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In December, Sylar traveled forward to 2018, in a timeline where the world had been devastated by a plague which eradicated 90% of the entire human population, Evolved and non-Evolved alike. With the defeat of Kazimir Volken and the dissolution of Vanguard, that future is no longer a possibility — but a future always exists, so what lies ahead now?

In April 2019, America is a markedly different place. The suspicion, fear, and guerrilla acts of 2006-2011 are relegated to bad memories and lengthy chapters in history books. The ruins of Midtown have been converted into a vast and verdant national park. The Linderman Act has been supplanted. Evolved and non-Evolved live… perhaps not in peace and perfect harmony, because no populace does, but openly side-by-side.

Volume VI of String Theory's story, A Sound of Thunder, concerns this idyllic future and how it came to be - and everyone on the game is invited to participate.

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