Eliot Ford
Portrayed By Jonothan Rhys-Meyers
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Empathy
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Family Zoe Porter (wife), Daniel (son), Parker (daughter)
Significant Other(s) Zoe Porter-Ford, insert multiple trollops here.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Eliot Parker Ford likes people. He likes to use them to further his agenda; he likes to manipulate them for his own means; most of all, he thinks of people as tools to be, well, used. When things started going bad for Daniel Linderman, Eliot's mentor stopped being a useful tool and became somewhat of a hazard. Undeterred by this, Eliot aided Zarek in his takeover, and when the dust settled, he'd figured out a nice way to keep his hands in the game.

Linderman asked Eliot to take care of Zoe Porter. Eliot did so in the most blatant way posible: he charmed her, courted her, and married her. This maneuver gave him access to the Porter family assets, which now included a great amount of Zarek Group shares. For the comfortable life and two children he's since given her, Eliot considers it a fair trade. Zoe remains oblivious to his numerous extramarital affairs, though it may be that she does so purposefully. It's hard to miss it when your husband is screwing the nanny.

Eliot continues as the owner of Rapture Nightclub, though he has since let things be managed by other people more than himself. He actively fills his and Zoe's seat on the Zarek Group board of directors, and he does entertain Zoe's wishes if her desire for a certain course of action on their part is adamant enough. Sometimes, even his capacity for charm is not enough.

Evolved Human Ability:


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