Elisabeth Harrison
Portrayed By Kate Hudson
Sex Female
Status Evolved
Ability Audiokinetic
Age 43
Date of Birth October 31, 1975
Date of Death Not yet!
Occupation FBI/NYPD Hostage Negotiator/Trainer
Family Cameron A.T. Harrison
Significant Other(s) None (or many, depending on how one looks at it)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Freedom fighter, hero, cop, agent, negotiator. Mother. Elisabeth wears many hats ten years after the events that started it all. She is a consummate professional, dedicated parent, loving friend, and self-confidant woman.

Character History:


Liz Harrison made detective in mid-2009 and split her time in the NYPD between hostage cases and her detective caseload. Her part in the Phoenix operation to take down Volken did eventually come out into the open, and though (like some others), she received recognition for that work, she doesn't do appearances or accept publicity for any of that. She remained an NYPD hostage negotiator and detective for several more years, but her actions during the immediate aftermath of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge collapse drew the attention of the feds and others. Her high rate of success with riot control, hostage-takers, and interrogations yielded several extremely lucrative offers from private firms, which she talked over with Felix and several other cops and friends. She opted not to take on full-time positions with any of the private firms, instead accepting a job with the FBI. Based in the New York field office under Felix Ivanov, Elisabeth works as both a field officer and a trainer for both FBI and NYPD hostage negotiators, taking the occasional nicely lucrative contract on the side for private firms when she thinks the job needs more than the average negotiation.


Elisabeth keeps up with many of the people she knew ten years ago — Phoenix and non-Phoenix alike. Cat and Teo became two of her closest friends, with Teo only barely edging out Cat to claim the spot (in her mind) as 'best friend'; they are both godparents to Liz's son. When Teo finally got his act together with Alex, she cheered for them. She and many others were at Columbia for Helena's speech and Elisabeth watched in horror as people she knew died in front of her eyes. Helena, Alex, Brian… Norton Trask. For a time there, Elisabeth wasn't entirely sure either she or Teo were going to make it. Teo retreated into himself for a while, and Elisabeth sought comfort by burying herself in her work and turning to several of the men in her life for solace. Alec had always been something of a regular visitor anyway, but Liz also turned one night to Felix Ivanov in the days after the bombing. With help from sources far and wide — Cat, Abby, Felix, even Deckard (*gasp!) — Liz was finally convinced to take a vacation and get out of town for a while after about four months. She went to DC to see Felix, giving some serious thought to the FBI… he'd been after her for a year by then anyway. It was he who finally forcibly put her in a car and demanded that she go to the doctor — she clearly needed antidepressants.

What she actually needed was an obstetrician. Shocker of shockers, Elisabeth Harrison found herself pregnant at 37 years old by one of three men: her best friend and longtime now-dead lover Norton; her on-again, off-again lover Alec, and her sort-of-gay one-night-stand Felix. That was a whole new ball of wax, but it is what ultimately opened the door to the rest of her life for her. When Elisabeth went back to NYC, she was in shock… she told Abby about her predicament (Abby who'd already known for several months and didn't mention it!), as well as Cat.

She went back to work, unsure what to do and deeply disturbed both by the pregnancy and the fact that she had no idea whose it was. It was at this juncture that she ran back into Leland Daubrey. The two had a one-night thing years before, and though they didn't really particularly like one another, somehow…. it just worked. He was dealing with the loss of his father, she was dealing with the host of things that came with being pregnant, and they just seemed for a while to gravitate together and make sense. In very short order, they met up, got engaged, got married, and moved in together. Hormonal, depressed, and altogether not doing so hot, they quickly began to realize that it was a mistake… they'd never really gotten along except in bed anyway. Several tearful, distraught phone calls to Felix in DC brought him back to NYC, whereupon he learned that Liz and Lee had gotten MARRIED, of all things. He was stunned, and Leland — who was manifesting an Evolved ability, something he didn't mention to anyone — had his first full-bore telepathic eruption of power, which enlightened him to the fact that Felix Ivanov was one of the potential fathers of the child he'd offered to take care of. Between the power and the news, Lee freaked and took off. Divorce papers arrived from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, a couple of weeks later — almost exactly three months from the day they met back up.

It was then and there that she decided to take the FBI position — it would require only a few weeks at Quantico, and she was back in New York by the time Cameron Alexander Trask Harrison made his appearance in February 2012. By process of elimination, paternity was established and placed on the birth certificate, though for all intents and purposes, Felix took on the role of father-figure.

Alec Bonder also claimed an on-again, off-again relationship in her life; he has the other distinction of being a godfather to her son. Cameron's the best-guarded and most well-informed kid on cop and criminal levels ever. She sees a number of cops and criminals regularly at Abby's place — Baxter, Leland (who finally moved in with Felix, thank God — to the intense amusement of Liz), Tamara, Deckard, Eileen Ruskin, Gabriel Gray (oh lord, REALLY????), and many more. Rebecca Nakano has also become a good friend.

Nowadays, there are play dates with Abby's and Delilah's kids, and Elisabeth truly enjoys both her work and her off time. She still dates and has men friends, but she's perhaps a little more choosy these days…. sometimes. But she keeps any bad-boy types away from Cameron if they're more bad-boy than Alec, Teo, Gabe …. crap, never mind. Why bother?

Evolved Human Ability:

Audiokinesis. Go to Elisabeth for this, cuz her powers have not changed. She's only gotten really good at using them :) She never did more than basic experimentation with resonance frequencies, so she knows she CAN use them, but otherwise doesn't.


Pre-April 2019
Date Title Participants Summary
September 20, 2011 Unexpected Gifts Elisabeth and Felix A rather shocking development — and who's the father?
November 8, 2011 Need To Be Needed Cat and Elisabeth Liz tells Cat about a decision.
August 15, 2013 A Betrayal Of Epic Proportions Cat and Elisabeth Poor Cameron. Life's tough when you're not 2 yet.
May 23, 2016 Bearer Of Bad News Abby and Elisabeth News Liz never wanted to deliver.
April 2019
Date Title Participants Summary


Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

  • Note: Short, disastrous marriage to Leland Daubrey — October to December? 2011.
  • Note: Uncertain parentage of Cam Harrison until his birth in February 2012 — paternity ascertained by process of elimination as one Norton Trask (deceased).
  • Cameron Harrison is an unmanifested Tier 0 Evolved (he is 7, no manifesting while in RP, not intended for play). Power intended to be music-related: Ability to hear up and down the sound spectrum, along with "August Rush"-like ability to write intricate, complex pieces of music for the entire spectrum, music meant to inspire, incite, soothe, and excite an audience. Even without the power, he is a musical prodigy — he plays a number of instruments by game-time. His godmother got him started on his first Stratocaster when he was not yet 2 (the thing had to sit on the floor, it was bigger than he was!), and he has nearly mastered the piano, the guitar, and the violin. He is learning both the trumpet and the saxaphone in his spare time.
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