Monica Dawson
Portrayed By Dana Davis
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Muscle Mimicry
Age 32
Date of Birth ~1986
Date of Death Not Yet
Occupation NYPD, Special Victims Unit
Family Jason Childs (son)
Significant Other(s) Victor Childs (husband, divorced)
First Appearance Coming Soon
Last Appearance Coming Later

Ten years later, Monica's soul is still intact.


Monica has always been someone who has been driven to help others, following the example of her mother and grandmother, and there is more than one reason she used her abilities for the good others. In 2009, she decided to make that more legit and joined the NYPD at the behest of then friend, Victor Childs. She became a patrol officer, though she kept her abilities to herself, still not comfortable being out in the open and she didn’t really have to be either.

She felt lucky when she was partnered with Victor and they worked phenomenally well together. Since Victor knew what she was capable of doing, they could utilize each other in ways that made them a formidable team. Their working relationship soon developed into a personal one. In 2011, Victor asked her to marry him and she accepted. Though they couldn’t be partnered any longer, it didn’t matter. And in 2012 they had their son, Jason (Jay) Childs.

Everything worked well. At least, until the strain of all the changes caught up to their relationship. Marriage. Changes in work. Schedules. A kid. It was more than the couple could handle and the arguing and fighting began. They didn’t like what they were becoming and they made the only decision that made sense at the time. They divorced amicably in 2014. And found themselves so much better for it. They’re now friends again, maintaining shared custody of their son, they seem to have one of those mature post-divorce relationships that sometimes makes her wonder why they got divorced at all. And, of course, their son being old enough to question mommy and daddy himself doesn’t make it easier.

Monica found she still would work with Victor, at least in close proximity, if not exactly partners. She was promoted on the heels of Victor and spent a little over a year working in the Special Victims Unit and has recently been transferred to the Homicide division. It seems after a long work hiatus apart, they’re back together in the same division.

Evolved Human Ability

Monica's Muscle Mimicry has not developed in and of itself, but her grocery list of mimicked abilities has expanded a great deal over time.


Pre-April 2019
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April 2019
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