Kayla Reid
Kayla Reid
Portrayed By Michelle Ryan
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Empathetic Healing
Age 35
Occupation Personal assistant to Peter Petrelli
Family Bolivar and Logan Rose (tacitly, mind you!)
Final Appearance


In April 2009, Kayla was recruited by the Company; however, her allegiance shifted to Pinehearst in relatively short order. Thus, when the Company went down in August of that year, she didn't fall with it.

She worked for Pinehearst not as an agent and not as a nurse, but in secretarial and assistant positions, gradually working her way up the chain. This eventually brought Kayla back into immediate contact with someone she hadn't seen since their college years — Peter Petrelli. Since 2014, Kayla has remained professionally stationary in the position of Peter's aide; the person who keeps him organized and manages his schedule, also acting as the dragon at the door to prevent others from wasting his time on trivial things.

Time and changing circumstances — financial stability, for one — have mellowed Kayla's attitude somewhat, but the psychological scars from the bomb and her time as a refugee remain; she's still prickly, proud, and apt to verbally flay whomever she deems offensive. Despite this, she and Bolivar have somehow managed to remain roommates ever since Kayla moved in to help care for the aging Nina Lou. The fact that Bolivar owes her his life and health likely contributes as well.

Evolved Human Ability:

Kayla heals people of physical damage and other such ailments by taking their condition(s) upon herself. By 2019, she has learned to make this not happen when she doesn't want it to, and also how to transfer injuries in the other direction.


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