Portrayed By Aimee Anne Duffy
Sex Female
Status Evolved
Ability Temporal Manipulation
Age Mid-thirties
Date of Birth Unknown
Occupation Doctor, Assassin
Family None
Significant Other(s) Unknown
First Appearance The Road to Hell

The future looks a lot less bright when your hands are covered in grime and stained with the blood required to make it.

Character History:

After a brief, but agonising stint in Moab, Odessa escpaed during an organised prison break, returning to a life on the run. She was eventually approached by Arthur Petrelli, who easily saw how the use of her abilities coupled with her skewed moral compass could benefit him. She began to work for him as a cleaner, silencing those who would try to reveal the truth about the bomb and the foundations of society as people know it. Now in her mid-thirties, Odessa is no closer to knowing her origins than she was ten years previous, something she as reconciled with over the years.

Evolved Human Ability:

Odessa has the ability to manipulate time around her, resulting in its pause and resumption. This can either be enacted on her surroundings at large, or focused on a singular person or event, as long as she can physically see, or picture her target clearly in her mind.


Date Title Participants
6 May, 2019 The Road to Hell Arthur and Peter
As You Wish Arthur

Memorable Quotes:

  • "I have to give the boy credit, though. He wouldn't give his father up. No matter what I did to him. Such loyalty. All fathers should be so lucky." — to Arthur, on Hiro Nakamura's choice to die rather than reveal the location of Kaito Nakamura (As You Wish)
  • "Is he dead?" — a display of utter disregard after stabbing Peter Petrelli (The Road to Hell)

Trivia and Notes:

  • Having spent an extended period in Japan, Odessa has adopted the more eccentric style of dress seen commonly worn by young women in Harajuku-cho.
  • In addition to being fluent in French and fairly well-versed in Russian, Odessa has a good grasp on the Japanese language as well. Her Osaka inflection and dialect raises more than a few eyebrows, however. Despite being able to speak the language, her ability to read it is basic at best.
  • Current holder of the sword once wielded by Takezo Kensei.
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