John Logan
Portrayed By Jude Law
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Biochemical Manipulation
Age 37
Occupation Inmate
Family Selene Logan (mother; deceased)
Significant Other(s) N/A
Present Day Logan

Character History:

While Logan didn't escape completely unscathed from the events of of 2009 on Staten Island (and with the assistance of Mu-Qian, more literally unscathed), he was able to continue to run his business while the island was still practically owned by criminals.

However, by the time the Zarek Group rolled around and purchased the entire island in June of 2012, things started to get sketchy. Logan was unwilling to drop everything and leave by this point in time, however, and also banked on past dealings with Kain Zarek to maybe help evade trouble. This got shot to shit in December 2012 when the Zarek Group allowed for the American government to clean up the hive of villainy. Many criminals scattered. Logan was unlucky enough to get caught, along with business partner James Muldoon.

Originally only pinned with owning an illegal brothel and pimping, Logan faced a maximum of seven years in jail. While he was there, however, all the other skeletons in his closet came pouring out. Murder, rape, stealing, human trafficking, assault - practically everything under the sun came to light when a select group of people went digging, and he was sentenced to life. It was everything he ever feared happening, and more.

Those that testified include Abby, Eileen and Cardinal, along with many of his employees in The Happy Dagger, both from his selection of security - or rather, men he blackmailed into working for him - and prostitutes. Or at least, those willing to come forward - many retreated back into their respective holes, but some were determined enough to see Logan behind bars that they risked their own careers and reputations to see that happen. At least, they got what they wanted.

Come to 2019, Logan is still imprisoned and kept negated in a medium security prison for Evolved (after a few years in maximum security). He doesn't receive a hell of a lot of visitors - formerly his mother, although she died in early 2017 from throat and lung cancer. These days? Mostly Deckard, of all people, and they are not friendly visits.

At least it can't get any worse. Right?

Evolved Human Ability:

See his contemporary past self's page for more details, but over the years of continual negation during his time in prison, Logan's control over his ability has depleted immensely. This does not necessarily mean he's weaker - in fact, in some way it's more dangerous, suppressed for so long may have some unfortunate side effects, but it also doesn't necessarily mean he'll be able to turn it on and off at will.


April 2019
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5th Love Letter Logan writes one. Bebe in thought…
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