John Doe
Tyler Case
Portrayed By David Boreanaz
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Ability Manipulation
Age 36
Date of Birth Aptil 1st, 1982
Occupation Fugitive
Family Unknown
Significant Other(s) Unknown
First Appearance When Lightning Strikes, Part III
Last Appearance

John Doe is a criminal from 2019 who has traveled back in time to attempt to change his fate and discover who he is.

Character History:

In early April of 2019, John Doe escapes from the Moab Federal Penitentiary along with several other prisoners, swapping out Hiro Nakamura's temporal ability for Nathan Petrelli's flight. He is instrumental in Edward Ray's plans, but he does not know why…

Evolved Human Ability (Ability Manipulation):

John Doe's ability is possibly the most dangerous power ever recorded in the database of Evolved abilities. John possesses the singularly unique ability to manipulate the abilities of others around him. Similar to how Peter Petrelli augments his own genetic code to take on the ability of nearby individuals, John Doe is able to manipulate the genetic code of those within 30 feet of himself to augment, endow, or replace their powers. His baseline capability allows him to be able to sense the presence of Evolved within thirty feet, but he has no way of knowing what their powers are without seeing them in action or being explained. Not that it stops him from playing anyway.

John's ability has the following primary functions:

Ability Augmentation: Like a power booster, John is able to enhance the capability of others Evolved powers by extending a field of luminous red energy out from his body in a crackling field of arcing static. He may only target and boost a single individual at one time, and they must remain within 30 feet in order to receive the benefit of this power. However, John is also capable of diminishing the powers of those around him, reducing the effectiveness of a single Evolved's power within 30 feet. So an Evolved who is able to create fire may only create small sparks, one who can see far into the future can only see a few moments, or one who could turn his whole body to metal can only change a limb. Both sides of this aspect last as long as John retains concentration.

Ability Endowment: John may trigger the genesis in a non-evolved to grant them the powers of an Evolved individual. As these powers are specific to each person's genetic code, he cannot directly change their ability without another target in the vicinity. The tagrt may not even know that John has endowed them with a power without knowledge of his actions, however to utilize this power John must make prolonged skin-to-skin contact with a target, which generates a harmless crackling pulse of red energy. This change, however potent, is temporary, though the duration of the change varies from person to person. Some as short as 24 hours, others as long as a month or more.

Ability Replacement: By targeting two Evolved within thirty feet of himself, John may swap their Evolved abilities with a triangular arcing conductor of energy. He fires one bolt from each hand, to the indicated targets who must have no solid objects between them, which creates a third bridging bolt of energy forming a triangle of red electricity. John may then swap their Evolved powers, this swap is permanent until John returns them back.


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