Eve Mas
Portrayed By Sarah Brightman
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Precognition
Age 39
Date of Birth Feburary 5, 1980
Date of Death Not yet
Occupation Singer, Counter-terrorism Operative (On vacation)
Family Lily Evelyn Laudani (daughter, deceased) Jezebel (sister)
Significant Other(s) Teo (Formerly)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Eve disappeared for a while… now she's back.

Character History:

Eve has been missing for a while, particularly after the Columbia 14 incident. Nobody but a select few have been in contact with her, or know that she is still even alive. Before she vanished, the woman put out an album that went triple platinum and had a been halfway through a national concert tour.

The real story goes a little something like this:

Eve Mas had begun her singing career, her first album went triple platinum and she began to tour around the United States. Things were good for Eve, she (after /much/ pushing from Gillian) received a medal for her help with defeating Kazimir. While her career had started she lost contact with many of the people she once called friends. But among the ones that she talked to on a regular basis were Gillian, Peter and Gabriel. The three soon becoming her closet friends.

The dream began the change of Eve. One of the future event that led to several members of Phoenix being killed. It was the Columbia 14, and while Eve did everything in her power to stop it. She failed and the people were not saved. This drove Eve to major amounts of grief and she soon couldn’t stand to look in the mirror at herself.

This is when another dream, concerning Hana and Teo happened, they were leaving for Isarel. Some kind of terrorist fighting group. She saw an ambush, came to save the day, got recruited into the program. It was a good way to help people and plus, it got her away from the place that had been haunting her dreams. The public only knew that Eve had disappeared, vanished without a word to anyone. While away with Teo and Hana, Eve learned more of fighting and was soon an accomplished assassin working with Hana. Teo and Eve had begun to be romantically involved, this relationship soon led to Eve to become pregnant with Teo’s child.

After a few months of bliss with Teo, an ambush attack on them resulted in Eve miscarrying the baby, Lily Evelyn Laudani never got the chance to see the world. Eve was devastated and began to have vivid dreams of the young child that Teo and Eve would never get to see grow up. Needless to say, things got worse. Way worse for Teo and Eve and after a falling out the two had, Eve decided to finally leave Hana and Teo and return to New York. Perhaps she will be able to resurrect her career, anything to make her forget what has happened to her in all these years.

Evolved Human Ability:

Same as her present day self. Just now the dreams are even more vivid.


Pre-April 2019
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April 2019
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Memorable Quotes:

  • Sample.
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Trivia and Notes:

  • Eve now carries two knives and a gun almost everywhere she goes.
  • She has learned quite a few languages since she has been gone from the US. (Hebrew, Latin and a few others).


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