat of a crafty smile. "So you can't like, arrange a meeting with your superiors or anything? Got a number or something maybe? I'd like to talk to them, but I'm not real keen on the idea of exposing identity to everyone and their mother… I hope you can understand why I say that."

"I'll arrange something. Call me." Izzy says as she prepares to leave. First writing her number on a piece of paper and leaving it on the counter and then she comes around the corner and gives Miles a kiss, a /deep/ one. Once she is done, the pyro pulls away with a grin and winks at Miles. "Talk to you soon." And with that the woman exits the apartment.

Miles just watches her as she moves around the counter, giving her a curious look … and then that's when she kisses him. His eyes wide open for the moment, but then he relaxes and begins to kiss her back and that's when she pulls away. His mouth just kind of left open and hanging there as he watches her write down her number and head toward the door. The entire time he just stands there in dumbfounded silence as she leaves… No goodbye, no see ya later, just an awed look of admiration.
Then; As soon as she is gone.. He yells quite loudly,"DAMN!" He stomps his feet, throwing a bit of a fit,"Damn damn damn." He takes a deep breath and sighs, moving over to sit at the table again, just kind of falling into it like a flesh bag, loosely 'laying' in the chair. "Damn her."

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