April Silver
April Silver
Portrayed By Jennifer Connelly
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Forcefield Generation
Age 34
Date of Birth January 18th, 1985
Occupation Fugitive
Significant Other(s) James Silver (deceased?)
Introduced When Lightning Strikes, Part III

April Silver is a prisoner of the Moab Federal Penitentiary ten years in the future who travels back in time to change her fate.

Character History:


It's where they put the worst of the Evolved criminals. The ones they think are dangerous. They're right, of course.

They made us that way.

I used to be a Company agent. It was my job to monitor and catch dangerous Evolved. Put them in holding, where they couldn't harm anyone. Or put them down, if there was no other alternative. Ironic, isn't it? Here I am now, in just the same sort of place I put so many others, once upon a time. I won't stay here, though. I'll get out. And then I'll get back at all of them — Pinehearst. The Petrellis.

You can't regenerate if you've been diced into a thousand little pieces.

It's a very satisfying thought. It won't happen that way, of course. I'm neither stupid nor suicidal, though there was a time… well. Honestly, after staring at the same four walls for seven years, you run out of things to fantasize about. Eight walls, I guess, if you count the cafeteria; there's also the exercise yard. The corridors are all the same, and it's all dreary. Old. Rundown. Not even so much as a coat of fresh paint, ever. Not to mention spending all that time with the same group of people, where nothing ever changes except the reasons for arguments…


Evolved Ability

April has the ability to create forcefields. These barriers may be selectively permeable to various phases of matter, blocking solids, liquids, gases, or even energy from passing through at her discretion. The more permeable a field, the more transparent it is.

A 3-d forcefield 'bubble' may take any shape April wishes - spherical, cubic, cylindrical, or otherwise, limited chiefly by her imagination. It may enclose up to 100 cubic feet of volume without any strain on April's part; larger volumes come with correspondingly greater difficulty. April may also create 2-d forcefield 'planes' with length and width but no measurable thickness; these fields have a monomolecular edge which can slice through any physical material without effort. A plane of 100 square feet is the upper bound of what April may create with ease, although she can create larger 2-d structures with effort. Smaller ones, perforce, require less effort.

April may create and hold multiple structures simultaneously, up to quantities matching the limits described above (e.g. two structures with a total volume of 100 cubic feet, or three with the same total volume, etc.). Again, larger is possible but requires more work. The forcefields, however, last only so long as April is able to concentrate on them; the more there are, the more her focus is taxed and the less versatile her implementation. April may move her forcefields as she pleases, within reasonable line-of-sight range; the rate of motion is limited only by the speed of her thought.

Similarly, forcefields may only be created in areas she can clearly see; they also cannot be created through something, i.e. materializing a forcefield that bisects a fencepost. She may take a forcefield 'blade' and cause it to slice through said fencepost, but the initial creation must occur in open air. Additionally, because a forcefield is impermeable to solids at the very least, it does an excellent imitation of the irresistible force or immovable object. April can expand a forcefield into something (or out against it) and cause the 'something' to give way (e.g. creating a forcefield inside a car and then expanding it to make the car shatter into pieces, or expanding one against a wall and causing the wall to crumble). She can also cause a forcefield to collapse and crush whatever it surrounds.

Trivia and Notes:

  • April's 'maiden' name is Bradley.
  • April has been Marked.
  • In 2019, April was Registered as Tier 3. April Bradley was Registered as Tier 2 in 2009, and it's this record that she can be connected to now.


whereabouts unknown

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