Felix Ivanov
Portrayed By Guy Pearce
Sex Male
Status Evolved
Ability Superspeed
Age 46
Date of Birth
Date of Death You keep trying, Deckard
Occupation FBI SAC, New York
Family Leland Daubrey
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Still a careerist little weasel in the service of the City of New York.

Character History:

When last we left our hero….

he was as obsessive and depressive as ever. Way to make your mental problems work for you. In the interim, however, he's managed to scramble up to the position of Special Agent in Charge of New York, by means of his usual unrelenting work schedule, political wheeling and dealing, and a lot of luck. This mostly means more paperwork, more responsibility, and a lot more antacid consumption. Especially since a particularly vicious leopard claims to have rearranged his spots - Gabriel Gray is a cop, to Fel's everlasting horror and suspicion. And this is yet another reason why he resists attempts to move him to DC. Not to mention that in DC, the spooks are in charge….and while Fel is a revenant himself, that doesn't mean he plays well with others.

On the plus side of the balance sheet, he's finally managed to get the ankle cuff on Leland Daubrey, and convinced him there really is the possibility of contented domesticity. They have a house in the suburbs, dogs, and Lee cooks, though he refuses to give up his ridiculous bathrobe.

Evolved Human Ability:


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Trivia and Notes:

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