Magnes Jay Varlane
Portrayed By Shia LaBeouf
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Gravity Manipulation
Age 31
Date of Birth February 8th, 1988
Date of Death Never!
Occupation SCOUT Officer
Family All dead!
Significant Other(s) Gabriel Grey (bromance)
Present Day Magnes

Badass Future Magnes doesn't have much of a social life outside of Gabriel and Eileen, he spends most of his time following leads or making people disappear (Into the sky). Except in very special cases, the world has become a black and white place for him, good and evil, and he's just fighting the good fight.

Character History:

After choosing never to see Abby, Isabelle, and most of their friends again, Magnes moved back into Panucci's when Elvis moved out of their house. He gradually delved into alcoholism, though it didn't get very bad until he discovered that his family died from "Mysterious Causes", and Mister Panucci passed away, leaving him Panucci's Pizza in his will. Magnes continued to deliver pizza and run the shop, but eventually he had to close it when business got far too bad to continue.

He continued to drink, living about the closed shop, allowing his utilities to get shut off one by one, until eventually he just sold the shop for what little he could get. He ended up spending most of the money on alcohol, sleeping on park benches or in train stations, just spending his days homeless and drunk, practicing his ability on the days he couldn't afford booze, to try and keep his mind occupied.

Then, one day, laying on a bench, Gabriel Gray came across his sprawled body, clutching an empty bottle. They exchanged words, Magnes explained the situation, and he was quite surprised to hear Gabriel's story. Then, Gabriel took him in, let him take a shower, fed him, and after a while suggested that he try and join SCOUT. Magnes took the advice, joined SCOUT, put all of his time and energy into training, then when he became an official member, dedicated his entire life to his duty.

Now Magnes spends his days kneecapping people, throwing them into the sky, drug busting with Gabriel, and generally cleaning the streets of crime. No criminal wants to cross Magnes without Gabriel, because there's a high chance they won't make it to jail. Forensics simply haven't reached the atmosphere yet.

Evolved Human Ability:

Magnes has full control of his ability these days, controlling the flow of gravitons, where they are, how heavy they are in a specific location of what he's touching, and what direction they're going in. His limit of actual power is manipulating something the size of a car, for about five minutes, after the five minutes he becomes strained and loses his grip on both Earth's gravity and his own. In other words, he floats. He can also either permanently add or remove gravity to someone or something.

He's fully trained in utilizing his combat skills with his Evolved ability, and his most notable mixture of skill and his ability is likely the ability to curve bullets (He saw the movie Wanted and went "Holy shit, I should totally do that!"). He flies around too, if you can call it that. When under extreme pain, he loses most of his control over his abilities, reverting back to the levels of control he had ten years ago.

Memorable Quote

  • "Return that power to God." before throwing an Evolved into the atmosphere.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Badass Future Magnes requires coffee every morning or he's very cranky.
  • He drinks his coffee black.
  • Badass Future Magnes finds awkward comfort in having conversations with Eileen. The awkwardness comes from her being married to Gabriel while also being the female he's closest to emotionally right now.
  • Badass Future Magnes wears a long coat because Badass Future (Past?) Hiro does.
  • Badass Future Magnes has very little forgiveness when it comes to bad people, and it's no secret that something is about to go down when he shows up without Gabriel to control him.
  • Badass Future Magnes has ironically become somewhat religious, even though the way he lives his life is quite hypocritical. He believes he's doing what God gave him the power to do, an idea that he of course got from Abby's work.
  • Badass Future Magnes mostly just reads Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman comics now.
  • Badass Future Magnes still hates Nathan Petrelli, and vows to one day kill him, Peter, and Logan. Though this isn't known by anyone other than Gabriel, except the Logan part, everyone knows he wants to kill Logan.
  • Badass Future Magnes refuses to eat pizza.
  • Badass Future Magnes needs love.


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