Delilah Trafford
Portrayed By Kate Nash
Sex Female
Status Evolved
Ability Psychoactive Secretion
Age 27
Date of Birth October 7th, 1991
Date of Death Not an option.
Occupation Owner of The Dancing Boar Tavern
Family Walter Trafford(son)
Significant Other(s) Teodoro Laudani(former-ish?)
First Appearance Some Things Never Change

The Bright Future version of Delilah, it turns out she hasn't changed a whole lot; she's gotten tougher through the years, and isn't as naive. Most of the time she remains the smiling heroine she always was.

Character History:

Until 2011, Dee led a rather peripheral life, in those few years becoming good friends with members of Phoenix, the Ferrymen, and those that kept close to them; she would help these groups where she could, even if it meant getting her hands dirty. There were some moments with her friends that did contribute to her growing mental maturity. She was even likely in the audience when they received awards for their service to the country, having stuck around long enough to be overjoyed when they were recognized.

Delilah finished school in that same few years, getting her G.E.D. before deciding to go to a small college when the world around her started simmering down. In the May of 2011, when the Colombia bomb went off, several people she knew were victims of the attack. One of them- Alexander- was someone that she had come to know even better through Teo. The loss of the 14 was hard on everyone, and Delilah helped her friends through it the best she could. For Teo in particular, she was as even-handed and loving as she could be, and the two having already been close, seemed to grow some degrees closer. The following years were steady enough when it came to the city rebuilding and cleaning its face, and in 2013, Delilah opens a tavern after getting a small degree in business. The Dancing Boar Tavern is still a relative success, and sometimes it seems almost notorious for attracting old friends, old enemies looking for a place to belong, and once in awhile a surprise face or two.

In 2013, before Teodoro left New York for yet another time, he accidentally left Delilah with a gift that was born the next year. Walter Alexander Trafford, eight pounds, four ounces, was born on August 1st, 2014. Teo has met the redheaded boy, but Delilah has never told either the truth about his father; Teo long ago made the assumption that she had found someone to be with soon after he had left. Walter is around five and a half years old, and sometimes Delilah wonders if he knows more than she believes he does. It is extremely likely, and doubly so considering whose company she keeps. Abby Baker's children are his best friends, Deckard is his only real father figure, and he is often canoodling with Tamara. Lastly, even though the option is there, Delilah has never registered herself; her ability isn't technically the safest of them all, and that old fear of the fact she is technically a 'Tier 3' has stayed with her the entire time.

These days, she keeps in touch with old friends on a constant basis- Delilah is many times one of the people apt to organize a get-together, play-dates for the kids, and whatever else seems to strike at the moment. Her tavern, The Dancing Boar, has also grown into a little hub of activity when it comes to the 'old days'. If you're looking for someone in particular, getting help at the tavern is as easy as clapping your hands.

Evolved Human Ability:

Despite still being fearful of registering, she has, however, learned to control it better; Lilah can turn her ability on and off, and it is no longer decided entirely on the waves of her negative emotions. She is also able to concentrate larger or smaller doses, or concentrate the secretion to only one means or location of transfer.

Trivia and Notes:

  • When times were tough, there have been a few times where she has sold her drug for money; she would only do so again if she had no choice.
  • Has some amateur fame in being a model for the Evo-Girl Pinup Calendar, and having done some modeling behind some more famous camera lenses. Always vintage modeling, mind you.
  • Has a Welsh Corgi that is getting on in years; his name is Ein.
  • Her kid is probably friends with your kids. And probably teaches them colorful words. And then blames Deckard when parents call or come over.
  • Walter is also evolved; manifestation has not happened yet, but Delilah is preparing nonetheless. Especially with the degree of her own power, it is something that worries her almost all of the time. She does a lot of worrying about Walt.
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