Jason Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith
Portrayed By Misha Collins
Sex Male
Status Non-Evolved
Ability None
Age 44
Date of Birth August 21, 1974
Date of Death Fuck off, kindly.
Occupation NYPD Officer, Sniper
Family Aaron Smith (father) and Monica Rodriguez (mother), both estranged
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Soon
Last Appearance Not So Soon
I am the dog you put to sleep,
as you like to call the needle of oblivion,
come back to tell you this simple thing:
I never liked you—not one bit. …

Now I am free of the collar,
the yellow raincoat, monogrammed sweater,
the absurdity of your lawn,
and that is all you need to know about this place

except what you already supposed
and are glad it did not happen sooner—

that everyone here can read and write,
the dogs in poetry, the cats and the others in prose

Billy Collins,
The Revenant

It took less than the whole decade for Bolivar to realize, pleasantly, that people are animals too.

Character History

By 2010, Bolivar's antipathy toward the Evolved has softened greatly, thanks principally to one Kayla Reid who saved his life and returned his health, although he didn't 'take a stand' or anything. He had enough problems to deal with, like— finding his dog in the grips of lunatics on Staten Island. Strangely enough, after that happened, life kind of slid back into focus after that for him, internally. Though the universe failed to appear just, at the very least, it proved in some small part beatable.

And things got a little bit brighter after the Linderman Act and the Company went down in flaming unison. Maybe because of all the orange firelight, or maybe because a troupe of idiotic, idealistic Evolved children suddenly joined the ranks of empirically supportable heroes the likes of which Bolivar had only ever permitted a handful of cops and Kayla to join. That was pretty hilarious, in that awful. Kids, you know? Kids saved the world. Maybe it was more surprising that they something fit to save.

Out of the ashes, then. There was sake on the house at the ramen place down the block for whoever came up with the best toast to Phoenix every Saturday, and it turned out Kayla liked his cooking, was employed with secretarial work at Pinehearst, and thought it was a good idea he started doing regular beat work again.

She agreed to live with them. Ostensibly, in order to take care of big old Nina Lou, but it was pretty obvious to both their canine and human social circles that Lou wasn't the only member of the lopsided household who needed looking after. Whatever. They had a bigger place for less the rent. Bolivar secretly regretted that he wasn't into chicks, which was a sentiment that his ex-wife had never inspired in him.

Over the course of the next several years, Bolivar and Kayla had roughly corresponding career advancements, which is kind of funny. By 2014, Bolivar had returned to his sniper duty and regained much of his fame (not to be mistaken for infamy) for his ability to murder people from really far away with a government sanction.

One of the best in the world, actually.

He still didn't have many friends, but even considering this very small denominator, some of them were Evolved — or, in Elisabeth's case, turned out to be Evolved in a dramatic turn of events which involved him talking very loudly about how it had absolutely never occurred to him to check her profile and he never listened to locker room chatter anyway. It was impressive. Kind of like his heart got bigger. Still racist, though.

Nina Lou died in 2015, and his pitbull terrier two years later. He did not replace them with new dogs. No. By 2019, he's actually thinking about dating, and it's been pitched to him in discreet and sidelong fashion either by (he suspects, because he is suspicious, through) his roommate, that he should consider undertaking this radical new procedure to become Evolved and join the elite ranks of America's guardians on FRONTLINE.

It does not surprise Bolivar in the slightest that the best and brightest version of the world still needs to ask a glorified butcher to do that work right up until the year of his retirement. It isn't edifying, but comforting.

Evolved Human Ability

Nnnnot yet, at any rate.


Pre-April 2019
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April 2019
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Memorable Quotes

  • "$#*%*)$*(@&$#@."

Trivia and Notes

  • The following people are permitted and tacitly invited to call him 'Jason:' Kayla, Elisabeth, Colette, and Tamara. The significance of his two names is discussed here.
  • Despite that he has regained the strength of his bones and immune system, Bolivar's hideous scarring is still visible and tangible down the left side of his body, a mess of keloids and skin grafts that is like to stay with him for the rest of his life unless he undergoes a complex combination of surgery and Evolved healing. He doesn't apparently want to. Most people don't bring it up because they figure somebody already has.
  • Of his dogs alive in 2009, only the Welsh spaniel, 'Logan Rose' is still living in 10 years. She is still clever and spry.
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