Colette Nichols-Demsky
Colette Nichols-Demsky
Portrayed By Natalie Imbruglia
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Photokinesis
Age 27
Date of Birth October 31, 1991
Date of Death
Occupation Private Detective
Family Nicole (Sister), Judah (Adoptive Father)
Significant Other(s) Tamara
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Colette Nichols-Demsky is a private detective working out of New York City alongside Tamara Brooks.

Character History:

From the tail end of 2008, Colette was struggling in her life with a disconnection growing between herself and her adoptive father Judah, this situation worsened as her life spiraled out of control when she became so frightened about the prospect of being tested and revealed as an Evolved, that she fled her adoptive father's side to hide out in Staten Island. Warned that she was being hunted by someone, Colette kept a low profile, re-establishing a connection with Brian Fulk at the Lighthouse Home For Wayward Youths, and making the acquaintance of Sylar, whom at the time had no recollection of his past self.

Tamara's seeming disappearance began to weigh heavily on Colette, until in April of 2009 she was contacted by someone she had presumed was dead and gone. Nicole Nichols came out of nowhere, returning to be by her sister's side and drawing her out of the criminal cesspool of Staten Island, shortly after her friend Tavisha disappeared. Returning to Manhattan, Colette reunited with Judah Demsky, and managed to mend her fractured relationship with the man who became her father.

By the time Tamara returned home, Colette had already begun enrolling in a private school, making up for the years of high school by taking night classes and working towards being able to attend College. In 2011, Colette made an abortive attempt at enrolling in the New York Police Academy in an attempt to follow in Judah's footsteps, but quickly realized she simply wasn't cut out for that line of work. In the fall of 2011 at Tamara's insistence, Colette enrolled in Columbia University to major in business management and minor in photography. In that same year, Colette's life was rocked by the tragic death of her one-time mentor and role model Grace Matheson in the Columbia suicide bombing.

Despite this difficult loss, Colette manages over the next four years, to work diligently on furthering her education, and in these intervening years, her relations with many people directly outside of her family circle began to deteriorate as she pours herself into her schoolwork. However, upon her graduation in 2015, she finally came back into contact with the pardoned and now government-employed Gabriel Gray.

Re-establishing this long-divested bond with a mentor figure was a step in healing the wound left behind by Grace's death, which echoed the death of Conrad Wozniak years prior. The bond between Gabriel and Colette quickly returned to the friendship they shared on Staten Island, and when Tamara began her subtle insistence on Colette opening an agency where they could best utilize their powers, Gabriel was close on hand to help them with getting their business up and running.

With Tamara's lucidity growing over the years, the emotional divide that her unique perspective on the world had driven between any hope of a real relationship between she and Colette began to narrow, and the two grew closer and closer together. With her family and love life stabilizing, Colette was able to focus on her work and understanding her own ability. In 2016 she enrolled once again at Columbia University, taking part in their Evolved Education classes to better learn how to control and harness her photokinetic gift, as Gabriel was too busy with much of his new work to assist her.

By 2019, she has mastered many aspects of her Evolved gift, and maintains a close, personal relationship with Gabriel while maintaining her detective agency alongside Tamara.

Evolved Human Ability (Photokinesis):

Colette's ability has matured greatly over the last ten years. Still only able to manipulate visible spectrum of light, she is capable of generating laser-light of varying intensity, as well as create photo-realistic visual illusions that she utilizes in her line of work much in the way a sketch-artist would assist police with likenesses. Her ability to amplify and sculpt visible-spectrum light has broadened to being able to generate her illusions within a 1,000-cubic foot area, and she is now aware that she can feel the presence of light-waves without utilizing her visual senses, effectively allowing her to see without merely using her ocular nerves.


April 2019
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