Brett Reinhold
Jack Black
Portrayed By Jack Black
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Telemetric Psycholocation
Age 41
Date of Birth February 22, 1977
Date of Death —-
Occupation Owner of Massive International Investigation Firm
Family Father and employee, John Reinhold, only living relative. Mother, Brother, and Sister all killed in The Bomb.
Significant Other(s) Which one this month you mean?…
First Appearance
Last Appearance


Brett Reinhold. Ten year later…

In 2009, Brett already has fully realized what he is.

The detective agency is going strong. He’s even picked up a new partner in the business along the way.

That doesn’t matter though.

In 2010, Brett is shot in the head by a member of Humanis First! It is a glancing wound that none-the-less rips a chunk of his skull off like a can-opener. The damage does not kill Brett… but does put him in a coma until…

2011. Almost a year later. A metal plate in Brett’s head, and he lies in a hospital’s coma ward. Someone comes into his room with a picture. She is the mother of twin fourteen year old children, both evolved. Both kidnapped. This mother knows what Brett can do, or could… and places the picture in Brett’s comatose hand. The police have no leads, and no ransom note has appeared. She begs him, “Bring me to my babies.”

Private Detective Brett Reinhold stirs and sits up. He stands from his hospital bed, eyes open though he seems to be still asleep. He pulls out tubes and IV’s from his body and starts to walk with a distinct stiffness. The mother follows him, though Brett never speaks. He leads her to The Company. His power gets them through every form of security. Around the sight of cameras, past code locks, avoiding the notice of posted guards.There are her boys… chained to the walls in two dark rooms, with devices around them to pacify the children. Brett opens the doors, and unchains the boys. The mother awakens them, removes the devices.

Brett remains asleep. Once awake and unrestrained, the children use their powers. One simply creates holes in the floor with a thought… the matter before him disappears as if it was never there in a clean circle. The other levitates the lot of them down… and down they go. Each floor vaporizes before their approach and those in the building are too surprised to react as the group passes. Once out of the building and on the run, a sniper blows out the back of the head of the child that was vaporizing the floor. The other, in a rage, turns to float back and his left eye disappears before the might of another bullet. The mother then, cries out pitifully until a bullet silences her. It is this last shot that awakens Brett from his state. He remembers everything that just happened… and ducks away just in time to avoid the bullet aimed at him.

Getting cover he manages to get away. In a hospital gown, Brett makes his way back home. Which is no longer his home. Another man lives there. He heads to the Detective Agency and finds his name still on the office’s front door. It is locked, but he knows where a key is hidden. Entering within, he sees his office is no longer an office, but converted into a meeting room. Here, Brett spends the night.

He learns what has occurred with the passage of time. Tells of the events last night to his former partner’s, quite surprised to see him. Brett doesn’t know who these children were, or who owned the building he was in. But something /wrong/ was happening there. Those children were murdered… as if who ever was holding them thought that if they couldn’t have the children, no one could. Or perhaps they had information now that they couldn’t risk getting out. Not in this climate.

The next day, Helena Dean is killed in a suicide bombing. The US Government starts rounding up Humanis First! members. Brett gets in touch with contacts in the NYPD to tell them what he saw and experienced. The trust he once held with his comrades causes them to look into the matter, communicating discovered intel with FRONTLINE.

A side effect of the injury and coma causes Brett to no longer go into a trance-like state when using his power. He is entirely aware of everything that happens as he uses his ability and can think and go along the various paths that he sees unfolding before him as Brett seeks his target. It becomes almost impossible to avoid his hunt.

Brett registers as an evolved. His partners at the Agency welcome him back and with his abilities known to the public, they find work comes flowing in. Despite what people might think about the evolved… they’ll overlook it for the chance to find the things they have lost. They become rich, and with ties to the US Government growing, find themselves hired out for tasks for the US, the UN, as well as various Governments around the world.

It is 2019, and Brett looks out from the penthouse window atop the skyscraper his Agency owns. He still remembers to that day, the family that had to be murdered for him to awaken. His nightmares about that incident have never ceased or calmed. But he will never let that get in the way of what he must do. Foster peace however he can. Brett Reinhold knows he is a piece on a chessboard… but at least now he is a Knight rather than a Pawn. And he is on the right player’s side.

Evolved Human Ability:

Brett can utilize related objects, or internal information, to psychometrically determine the location of, and move towards, any target. Practically any security can be bypassed while in this trance-like state. Brett has no idea where he is heading towards or what he will do to get there. This can have dangerous side-effects. Consider: Brett, with a magazine article of a diamond in hand, walks easily through the blindspots of a camera, around the corner just as the guard turns the other way, finding himself in a vault after bypassing a thirty-digit security coded lock and looking at a diamond that he has just released the till now key-locked glass that was protecting it. How does he get back out? Does he remember how the guards act? And if that vault door is closed behind him… what was that damn 30 digit code again?

Memorable Quotes:

  • "People say history is written by the victors. That is only partly true. The losers of history have a habit of sticking their noses in just enough to stir up the future. A martyr from a civilization that hasn't existed for over a 1000 years, can become the icon of a movement today. Dangerous people martyrs. Especially when you through time travelers into the equation."

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