Allen Rickham
Allen Rickham
Portrayed By Lance Henrikson
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Metal Mimicry
Age 64
Date of Birth March 27th, 1954
Occupation Fugitive
Family Vincent Rickham (Son, Deceased)
Significant Other(s) Marie Rickham (Wife, Deceased)
First Appearance When Lightning Strikes, Part III
Last Appearance

Allen Rickham is a time traveler from 2019, having come from the future to change his past, and undo what waits for him ten years gone.


Allen Rickham was the New Hampshire State Senator running for election of President of the United States of America in the 2008 Presidential Elections, highlighted as a champion of Evolved rights and civil liberties.

He defeated Republican candidate Andrew Mitchell and Independent candidate Nathan Petrelli in November by securing both the popular and electoral vote and won the seat of President of the United States of America. Under mysterious circumstances, he stepped down as President-Elect just prior to his swearing in, and disappeared from the pages of history.

Somehow, ten years later, Allen Rickham was a prisoner in the very bight future he set out to build for the country. Following the plans of Edward Ray, Allen returned from 2019 to 2009, with the intentions of righting the wrongs of his past, and revising the future.

Evolved Ability

Metal Mimicry: With a surge of adrenaline, Allen Rickham is able to transmute the organic composition of his body to that of solid iron. His entire body shifts under the change, not just his exterior, creating an appearance like an animated statue of solid metal. While in this form, his weight multiplies dramaticly, causing him to weigh close to fifteen hundred pounds, granting him a remarkable stability and resistance to movement and manipulation. Rickham's physical composition is dense enough to deflect bullets up to .45 calibre without harm, though higher calibre weapons can damage his physical body.

Rickham's iron form is incapable of feeling pain or other tactile sensations, making delicate touch or fine manipulation of objects incredibly difficult. While in his iron form, Rickham does not percieve light and sound normally, but instead senses vibrations within his metallic form, effectively echo-locating and creating a mental composition of his surroundings that closely mimics normal sight. As a solid metallic object, Rickham does not possess internal organs or other fragile internal workings, meaning that while transmuted he may lose limbs or otherwise be severely injured without fear of death. However, he is unable to heal this damage naturally, and any harm to his metallic body is transferred to his flesh body when he shifts back to normal.

While transformed, Rickham is incredibly difficult to kill and damage, his seamless iron form capable of great feats of strength and resiliance, however extreme heat can warp and distort his body, and electricity of significant voltage can not only halt his movements but also force him back into his normal form painfully. Rickham does not need to eat, breathe or sleep while in his iron form, however all of these biological functions catch back up to him when he shifts out of his iron body. If he were to go weeks without eating and shift back, he would be ravenously hungry and incredibly sick when he reverted.

In his iron form, Rickham may be killed by methods such as being melted down, or otherwise demolished into fine pieces.

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