Portrayed By Ryan Phillippe
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Replication
Age 32
Date of Birth May 18,1987
Date of Death Too many times
Occupation Lighthouse Founder/Figurehead of Phoenix/Celebrity
Family Joseph Fulk
Significant Other(s) New one every week!:) Kameroncomeback.D:
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Brian has been pulled into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. He is a hero several times over, and has made his fame on being that selfless and courageous man. Brian's days of self sacrifice, gun toting, and car chasing days are over. At least he thinks they are. But with his amassed fame, some things slowly started to drift away. Kameron removed herself completely from his life which caused a lot of drinking + sexing to bury the hole she left. A battle to convince himself that he was okay, and didn't need her Brian did everything he could to make himself feel established. Also the anger and frustration, and emptiness that was delivered to him via many, many deaths caused him to go to a somewhat numb place. No longer did he feel the guilt or conviction from breaking against the morals which were so strongly instilled in him.

Brian cashed in on his hero status, and threw Lighthouse into the international spotlight. Chains of Lighthouses were built throughout the world. Eventually they became more than Orphanages but also training centers. Teaching young people on how to use their abilities to keep themselves and others safe. Also, after the death of Helena Dean and his role, Phoenix was also thrust into fame. With Brian becoming the eventual 'leader' of the organization. When people came to him calling him a hero, and an amazing selfless man, rather than refuse the attention as he would have in the past he slowly smiled and allowed the pictures to be taken. Since then he has been vaulted into riches and status. Since then he has been gradually degrading. Loads of alcohol, and tons of women, he has experimented with drugs but hasn't totally committed to one substance. He's keeping his options open.

Evolved Human Ability:


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