Rebecca Nakano
Portrayed By Keiko Kitagawa
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Post-Cognative
Age 38
Date of Birth March 1, 1981
Date of Death -
Occupation NYPD - Forensics
Significant Other(s) None
Normal Timeline Rebecca rebecca_icon.gif

Rebecca Nakano is Head Forensic Investigator for the NYPD. Her ability manifested itself when she was 28 years old and completely thrown her life into chaos. She has taken that ability and nurtured it, and mastered it and now uses it to the best she can in helping her solve cases. While her visions are not yet allowed to be admitted into court proceedings, she uses her gift to find the evidence that she needs to solve dangerous criminals.

Character History:

Rebecca Nakano is a native New Yorker who was affected most deeply by the 'Bombing of NY'. Growing up in the modest side of town, the Japanese American child saw her parents prosper, starting out in a single bedroom apartment to owning a 'mansion' in Manhattan. Her father started a .com company that exploded onto the scene and made them a millionaire in only a few short years. By the time Rebecca was ready to enter High School, she was moved from public to private schools, the very best money could buy.

She seemed to have a natural knack for puzzles. Her friends and family alike were impressed by her aptitude for solving them, though there was some annoyance when they were stuck on a particular puzzle and she came along and solved it seemingly without effort. As a baby she could place the round peg into the round hole, then she moved up to larger puzzles. They even found she could solve every day mysteries like finding lost keys or a missing puppy. As she grew into high school, the puzzles became harder, but Becca relished in solving the nearly impossible. This doesn't mean she was good at academics. If there was a definite unwavering answer, she would solve it. If it required opinion or speculation, then she had issues. Term papers were hard for her. She dealt in facts rather than opinions.

Her school aptitude test showed her having skills in science and math. She'd always been interested in solving stuff, so becoming a cop would fit that. However, she was never the most athletically gifted person, so she began to take self defense classes. However, she didn't feel that gave her enough of a knowledge base and when that class was over, immediately signed up for judo lessons. When she graduated college with a degree in Forensic Science, she was very content with her life. She was ready to go out and live her life to the fullest. Then there was the bomb.

Her father's .com company was located near the center of the blast, and it was demolished. All the servers, research and development gone. Her father lost everything, having to sell their large house for a more modest one in another part of the country. However, by this time she was living on her own. Being more of a nerdy type, she hid behind large rimmed glasses, and most only seeing her as someone smart, instead of the natural beauty she exhibits inside.

She took a position with the NYPD as a forensic investigator. She has solved a number of cases already, having used her natural knack for solving to put away several low level criminals. She's still mostly unknown, though her more recent cases solved have gained her some attention within the department and she's been told she may be brought into more high profile cases as an investigator and analyst.

At 28 years of age, Rebecca was tested positive for the evolved gene. Confused and shocked, Rebecca sought counseling for her fear of the unknown. She was afraid that she would have a dangerous gift that could be used to hurt people. However, upon manifesting it came to pass that her give was postcognative. It was random and inexplicit at first, just popping up with no rhyme or reason or time. She would see in reflections things of the past. She went into crisis mode until she learned that Zoe Porter-Ford had similiar abilities. After making contact, Rebecca and Zoe began to meet regularly. Together, they began formulating ways for her to use this gift to assist in solving crimes.

She began to train harder, wanting to be more than just the lab worker. She was already police trained for her position, but she began to train harder, wanting to be out there on the street doing police work. Soon she began going on on investigations. She would always take a mirror with her that she can use to look into the past and try to focus on a particular time.

At the age of 35, Rebecca Nakano was promoted to the head of Forensics, occassionally called on to head tasks forces that are forensic intensive. During this time she dated rarely, never anything serious. She's still single

Ability: Post-Cognative:

  • Reflective Trigger: Rebecca's visions come through the form of a reflective surface. Any surface that holds a reflection will hold Becca's precog episode. Metal, mirror, water/liquids, glass. If the reflective surface is distorted, so will the vision be.
  • Area Limitation: The post cog episode will take place in the same location visible in the reflection. Meaning, the same room. For example: She's in the woods and comes across a lake. The mountains are reflected on the lake. It's winter and snow is on the mountains, however it could be last spring being reflected off the lake, hence no snow topped mountains. A mirror in a room would reflect a past scene that took place inside that room.
  • Time limitation: Rebecca cannot see anything in her visions that precedes her birth. As far as the way the vision is presented. There is no stop time-have the vision-start time again The vision is played real time, and is shown while everything else is going on around her.
  • Conscious Control: It has taken her years, but Rebecca can now control most aspects of her ability. She can decide how far back in time she goes when she has the vision, she has control over whether or not she even has the vision. She can even initiate a vision of her own will. There are occasions, when visions are highly significant that they overtake her without warning.

Skills & Traits:

  • Ingenious: Scientifically and mathmatically gifted. She has the diplomas and degrees plastered all over her wall. She wasn't top of her class in high school or school, but she had a very high aptitude for science and math. However, the shortcoming in this is that she has a hard time expressing emotions and opinions, finding solace in dishing out facts.
  • Martial Arts: She's taken self defense classes, but wasn't satisfied with the results. She began taking judo just before the bombing of NY. It has taken her longer than most to excel in this physical activity, not being much of an athlete, but she is coming along.
  • Forensic Investigations: Rebecca is a certified forensic investigator and analyst, having a degree is such from college and having been certified by the state of NY. She's already bagged several low level cases for the NYPD, having earned her praise from those above her. She's being talked about in regards to bringing her into larger more high profile cases.
  • Puzzle solving: Whether it's an actual puzzle or a crime, she is very good at putting the pieces together and revealing the entire picture. There are a couple of flaws in this sort of skill. If she doesn't have all the pieces, she either has to find it, or create a piece that will fit as close as possible. She's not opposed to that, as long as she's assured in someone's guilt.
  • Intuition: Rebecca has the knack for knowing when she's being lied to in regards to fact. That doesn't necessarily means she calls them on it, but she keeps it in her mind-based Rolodex. The downfall here is that while she is great at dealing with facts, she horrible at issues of the heart. She's never been in love and can be gullible in the right situation.


  • Rebecca definitely has a mind of her own, however, she can be passive in her dealings with others. However, this doesn't mean that she always does what she's told. She'll typically do what she can to get what she wants and still getting others what they need. She has no qualms with the departments new focus on the evolved, in fact, it fits right in to her overall bias of the group as a whole.
  • She is easily pushed around. She takes her orders and acts on them without much hesitation. Doesn't mean she won't question something, but it doesn't take a heck of a lot to get her to act. Of course, this is an underlying fear of getting caught making sure the evidence 'tells the truth.'
  • She tends to go overboard using large words. She'll have to be stopped and asked to rephrase in simpler terms in order for the majority to understand. It's not the fact that she likes to show that she's smart, but it's more that she's used to speaking like this and she assumes everyone knows what she's talking about.
  • She knows how smart she is, but she doesn't flaunt it. Even when she succeeds at something, she ensures that all involved share in the credit. She is very self sacrificing, taking as minimal accolades as possible. There's also the fact that she likes to slide under the radar.


Date Title Synopsis
09 Looking To The Past To See The Future Becca runs into Trask at the memorial.
09 High Society's Ballroom Notoriety, Part II Becca attends the Policeman's Ball.
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