Elias di Meo
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Teleportation
Age 45
Date of Birth September 20th, 1973
Role Adviser
Marital Status Single
Introduced Pending
Portrayed By Michael C. Hall


Twice in Elias de Luca's life has he managed to avoid death from exploding, and after the second (when he almost did die), he started looking at his life through a different lens. Taking a break from thieving, he instead followed up on different leads until he had recovered a sizable amount of the material wealth that Vanguard had left behind (which he didn't consider thieving since it "belonged to him anyway"). Once he'd secured this fortune, he approached the FBI to make a deal; if they made sure the world "forgot" about him, he would give them incriminating evidence regarding the Civella family, known mobsters who had proven especially difficult to convict. He never elaborated on why or how, but delivered and it was a done deal. Key members of the family went to prison, and the FBI made sure that anyone looking into Elias de Luca found a death certificate dated November 7th, 2006. Elias, meanwhile, was issued a new birth certificate and Social Security card. With the death of Elias de Luca came the birth of Elias di Meo. With the particulars of his past taken care of, Elias took his clean slate to do what he did best; hanging out.

Rather than squandering his money, he invested large amounts of it into information and bio technology firms, although his portfolio manager did not put any money into Pinehearst, feeling that it "wouldn't ever be an important firm" (if he only knew). Later that year, with emergence of knowledge of the Company and the subsequent trial and execution of Daniel Linderman, Elias saw that it was his time to shine once more and swooped in to take control of the Linderman Group. Unfortunately, Kain Zarek had beaten him to the punch, but despite this, hadn't forgotten "that guy" who once worked alongside him before apparently dying when New York exploded. Agreeing to keep their past association quiet, Kain welcomed Elias di Meo into the newly christened Zarek Group, especially when he mentioned that he would be able to invest a fair amount of money into the group's operations.

Riding this new wave of success, Elias managed to turn his life around and, for a change, was able to behave in a mostly responsible way, even going so far as to play by the rules and register himself under the Unity Act. In the years following his second gamble with the Grim Reaper, he has used his own influence and personality to climb through the ranks, inserting himself securely in the Zarek Group's "number two" position below Kain himself, serving as an adviser and confidant (and unlike his previous employment, not planning in anyway to off his boss).


With ten years to work on his powers, Elias is now capable of teleporting thousands of miles at a time with little difficulty (even insinuating that he's been to the moon, although he's never outright said this, or presented any evidence to prove it). Besides altering his spatial location in this manner, he is also capable of doing the same to other objects, whether or not he travels with them himself.

Because Elias is so attuned to fluctuations of space that he is capable of "seeing" in effectively every direction at once, aware of the locations of objects around him and knowing their shape by how they bend space (let it be noted that there is a lower limit to his perception, and objects with less density than water don't bend gravity enough to be meaningful. This includes thinly stamped metal, many gases and even some liquids). In this case of negators, he can discern their location based on the fact that there is a region of space that he can't see.

An additional side-effect of his ability is that now, even without his trying, he is even more "out-of-phase" with the world around him, and without exerting conscious effort, he does not cast a shadow or have a reflection, neither does he show up on cameras. Although everyone now excepts this as "the way things are", it's not any less unnerving.


Pre-April 2019
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